Star date: 1st March 2018


Over a week ago, the Salford Star revealed that despite Salford City Council wanting to consult on the closure of its five nurseries due to changes in national grant funding, it hadn't actually applied to the Government for the funding flexibility that was offered.

That led to the Council pausing the start of its consultation and, yesterday, launching a campaign against the Government. However, the Department of Education has informed the Salford Star today that "Salford have not requested flexibility".

Full details here...

Yesterday, with all guns blazing, Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett launched a campaign against the Tory Government and its change of funding formula for three and four year old childcare.

The changes in funding will see Salford Council having to pass 95% of its Direct Schools Grant over to other providers during the next financial year, 2018-19; leaving it short of money to subsidise its own five OFSTED rated outstanding nurseries In Winton, Little Hulton, Pendleton, Broughton and Barton.

The Council wanted to begin a consultation on shutting the nurseries this week, despite huge opposition from parents, staff, unions and activists. Then the Salford Star revealed that the Department of Education was, maybe, prepared to be flexible on the new funding arrangements but the Council hadn't actually asked for this 'flexibility' before announcing the closure proposals.(see here)

Last week, the Salford Mayor announced that he was pausing the nursery closure consultation for a month to "allow the Council, trade unions, local MPs and parents...to lobby the Government for funding to keep them open and under local authority control..." (see here)

And yesterday, a campaign was launched by the Mayor, his two Deputies and trade union UNISON against the Government..."It's important that we make a lot of noise and challenge austerity" said the Mayor "We need to do our best to campaign on this issue..." (see here)

However, today, the Department of Education has confirmed to the Salford Star that it still hasn't heard from the Mayor..."Salford have not requested flexibility" it stated.

The clock is ticking on the month-long pause in the closure consultation. It's hard to believe that neither the Council nor Mayor haven't yet sent an email to the Department of Education so they can get a response, positive or negative, on the future of the five nurseries. Meanwhile the anguish of parents, children and staff continues...  

Suggested Email to the Department of Education...

Hi Dept of Education

Please can we have some flexibility on the funding formula for three and four year old childcare in Salford? You said you were prepared to be flexible, so what about it?

Paul Dennett
Salford City Mayor

Mary ferrer wrote
at 07:32:18 on 09 March 2018
I wonder how the mayor will explain to the meeting on 24th of March why he hasn't been in contact with the government.Because I am sure he will be asked. Can't wait for his answer

Salford Star wrote
at 20:43:32 on 07 March 2018
Enough of this rubbish - please!

Mary ferrer wrote
at 20:41:12 on 07 March 2018
Mr sunshine,thank you for your kind words.I must really get up your nose.let's go through this comment by comment.Self-serving.I make comments about issues that don't just effect ME.YES I will and have made MY feelings quite clear,both on the Star on Facebook and in the Manchester evening news. Now the next one has me a wee bit baffled "JUNKY" Now I don't take drugs,don't drink much.I am hooked on dancing,in totally love dancing. Now we get to the tw-top. I take it you mean I am regarded as stupid and or obnoxious.Think.I covered the stupid bit in a comment I made before when you had a pop.Now Mr Walker have I ever said anything that is a lie or given people the wrong impression.Is it you just don't like a woman standing up for herself and her city of birth.if you think you can shut me up,think again. May have tried and haven't,so don't waste your time or effort.Now back to this article as you know so much have our Labour run council contacted the government yet?? Or is our Mayor and his mates to busy packing to go on a little break to sell the great opportunities for the residents. PS go on M.E.N site and read about the state of children at risk.Before the cuts the council were classed as poor on children'sservices and the government were about to step in.This was BEFORE the cuts.Crap then and crap now.Over to you Mr union man

Phil wrote
at 20:41:02 on 07 March 2018
Phil puts his best "pompous bore socialist voice" on before : Because Rayofsunshine, if you are Ray Walker, then you're not being very socialistic, are you? Whatever happened to Liberty, Egality and fraternity? Not forgetting to mention solidarity. You should be showing some of this virtuous good stuff, not being offensive and snide. "Phil getures benevolently, his eyes twinkling with pure Karl Marx compassion, before he finally speaks" : Now look Ray, I put it to you that Mary isn't, to use your words, a publicity junkie twat. No, she's just an elderly lady who's seen better days, and in the twilight of her life, in this bleak and cold Winter of discontent of her life, just like an old Maria Callas listening only to her own operatic LP's; or a reclusive and shagged out elderly Ava Gardener, endlessly watching her own films, while knocking back glasses of gin all day, Miss Ferrer is similarly, with her garbled comments to The Star, harking back to her glory days of being a lib dem councillor. You have to show some compassion, Ray. Do you get me, Brother? You have to show some compassion and pity to the mediocre likes of Mary and O'Neil. Don't verbally bully and insult them. Be bigger than that. Be magnanimous. And remember, Tsovarish, both you and I, and the rest of us Labour Council loving Citizens of this great great magnificent and wonderful city of ours, will keep the red flag flying by doing our socialistic duty in the oncoming elections, and voting to keep the dream alive, much to the chagrin of the likes of Ferrer, Felse and O'Neil. Remember Ray, Socialism ... HUUUURRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Retired Socailist wrote
at 20:40:43 on 07 March 2018
Rayofsunshine wrote at 8:05:19 AM on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Mary, I've been an active trade unionist for over 30 years; I've taken part in many campaigns in Salford. I trust this satisfies your curiosity,you self serving, publicity junky twat! Amazing what Steve allows on the site, you can expect political arguments and disagreement being an ex Political person Mary knows that, but when you allow people to use Gutter language in the tone of Ray of Sunshine you are stepping on Dangerous ground. Ray seems like a Troll having consumed to much Alcohol or perhaps missed his medication but even though he steps into the gutter with his narrative he still needs sensible editorial usage well before this arguments steps dangerously out of line.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 20:38:40 on 07 March 2018
Phl,no i'm not Ray Walker -- although I"m proud to be a friend of Ray.

Phil wrote
at 14:47:57 on 07 March 2018
Rayofsunshine, you're not Ray Walker by any chance, are you?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 14:05:19 on 07 March 2018
Mary, I've been an active trade unionist for over 30 years; I've taken part in many campaigns in Salford. I trust this satisfies your curiosity,you self serving, publicity junky twat!

Mary ferrer wrote
at 21:05:54 on 06 March 2018
Rayofsunshine seems to talk a load of rubbish most of the time.Do everyone a favour and shut up. See you haven't got back to me on my last comment.regarding me being useless. Question to you "what have you done for your area.

Phil wrote
at 16:08:01 on 06 March 2018
Why will Brexit be bad for Britain, Ray? That's not what Felsey, Ferrer, O'Neil and the rest of those UKIP Muppets say. Those Muppets say that it will be good. Explain your reasoning.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:58:45 on 06 March 2018
"Wrote" you are sadly mistaken -- there is no upside to Brext. It is all negative as Britain slumps from a third to fifth rate power! Brext is going to be used as a pretext to cut living standards-- is the working class going to resist?

Phil wrote
at 23:56:26 on 05 March 2018
I love the way Felsey goes all quiet when you ask him what qualifications he has. His silence smells good. It smells like victory. My victory. Heh heh heh ... Heh heh heh heh heh ...

at 15:15:53 on 05 March 2018
They just didn't want to have the election in the middle of December because it would make the turnout low.

at 12:06:10 on 05 March 2018
Interesting news from wrote. You tell us the parties agreed to not have an election. Why what was they afraid of the public! They then did not oppose drastic cuts in the clowncil budget. Tories throwing in the towel. Labour and Tories voting together to cut another 11,000,000 no doubt agreeing behind closed doors to do the same next year cutting another 15,000,000. Salford is dead in the water, up the creek without a paddle, running off to France to ask for help at a time when we ditch the EU. Brexit is coming and Salford Council need to get with it. Only Michael J Felse has answers. It is as clear as Gary Oldman winning the Oscar. His next film should be Salford's Brightest Hour with the Felsey character as Churchill in the WAR against crap politics.

at 06:30:27 on 05 March 2018
Felse. The number of people who turn out to vote in Salford is very low anyway. They would have not voted without you standing and if you hadn't have called the election after the other parties agreed to leave it, then they couldn't have voted anyway. The only thing you deliver on is Bull sh1t on here. You can't even back one party for 2 months in a row!

Phil wrote
at 06:29:36 on 05 March 2018
Felsey, you are always coming out with what you would do if you were City Mayor. What I would like to know is what qualifications you have, and what experiences of running a city or, running anything else for that matter, you have. It's very easy to pontificate about things, but much more difficult I think for you to show us, the voters, anything that is concrete and thus, provable. What say you?

Felsey wrote
at 13:30:22 on 04 March 2018
Oh my how Wrote@God misses the point. My tactic in Langworthy was to drive down the Labour vote asking disappointed residents to not vote. It wiped 2000 votes from Labour signalling a potential collapse this May for Labour. Message is getting across that Salford Council is about to inflict a high increase in Council Tax while missing out on 765million. My word is my bond. I always deliver. The one item left on my bucket list is to Save Salford. That means destroying Salford Labour.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 10:48:31 on 04 March 2018
I lost by think it was 50ish votes.so 900 ish residents had faith in me.otherwise why did they vote in the first place.I was useless? and may I ask why you came up with that one. I could bore you with what I did do during my time as a councillor. I could tell you what I did before I became a councillor. If The Star hasn't a problem with me giving you a list. NO one can say I didn't challenge the Labour council during my time as a councillor.Both at full council and on the committees I sat on. I attended residents meetings I was even working on Christmas day while my family were in the kitchen having Xmas lunch. So don't you dare say I didn't work during my time serving my residents.and residents in other words where their labour councillors couldn't be bothered to return their calls.

at 10:47:53 on 04 March 2018
Oh God he is at it again!I am sure many Salford Star readers had never heard of Felse until he started spamming on here. I wish he would just P-ss off. Does old Mr "when I am mayor" really think he will ever get to be mayor? Exactly how is he going to turn his 50 votes in the last seat he contested into enough votes to be mayor? Will anyoneone vote for someone so deluded? Salford Star---------please put this comment on ANY story that Felse has commented on that you feel fit.

Felsey wrote
at 13:48:51 on 03 March 2018
I demand our Council stop pussyfooting. Get it done. And I demand our Council gives the last 3 years rent back to the residents in the High rise properties affected by cladding. On March 20th the local election nomination papers are ready. It gives Salford Council only weeks. We are watching you.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:44:36 on 03 March 2018
Mary, why is it that you lost your council seat and subsequently failed to get re-elected? Answer - because the electorate know that you are useless!

Mary ferrer wrote
at 14:48:36 on 02 March 2018
Thanks Rayofsunshine.And what have the councillors we have now archived so far.I didnt go to uni, got my experience being in the real world.Yes I can have a little rent now and then.and I can have a swear now and then.Usually when I am angry.And boy this Labour run council make my blood boil.Ray,hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name? And what have you done for the area you live in.answers on a postage stamp please.In the real world we have a situation where are council have free run of this city.They can and do what ever they like with NO opposition what so ever the tories have thrown in the towel in.am more than willing to give you a list of what I have done,both as a councillor and before and since.Sorry if I have offended you with my foul mouth.But at least I have always been up front and say it like it is.Not like our Labour council,who couldn't lie straight in bed.what do you think about our council be honest

at 13:37:49 on 02 March 2018
They should all resign and hand running of Salford Council to ToysRUs. Cant get any worse. Oh wait the Council Tax high increase letters are about to be delivered. More repossessions, more homeless, more closed nurseries, more cuts and redundancies. Don't you love Labour Councils? Keep the red flag flying.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 13:37:33 on 02 March 2018
Before casting aspersions on others, perhaps Mary Ferrer shouĺd consider her tawdry career as a councillor, where she achieved absolutely nothing! The bald fact is that Mary Ferrer is an uneducated,foul mouthed FAILURE!!

bob wrote
at 13:37:27 on 02 March 2018
Why o why do Salford people keep voting Labour?. Every year we get promises and Lies about what they are going to do. Instead they give millions away and cut our service,while at the same time pushing up rent,community charge and other expenses. Labour is the worst thing that has happened to salford. We need a change. Me no more voting Labour. Think I will give others my vote, Labour do not deserve it. We have had the same councillors for years and years running our City and things are worst every year.We have three councillors for every ward,all the same clique year after year. Cut that down to two and save money there.

bob wrote
at 10:23:35 on 02 March 2018
Picture shows how interested the members are, One is falling asleep. Two are praying they dont get asked awkward questions and one shoving her fist in her mouth so she does not bite her tongue.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 10:22:19 on 02 March 2018
This Labour council must really think the people of Salford are as think as pig crap."We are fighting"Sorry a load of balls. Looks good on a leaflet this coming elections.They are playing with people's lives. Why haven't they made the request to government.Never trusted them,but now I would check the sky if they said it was blue

at 19:52:25 on 01 March 2018
Can't trust. Won't trust. Don't trust. Labour will be defeated in every ward this May. Believe my words I know these things.

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