Star date: 10th February 2017


Controversial Salford charity, Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), which employed bouncers on the door of its AGM, faced protests over gagging of members claims, and had a local councillor labelling some staff 'control freaks', is to bring in an independent mediator to try and smooth things out.

A statement by new ICT Chair, Mike Duddy, issued today, acknowledges 'a difficult period of development', appreciates that 'we will not always get things right', argues that there's 'no evidence' of corruption and explains that members should 'try to work together to find positive solutions'...

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Inspiring Communities Together Inspiring Communities Together
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It's been a controversial period for Salford charity, Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), during which community concerns have come to a head about the way it spends £90,000 of public money, a legacy of the £53million Charlestown and Lower Kersal project which ended in 2011.

Last December, members, the ICT Chair, Ray Walker, and local councillor Stephen Ord spoke out in the Salford Star about the state of the charity, with the councillor accusing the previous Chair and the CEO... "It would appear they have acted out of greed; power grabbing control freaks and self interest on a number of occasions..." (see previous Salford Star article – click here)

Since then, East Salford Community Committee has demanded answers on the running of the charity from Salford City Council, which is accountable for the £90,000 (see here). And ICT member, Graham Cooper, protested outside the organisation's offices at Salford Innovation Forum, complete with a gag to highlight how, as a whistleblower on ICT's activities, the charity had attempted to silence him (see here).

When Graham Cooper turned up at ICT's Annual General Meeting last week, he was met with three bouncers employed by ICT to keep him out (see here)

At that AGM, Graham was eventually allowed access and the members voted in a new Chair, Mike Duddy, who has since been meeting all sides to try and calm things down. Today, he told the Salford Star that an independent mediator will be brought in to investigate ICT, while confirming that he will be present at the next meeting of East Salford Community Committee to answer any questions from the community.

Mike Duddy also issued a formal statement today, acknowledging 'a difficult period of development', appreciating that 'we will not always get things right', arguing that there has been `no evidence of corruption', and explaining that members should `try to work together to find positive solutions'. He also gives his email for anyone wanting to 'discuss concerns'.

The full statement reads...

"The Board of Trustees of Inspiring Communities Together (ICT) would like to take
this opportunity to thank all those who have offered support during the past few
months whilst the organisation has been through a difficult period of development.

Some members of the organisation have become frustrated about some of the
methods of working adopted by ICT and have chosen to use social media to air
those frustrations - the Board have rightly taken the decision to conduct their
business through their own policies and procedures rather than join in the
conversation through social media.

Throughout this period there has been no evidence that any trustee or member of staff has acted in an unlawful or corrupted way. The organisation is accountable not only to its members but to the Charity Commission and our funders including Salford City Council and neither of these organisations have given any indication that the organisation is not acting in accordance with the regulations set by them.

As the newly elected Chair of ICT I appreciate that as a small Charity we will not
always get things right but I can assure the membership, our stakeholders and
funders that the Board of Trustees are always happy to discuss concerns with people and try to work together to find positive solutions. I can be contacted via

I have already met with some of you to discuss your concerns and hope that over the
next few months we can all start to work together for the benefit of the residents of
Charlestown and Lower Kersal and support our staff team to continue to deliver the
positive work many of you heard about during our recent Annual General Meeting.

Please follow this link to discover more about the great work ICT carries out in

The trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their continued
commitment to delivering a quality service during this difficult time and conducting
themselves in a professional manner whilst working out in the community. The
commitment and integrity of all our staff has never been in question and as trustees
we continue to have complete trust in our CEO to support and grow the organisation
in line with the aspirations of both the trustees and the community."

Yours sincerely
Mike Duddy
Inspiring Communities Together

Omg wrote
at 07:58:27 on 04 October 2018
Do you have a mobility scooter or do you need one ... really is taking the biscuit what a waste of money ... how can the chair and CEO recommend this And support it What a laughing stock you are LOL
at 12:21:47 on 16 April 2018
Mr Duddy, Please stop with your sarcastic comments regarding cream cheese and paves of gold. You need to start listening to the community rather than dissmissing them because they are the voice of our community. Community words are the best and forefront X ❤️ X
Mike Duddy wrote
at 09:41:58 on 08 April 2018
Someone told me that the moon is made of cheese and that the streets of London are paved with gold.... seems like I've been talking to your recent source of information.... you are welcome to attend our AGM even though all AGM are usually members only...because of voting etc.....however I doubt you will be there as you have to give your name to gain entry and this will breach your data protection policy...
I have no name Mr duddy because of data protection wrote
at 04:41:45 on 04 April 2018
I’ve been told that no one is allowed to the AGM If am not a member of ICT, So you work with everybody in the whole communiy, yet we are not allowed to the AGM , i’ve been told we have top security guys stopping normal hard working community people attending this so-called meeting , where I have been told members of the local pubic interrogated by so-called security , Who do you all think you are , you are not royalty , you’re not the Prime Minister , but looking back on all these peoples concerns more likely like Hitler .... what an absolute disgrace by this so-called community working together
at 10:04:02 on 01 April 2018
ICT have over £90,000 a year to put into our community yet our area is a rubbish tip with no help from ICT. The river clean-up was not for people over 70 years of age who would not be able to manage yet ICT send emails to these members asking them to help clear the rubbish, just not exceptional. There is just not enough environmental clean up projects happening. Charlestown and Lower Kersal looks so run down and is indeed very dangerous to walk near the Racecourse and the riverbank due to the Keepmoat development. The area is a terrible disgrace with thanks to Keepmoat. It is no longer safe to walk along the riverbank due to Keepmoat. SSC can't you do something to help the community because as Mr Duddy has said our local councillors support ICT when we need our councillors to back our community in Charlestown and Lower Kersal. Such a let down and lack of support from our local councillors. I am sure we need to and will remember what our councillors chose to support at election time.
Beryl Roberts wrote
at 09:58:25 on 01 April 2018
Mr Mike Duddy, Please start to listen to the Charlestown and Lower Kersal residents. Maybe when you listen rather than your normal dismissal then ICT could maybe support the community. Until you except that there is problems with what ICT are offering the community then nothing will change. Also asking an OAP at over 70 years of age to work cleaning other people's rubbish is not exceptional whatever the day is. Maybe more though into what the community want/need and a more sensitive approach would help. Just a thought but I am sure you will dismiss my words.
Mike Duddy - Chair - Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 13:25:00 on 30 March 2018
Amazing - the anonymous posters of the Salford Star complain that ICT does nothing for the local environment - but then complain about being invited to take part in the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean..... see this link ... https://goo.gl/8SHrfV .. I'm saddened that you complain about a lack of community events.... maybe if taking part in a litter pick doesn't suit .. you might like to take part in one of the other many events and courses that we put on in the local area ?? If you have any suggestions as to events that ICT might host or improvements you would like to see in your local area... please contact me via mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk
DuddyAMPBE wrote
at 03:03:40 on 30 March 2018
Shocking ...asking a 70 year old to clean other peoples rubbish , Mr Duddy, I or anyone else need to give that full name , you took this Job on , therefore you should take the consequences because you are simply the chair, stop patronising of local people , i’ve been here longer than you, I know this community better than you , not seen this Committee consisting of BE and AMP, A bit like our local councillors only see them when they want their vote
at 07:01:12 on 27 March 2018
Mr Duddy, Get real and stop insulting the community members. Why do you not just listen to the community and stop defending ICT. You need to acknowledge problems before you can make changes. When you except that the community members also have a voice and you listen a move forward can then be achieved. All the community of Charlestown and Lower Kersal want is to see where the £90,000 is going because the area is worse than ever before. ICT do nothing to improve the area. Asking residents to remove other people's rubbish is not exceptional. ICT have sent emails to residents who are over 70 years old ( and that includes me ) asking them to clear up the rubbish from the riverbank. How sad is that.
Mike Duddy - Chair - Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 09:41:40 on 24 March 2018
Re-picking past conflicts (before my time at ICT) holds no interest for me – it achieves nothing. No one during that period covered themselves in glory. Its best to move on to create a better future than dwell on the past – mistakes were made and lessons learnt. No one broke the law, the Charity Commission were satisfied that the internal board/member conflict reached a resolution through a mediation process which I initiated as one of my first acts as chairman. We have tremendous support from local Councillors Hamilton, Humphreys and Connor. From Councillor Hamilton at board/trustee level and from Councillors Humphreys and Connor at the many events we put on for local residents throughout the year. You state that the majority of people in Charlestown have never heard of ICT – that wouldn’t surprise me – seeing as though the majority of people in the UK don’t even know what a general election is, or who the current prime minister is ( see https://www.varsity.co.uk/news/8317 ) ICT receives an annual annuity of only £90,000pa which we use to employ people to put on community events and courses to enhance the lives of local people…. Even if we spent the £90k each year on nothing but self promotion and PR – then it would be unlikely that we could ever breach this 50% barrier. ICT conduct their surveys from people who attend their events and at random times in public spaces… On a personal level I would respectfully remind you (as I am sure that you are already aware) that ICT is not the only community organisation in Salford that I am a part of, and that I meet with a broad cross section of residents on a regular basis and have the opportunity to ask their opinions on a variety of matters. As for the decision to remove the management committee from St Sebastians Community Centre – that was a strategic decision made by the Catholic Diocese of Salford… if you need any clarification for their reasoning for this I suggest you should ask them and not me.
Edmond Tattersall wrote
at 07:00:59 on 23 March 2018
I didn't attend the ICT AGM but I have watched an online video clearly showing Mr Cooper being told he was not allowed to attend the meeting. There was professional bouncers at the door stopping Mr Cooper and telling him he was not welcome. Mr Duddy how can you dismiss this. The magority of people who have lived and worked in Charlestown all their lives have never heard of ICT. This may be because it is the same few people who are involved with ICT who give you their views. Maybe you should ask wider afield for your feedback. Also Mr Duddy can you say how many and just who of the local Councillors support ICT. I know there is just one in my ward who puts ICT first but are there any more ? You spoke about St Sebastian's and I can say that members of ICT board were also members of St Sebastian's Community Centre management committee and a decision was taken to remove that management committee from St Sebastian's Community Centre. Instead of calling views from local residents propaganda please take the views on board and change things if you can. I very much doubt that you will change anything because you choose not to see any problems. Salford City Council listen to the local people who live in Charlestown after all it is their £90,000 each year that you are handing over to ICT.
Mike Duddy - Chair - Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 21:50:56 on 22 March 2018
I would consider Graham Cooper to be a friend of mine... there is no one banned from attending any of our meetings or events....
at 16:49:22 on 22 March 2018
Wasn't it a local youth worker called Graham Cooper who raised concerns about the ICT? Wasn't he then banned from attending any ICT meetings? Any organisation who bans someone who disagrees with them is scared of something in my book.
Mike Duddy- Chair - Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 14:56:45 on 22 March 2018
Oh Dear – the propaganda machine is in full spin this week – here a few facts relating to statements made by the anonymous posters below. No board members have been sacked at St Sebastians Community Centre – there was never a board to sack – it was instead managed by a management committee overseen by the buildings owners the Catholic Diocese of Salford – who decided to disband their management committee. ICT continue to support St Sebastians Community Centre........................ ICT do nothing for the community I hear......... – but I only hear it here..... – not when I’m out seeing the many community litter picks, the school holiday activity clubs, the breakfast clubs, the after school clubs, the ambition for ageing events, the tech and tea events, the volunteer environmental events, the kick start projects, the community guidance sessions that we host, the community forums that we host, the work we do with disadvantaged families to give local children the best start in life, the community wellbeing champions that we support , the 16 staff that we employ (11 of them who live locally), the childrens nursery that we support that provides reduced cost child care for local families and we squeeze all this out of a £90k annuity.... not a bad community/social return for £90k in my opinion..... Whilst conducting my role as chair of ICT I have yet to receive a single word of criticism from any of the 100s of members of the public attending our events.. If you take the time to look at our facebook and twitter feeds, information about all of these activities is regularly updated,,,, our website is currently under review – and we will be creating a new one in the near future that is easier for our staff and volunteers to update enabling us to share more good news with you more frequently..................... In the mean time, If you have any questions/queries or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me via mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk
at 06:23:56 on 22 March 2018
Yes, well said everybody. ICT do nothing for our community but they try to control it. How sad is it when ICT get over £90.000 and yet they put nothing back into the community, nothing into improving the environment, nothing into supporting community groups indeed nothing into our community whatsoever. The question is just how do they get away with this ? Just ask SCC because they hand them the money every year. How sad is this for our community?
at 06:12:29 on 21 March 2018
I agree with all the comments. ICT do nothing for our community indeed they disregard the needs of our community members. They put nothing into supporting local community groups if they are not in control of that group. Power grabbing control freaks come to mind. So sad but very true. Well said Councillor Steve Ord.
Edmond Tattersall wrote
at 06:12:04 on 21 March 2018
Mr Duddy, Look around you and see the controlling and manipulate people who controle ICT and only after you have excepted the truth will you be able to take ICT forward.
ESCC wrote
at 05:09:49 on 20 March 2018
Found out. .. Inspiring Community board members have been sacked from St Sebastian’s board some months back The manager of the Centre has now left because hours have been cut , another inspiring communities together project going down yet again, ICT are wrecking this community. Salford city council as ever ignoring the people that vote them in , I think you’re upcoming local elections in Charlestown & Lover Kersal for Labour Will be severely hurt .
Concerned Charlestown Resident wrote
at 05:08:48 on 20 March 2018
When will the chair of ICT start listening to the community? because until he does nothing will change. Nothing will be put into the environment, nothing will be invested into community groups and nothing will support our community centres. ICT should be supporting these groups but they are not giving support and never have they given support to any local community groups. ICT just looks after itself and the staff and nothing goes into supporting community groups, nothing goes into helping grass root groups become established. What a shame ICT does nothing for our community it just looks after itself. What a total sham and disgraceful behaviour towards the residents of Charlstown and Lower Kersal. The CEO and former Chair need to be taken to task for their former behaviour.
Also agree with Shirley wrote
at 06:02:38 on 14 March 2018
Councillor Steve Ord was spot on when he described ICT. Power grabbing CEO, former Chair and a board who support these people no matter what. Thank you Salford Star for showing your readers true comments. ICT need to start to listen to the community.
Agree with Shirley wrote
at 10:48:02 on 13 March 2018
Yes I agree that Councillor Steven Ord was spot on with his findings regarding ICT board members. Sadly it seems nothing has changed. The power grabbing people are still power grabbing and still taking control, they have no shame.
In Reply wrote
at 06:06:57 on 08 March 2018
I am sure if you look at the board members of ICT you would be shocked to learn just how few members live in the Charlestown and Lower Kersal area. Yet this board has the say on just where and how the £90.000 is spent every year. What a disgrace this so called Charitiy is when the local people have no say as to where their annunity of £90.000 is spent. Remember it is community money but SCC hand it over to ICT. How sad and unfair is this. The CEO and former chair are obsessed with taking control of all Charlestown and Lower Kersal and both areas are on the decline. No community support or guidance, no support for community groups, no investment into environmental projects. No grants for grass root community groups, No help with start up grants. And the list goes on and on. A question " Just what has the new chair done to change things and the answer is NOTHING. ?? Another question " why are there not more residents living in Charlstown and Lower Kersal on the ICT board " ? ?
I’m just better and cleverer than inspiring communities wrote
at 23:56:53 on 05 March 2018
How come inspiring communities together justify themselves , asking that professional people to join the board , not local people, Not people who have lived there over 50 years great knowledge of the area and have superb local knowledge , how can the current board make this decision before the AGM, The majority of the board are local people so all shall step down as a majority of the board as it stands Are NOTprofessionals , How can ICT say we are working on supporting the local community , When they don’t want all local people on that board , we are not thick or stupid and like to know via the chair on this disgraceful attitude towards NOT letting the community have a say. Just seems to be more controlled by the big big boss who she thinks she is, the CEO.
at 10:47:35 on 04 March 2018
It is so sad that ICT put nothing whatsoever into improving our environment. It is so sad that ICT do nothing to improve the area. Question is just what do they do with £90,000 each year ? Nothing to improve the area.
Mike Bennet wrote
at 07:01:51 on 27 February 2018
A question, why when ICT get £93,000 every year do they put nothing into improving the environment? The chair of ICT speaks about improving our environment yet ICT do nothing to improve the Charlestown and Lower Kersal environment. What a very sad orginastion that do nothing to help improve the area of Charlestown and Lower Kersal. Nothing changes SCC you need to get your act together because you look foolish to say the least.
Shirley wrote
at 08:49:44 on 23 February 2018
Sadly I have to agree Councillor Steve Ord was spot on with his observations regarding the controlling people within ICT. My next door neighbor who is a member of ICT has shared the letter he has received from ICT saying the next members who are excepted onto the ICT board must be only allowed if the now board members except them because they need to meet a criteria. Question, What criteria did the board themselves have to meet ??? None. What a total farce. The very few controlling people, AMP, BE, RP and GS keep taking control of Charlestown and Lower Kersal it is very sad for the communities. These people should feel ashamed but maybe they are so arrogant that they do not except that they are at fault.
GC/qwerty wrote
at 07:05:15 on 18 February 2018
Reading these comments say, no local people needed, just professional highly skilled business people, maybe at the AGM, the board need to also step down, As. They are not professional.s themselves, who think they are, you all think you are better,ICT. Stick it up all your arse, true bullshitters you are, a bit like this Tory government,shit on their own
at 06:57:05 on 16 February 2018
Had a phone call tonight from a friend telling me they had received a letter from ICT telling them that the board will choose who can be considered as future board members. The ICT board now chooses who they allow on the ICT board. Nothing changes regarding the ICT board, they decide just who they allow. It would not matter if the application had PHD in the criteria ICT put as essential because if the name doesn't fit they have no chance. There name would not even make the AGM and the community all know this. The control people of ICT strike yet again and get away with it yet again. Councillor Steve Ord was spot on in his observations.
Another very concerned local resident wrote
at 07:12:26 on 14 February 2018
Answers to so many questions from the community as to where the £93,000 goes every year. Just maybe it goes down the drain ? Just ask the local residents what they think and what they see of the £93,000. Just when will SCC do something about this? probably never.
Local Resident wrote
at 06:44:12 on 11 February 2018
After reading all the many comments about ICT I am at a loss as to why SCC does not open an enquiry regarding the running of the organisation. It is very clear this organisation is not listening or taking into account the voice of the community. Questions need to be asked as just where the £93,000 annunity is going every year because the community all say they see nothing of the £93,000 so the big question is where is this money going every year ????? Certainly not into the community?????
Bernard Hutton wrote
at 06:41:34 on 10 February 2018
Very well said (the last wrote) I have also attended the ESCC meeting many times and many local councillors along with community members have challenged ICT but SCC along with the ICT Chair, CEO and board members and the board includes a local councillor have all supported and defended ICT rather than listen to the community. I myself live in Broughton yet I can understand why the residents of Charlestown are upset and dissapointed regarding the lack of support and the lack of money they receive from the £92,000 they deserve. It really is a disgrace and I feel sorry for the residents of Charlestown.
at 11:14:35 on 08 February 2018
After attending ESCC for many months and listening to the residents and the Chair of ICT and the local councillor who supports ICT. I am at a loss to understand just why any residents would support ICT as it gives nothing back into the community and nothing into environmental projects. Question why does the chair of ICT and the local councillor not back our community rather than supporting the CEO and board members who have been controlling ICT for many years. Very Sad but very true.
Norman Reece wrote
at 07:40:51 on 05 February 2018
Well said disgraceful. ICT invest nothing of the £92:000 that they get handed from Salford Council every year. Nothing is invested in the environment of Charlestown and Lower Kersal. Our environment is at an all time low and we are living in a massive rubbish tip and let's say a thank you to NDC and ICT. 53 Million wasted from NDC and now £92:000 every year wasted through ICT. Questions need to be asked as to why nothing is invested into the environment, nothing is invested in local community grass root groups that reduce social isolation and the local community receive nothing it being support or financial assistance from ICT. A summery is that if you do not need to take advantage of the Tea and Tech training then nothing else is offered. This is such a sorry situation because the residents get nothing of the monies that should be for their environment and it is Salford Council and the councillor who sits on the ICT board supporting ICT before the local community. It would be good to see the local residents get to say just how the £92.000 is to be spent in the area. But sorry that this will never happen.
Disgraceful wrote
at 05:49:27 on 02 February 2018
How can ICT say we are improving community ...All NDC ,CCTV all taken down, moerbikes harrasing hard working people on pavements that should be a safe area to walk, crime up, fly tipping up, rats and mice up in numbers, alleyways and streets piled op with bin bags and dog muck, Never see your Councilliors to be seen anymore and ICT keep saying, Improving Communities....my arse.
at 04:25:01 on 31 January 2018
Well said Joe Braidy, NDC spent £53 Million on wages and the question is what else. The area is at an all time low and NDC did nothing to improve the area. The worse thing is NDC learned nothing from their wasted £53 Million and now ICT (same the now CEO and the former chair ) are handed £90,000 every year from SCC. What does this say to the Charlstown community? What is ICT doing with the £90,000 every year for our community? Just ask the residents and they will tell you they do nothing. Why do SCC not listen to residents rather than looking at paper boxes. Just sums up SCC.
Joe Braidy wrote
at 08:04:37 on 30 January 2018
I live in Charlestown and have done for the last 40 years. I am at a loss to think just what NDC did for the area. 53 Million wasted and paid in wages especially the Chair who everyone believed was a local volunteer when in fact she was taking her money every month from the 53 Million. Now ICT the organisation taking the £90.000 annuity again pays wages yet delivers nothing to the local residents ( except the chosen few ) It is said that the annuity is for the local people yet the local people see nothing. SCC do nothing to put things right even the local councillor puts them before the local residents. Just when will justice prevail.
at 10:12:09 on 25 January 2018
Maybe the elected councillor for Charlestown has been fooled by ICT as have so many very educated people. Why would she put the power controlling and manipulating people at ICT before the very people who voted for her ? Questions need to be asked. An explanation from our councillor would be welcome.
Mike Redford wrote
at 06:56:54 on 19 January 2018
Local Councillor for Charlestown just listen to the community who voted for you and support them as they supported you.
Mike Bennet wrote
at 08:21:36 on 16 January 2018
It is a shame that the an elected councillor for the Charlestown area just dismissed the valid concerns of the very people who voted them as their local councillor. Instead the councillor supports and works with Inspiring Communities Together ignoring the voice of the community members, keeping Salford City Council happy but even worse putting Inspiring Communities Together before the very people who elected them and who believed the councillor would support them. I am sure this is a mistake and that lessons should and can be learned. Charlestown resident is right.
Charlestown Residents wrote
at 06:47:51 on 15 January 2018
Previous comments understood and valued. Questions that need to be asked " What Counsillors support the community? And which Councillor supports and backs ICT " We all need to remember this at voting time. Is it ICT or SCC who vote for the zlocal councillors or is it our community ? Very sad that the councillor for Charlestown is supporting ICT rather than the community who voted for them. I am sure the community will remember this when they next vote and that is sad.
at 06:47:46 on 15 January 2018
Well in reply to wrote. The local councillors just want votes but which Charlestown Councillor supports ICT before the community, only one. Well remember this at voting time. Yes it is very true that our community now just want to support the elected councillors who support our community rather than those who are supporting SCC and ICT. Worth remembering at voting time !!!!!!!!!
at 21:00:20 on 14 January 2018
In response to Elizabeth Knowles comments, as is the Chair and CEO & Salford City Council are well aware of the concerns of the people of the area who have simply lost faith in the whole comedy, Circus act that is simply embarrassing on their behalf. Where in these comments, do I see praise fot ICT, only by the Chair, who thinks he’s very clever by slamming residents views and concerns, it’s really ia worrying concern of the antics of this organisation who work with all residents, we as a great community community clearly don’t like having our noses rubbed into dog muck as seen all over this City. Where do the shy and only come out on election time Councillors in all this, some bloody great support they’ve been, And Chair of ICT, don’t criticise my comments, because they are simply so true, So ICT or better known as Incompetent, criticising tarts.
Elizabeth Knowles wrote
at 07:50:02 on 14 January 2018
All the comments regarding Inspiring Communities Charitiy and there are numerous that should be taken seriously. So many community residents voice their concerns yet it seems nobody from the Inspiring Communities Charity or Salford Council want to listen or take note of the very serious and justified concerns of the communities of Charlestown and Lower Kersal. When will somebody take action regarding the concerns ?
at 06:36:42 on 12 January 2018
After reading all the comments regarding the Inspiring Communities Together so called Charity. I ask the question " has anybody reported their concerns to the Charity Commission ? " The residents of Lower Kersal and Charlestown are clearly very concerned with what is being delivered from Inspiring Communities Charity. This should set alarm bells ringing as I understand the annunity given to this so called Charity from Salford Council (who have not and will never take the concerns of the residents into account) should be for the residents and improving the area. It is very clear that nothing is being invested into the environment, nothing is being invested in improving the area, nothing is being invested in providing support and financial support for grass root community groups. It is very clear that the The Inspiring Communities Charity look after themselves and want to take control of all Lower Kersal and Charlestown. The question is WHY and just who wants the control and after again reading all the previous comments it becomes very clear to everyone just who the power mad people are and they should be ashamed. Let's all hope that SCC will finally see what's happening but we all know that is very unlikely.
Steve.J wrote
at 06:35:28 on 12 January 2018
Charlestown Forum..its iyour chance to have your say about ICT, and the shitty courses it delivers, and Keymolt about the demolition and newbuild houses and the crap in the area, meeting takes place Thursday 25th January 3 PM at St Sebastian’s Community Centre ,Douglas Green .
Steve J wrote
at 07:45:45 on 10 January 2018
Duddy, A Disgrace, slagging us locals off, when really we tell the truth, step down for the goodo of The area, I will leave you With this YouTube clip..so true, I encourage you all to share the link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VwoFr9xnkY&feature=share
Ray Hodgkiss wrote
at 07:01:39 on 07 January 2018
OMG trying to steal the limelight again ICT. You are not fooling the community Mr Duddy so hold your hands up and be honest with the residents of Charlestown and Lower Kersal. Honesty and admitting mistakes just makes the residents give you respect but providing sad excuses just makes ICT look more of a scandal than it is. Mr Duddy listen to the community and work out just how to solve the very distressing concerns from the community instead of trying to cover things up and dismissing the concerns.
at 07:15:20 on 04 January 2018
Tech and Tea course, same course year after year. All the community have had enough of this course. Why not get something new and innovative for the residents? Maybe because you just repeat what you provide year after year. Just about sums up ICT. What a shame that £90,000 a year is wasted when it should be invested into the community. No investment into the environment or community groups who after all are the mainstay of our community. Questions " Where does the £90.000 go every year ?" Only ICT know the answer and our community ask "Just where does this money do because we see nothing whatsoever of this £90.000". What a shambles and terrible disregard of the communities money. Why should ICT be allowed to do as they please and waste this innunity as they please. Please reply Mr Mike Duddy.
Beryl Norbury wrote
at 07:14:18 on 04 January 2018
Dear Mr Mike Duddy, Would you not agree that the incentive and indeed the whole idea of the joinery course was in fact a Keepmoat inicitive and indeed the whole idea of the joinery course was in fact a Keepmoat inicitive and not your inicitive. ICT always seem to take all credit for other organisations inicitives. This kind of very selfish attitude does not help I CT. You need to stop taking other people's credit. Keepmoat needs to start to work independently. Mr Mike Duddy please be honest and name all involved in attributing to the mentioned programme. Do not just take all the credit for yourself and ICT. Your taking all the credit attitude just about sums up ICT. How sad.
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 12:44:03 on 03 January 2018
Am looking forwards to meeting you all in person - at our upcoming community forums,or at community committee... As always... i can be contacted via mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk ...............A special message for Bob........... Many years ago I attended night classes at Salford College to do a joinery course.... its been one of the best things I've ever done. I agree with you that there are lots of youngsters in Salford who would benefit from attending Salford College as there are many young school leavers who leave with nothing, no qualifications, no skills and not much ambition... for me this is one of the saddest things about Salford...... to that end I helped ICT run a trial project last summer in conjunction with Keepmoat homes. We worked with 12 young people who had been identified by their high schools as being at risk of leaving school without having any qualifications, or a place on any courses in the future or an offer of a job... Using the joinery skills I learnt at Salford College, we showed these youngsters what life was like on a modern construction site, and then using simple tools, sheets of ply and drainage pipes we created a supersize nest box to become a Sandmartin nest box/colony which we then sited on the banks of the river irwell.... all of these 12 young people really enjoyed their time, enjoyed a relaxed work environment rather than a school environment, met a prospective employer, met land managers and agents from the forestry commission etc . they ALL went on to construction based courses in September and have ambitions to make something of themselves.. ICT will be repeating this project in summer 2018 with even more youngsters.... I don't mind taking the flak on here Bob ... at least it shows people care about their local community..... its just a shame that people are so negative when there are so many positive things that can be achieved when people work together..... some of the posts are even quite funny........ such as the one poster who said that our Tech and Tea course was a waste of time,,, and then within 24 hours someone else said that they had to ask their grandson to look something up on companies house for him...... sometimes whatever we do... we can't win... but thats life isnt it.
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Star date: 20th January 2019


Salford's Margaret McHale turned one hundred this week as her six children and relatives gathered for a huge party at The Broughtons Care Home. Born in Hanky Park, Margaret moved around central Salford, to Ellor Street, Warburton Street and finally to Littleton Road, as part of the slum clearances.

A proper Salford lass, Margaret worked on Lancaster Bombers during the war and as a machinist in Strangeways, and, as the family partied with residents and staff, there were a zillion anecdotes that will echo with loads of local families.

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Electricity North West, the region's power network operator, is looking to take on young Salford people and has places for craft apprenticeships, which include overhead line workers and cable jointers, and higher level apprenticeships, which include roles such as design and control engineer.

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On 9th January at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, the judge allowed an eight day extension for those homeless people currently occupying the old doctor's surgery in Eccles. The case has now been set for the end of January, giving them an extra two weeks to prepare a legal defence.

Meanwhile this week, the Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre, which is helping the Shelter, took delivery of loads of pairs of thick winter socks and around one hundred toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes donated towards its new Medical and Dental Surgery for the homeless and ex-offenders.

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After Lower Broughton's 'at risk' Grade II listed Victoria Theatre was sold last year, there were fears that it would be pulled down for development but the Salford Victoria Theatre Trust has today announced that its new owner "has engaged with the group to seek out a way forward, even vowing to consider plans to restore it for its original purpose".

The Trust is now putting together a business plan and pitch to present to the owner at the end of the month, with a meeting planned with Salford City Council next month to discuss the theatre's future.

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Before a full meeting of Salford Council this morning, residents campaigning against development on green spaces in the city held a demonstration outside the Civic Centre.

Representatives of campaigns including from Campbell Road, Duncan Matheson, Walkden and Buile Hill Park then went into the meeting to hear City Mayor, Paul Dennett, say that the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was "protecting green belt and green spaces", after Carol Boyce of Saving Our Neighbourhood had accused the Council of "throwing residents to the wolves of rampant development".

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