Star date: 5th February 2016


"If me as an elected councillor gets treated like this by the powers that be, then what chance has the public got?"

Swinton South Councillor, Neil Blower, has resigned from the Labour Party claiming "systematic harassment and bullying" by the `powers that be' in the Salford Labour Party. Neil is a former soldier diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but maintains that fellow councillors are claiming that he's faking his illness, while subjecting him to some "truly vile things". 

Last year, Salford Mayor Ian Stewart joined the drive to help armed forced veterans, saying "We want to make sure they are supported. We are very proud of them."

Full details here...

Salford Labour Party has run into more problems with the resignation yesterday of Swinton South Councillor, Neil Blower, claiming "systematic harassment and bullying" by fellow Party councillors.

"I'm a former soldier and have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my service" Neil told the Salford Star last night "It's an ongoing problem that I am currently being treated for, and took some time off while I was undergoing the treatment. Certain individuals in the Salford Labour group think I'm faking it."

Before becoming a councillor, Neil actually wrote an acclaimed book about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Shell Shock: The diary of Tommy Atkins as "a form of creative therapy" to deal with his issues. Indeed, he became active in the Labour Party after campaigning for veterans rights...

In his letter of resignation to the Labour Party Regional Office he writes...

"I feel I have no other choice due to the systematic harassment and bullying I've been subjected to over the course of many months due to my mental health issues...I've been told by third parties that certain Labour councillors have said some truly vile things about me - `scum', `A disease' and that `he shouldn't be in the party', and that I'm `faking my illness'. This combined with sideways glances, being ignored and colleagues leaving the room when I enter have had a detrimental effect on my wellbeing and I will no longer stand for it."
Last year, Salford Council joined the drive to help armed forced veterans, with Salford Mayor, Ian Stewart saying "They all have made a huge sacrifice for this country and its citizens and we want to make sure they are supported. We are very proud of them."

Now, while Neil says that most councillors are `decent hard working people' and that this `isn't a political thing, I'm Labour through and through', he feels that he's been targeted by a "few people at Salford who have very archaic attitudes particularly on mental health"...

"I got into politics to try and make a difference and I think we should be talking about mental health and people who make decisions shouldn't have these kinds of attitudes" he told the Star "I can't prove any of these allegations but I feel strongly that they are true because I feel it... It's the sideways glances and hushed voices; people actually leave the room when I walk in, it's not a nice environment to be in at all and it's all come to a head. As I can't prove it, I have resigned as I've got no other avenue to go down really.

"It's just very surprising and shocking the way I've been treated" he added "The things that have been said are quite disgusting really... If me as an elected councillor gets treated like this by the powers that be then what chance has the public got?"

Neil Blower will continue to serve as an Independent Salford councillor...

*Read Neil Blower's resignation letter to the Regional Labour Party in full...

`I am a Councillor in Salford representing Swinton South ward and it is with great sadness that, effective immediately I tender my resignation to the Labour Party.

I feel I have no other choice due to the systematic harassment and bullying I've been subjected to over the course of many months due to my mental health issues. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my military service which also causes severe clinical depression and social anxiety for which I am undergoing treatment in the hope that I will get better and be able to live a normal life.

I've been told by third parties that certain Labour councillors have said some truly vile things about me - "scum", "A disease" and that "he shouldn't be in the party" and that I'm "faking my illness". This combined with sideways glances, being ignored and colleagues leaving the room when I enter have had a detrimental effect on my wellbeing and I will no longer stand for it.

I've never raised these issues before because I feel the nature and entrenched attitudes of many members of the Labour group would mean nothing would be done and the situation made worse, nor do I expect any action will taken in the future by the Party, leaving me no other choice than to resign and be an independent ward Councillor.

I've ccd the chief whip of the Labour group and the chair of my CLP into this to inform them of my decision...'

* The main graphic shows the cover of Neil Blower's second book, Dividing Lines `a contemporary novel that tells the explosive story of two worlds colliding in 21st Century Britain'.

The Salford Dragon wrote
at 07:41:59 on 10 February 2016
@wrote does themself wrong to think my good wishes are not directed at Neil. They certainly are. Please do not confuse the wider conversation that develops. I respect your own wranglings but be sure my view is related to pointing out extensive dangers faced in this troubled world. I believe we are not equipped to deal with our home Mental Health problems. I therefore feel the lack of border controls opens dangers we cannot contemplate. Even my dedicatication to fighting for equality cannot turn a blind eye to the need for people to understand the dangers our UK faces.

at 18:33:25 on 09 February 2016
@The Salford Dragon - As much as I appreciate and enjoy reading the various comments featured on "The Salford Star Website", I cannot stand to read, nor digest a wannabe politicians views / comments, in order to use / spin a story, concerning the abuse of an vulnerable adult with PTSD, to persuade and sway others to vote for / against political agendas. This abuse was caused by politicians, and I am sure I speak on behalf of the many, when I say that "the disabled are sick and tired of politicians", "full stop". Your comment, in my opinion, had nothing to do with "empathy" or "support" for this poor man, but used it to enforce a political agenda. I believe this to be a very inappropriate comment that abuses the very ideals that "The Salford Star" was built on. Your comment, in my opinion, had nothing to do with "PTSD" or "Abuse" but simply was an attempt to push another political agenda, at this poor man's expense. Politicians have many avenues to voice their concerns, such as a place called "The House Of Commons". That, in my opinion, is where your political views belong. They certainly do not belong, in my opinion, on a community orientated website. This story was about a Labour Party Member, who served his country, ended up with PTSD, and was then bullied by the very country and city he defended. It certainly has nothing to do with immigration. The mental health services have been cut by The Salford Council. That is the problem. Please remember, we are all human beings, and everyone has a right to stay and reside in a safe place. In fact, nobody, in my opinion, has the right to say "you don't belong here". This planet does not belong to one specific person. It belongs to all of us. For this reason I would request, that you voice your political views and concerns on immigration, to the Lords and Ladies who make up "The Houses of Parliament", and allow this poor abused man the right to have his story of abuse reported and told using the Salford Star, as a medium, in order to educate, and empower the citizens of Salford. I embrace other cultures, their histories, and certainly do not believe immigration to be the key problem within the UK and Salford. I believe it's the local government with their expensive PA's, private expense accounts, second home loop holes, current taxation laws, and over paid salaries of MP's, that is destroying this country, and certainly not those who are fleeing violence from ongoing wars, where their villages are pillaged and destroyed. It is important that all "Salford Citizens" learn to respect all walks of life, regardless of colour, origin, sexuality, gender or disability.

The Salford Dragon wrote
at 15:34:53 on 09 February 2016
PTSD makes more true points. In regard to a wider impact of Mental Health, I urge all Salford residents to support the Get Out of EU campaigns. If the UK does not safeguard our boarders we will be overwhelmed by inward Mental Health on a scale that will devastate our communities through a lack of services that cannot even support UK sufferers of mental health problems. Michael Felse.

Tahir Chakotai (Independent Housing Advocate) wrote
at 15:34:40 on 09 February 2016
@PTSD Wrote - Totally agree where your coming from, but disagree that the answer is to "Flight instead of Fight". My physical health is becoming impossible, and I feel there is not enough time to teach people the skills I have acquired over the years. It is very easy to run away from a problem, but much harder to fight and rectify a problem, especially when your up against those in a position of responsibility and power. But fight we must, if there is to be any positive changes made within the UK. I am on my last legs, and probably one of the last of my generation to challenge those who bully, intimidate and ignore the destitute, disabled and vulnerable within Salford. I fear for our future generations, as most of the population prefer to turn a blind eye, or run in the opposit direction, rather than fight for the rights of others. I do hope you reconsider, and choose to "Fight instead of Flight". Only that way, can we change and challenge the problems, within Salford and the UK, that cause others to suffer from PTSD. Either way, I wish you the best of luck. Kindest Regards, (Independent Housing Advocate), Tahir Chakotai

PTSD wrote
at 12:32:28 on 09 February 2016
The UK is a terrible place to live for anyone with a mental health problem, especially PTSD, anxiety disorder or depression. Workplace bullying and bullying in general always has been endemic to this society and many respected organisations report its getting exponentially worse with each passing year. Many believe its a symptomatic feature of the degradation of wider social behaviours resulting from the dangerous leap to the right society took in the 80's. Whatever the cause many people, myself included, see permanent emigration as the only realistic option for a better life. The attitude of refugees to this country provided me with a big insight into how this society is objectively viewed. I frequently encountered traumatised refugees at the start of their 'trail of tears'. Often just after their homes had been destroyed and loved ones killed. Very, very few wanted to come here. Russia was top of their list followed by Germany, the USA, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Spain etc, etc. The U.K. was always their last option choice, except those who'd had some relationship with the U.K. Armed Forces. Why? They believed British society was cruel, arrogant, aggressive, belittling, cold hearted and mean. The people in Calais are a drop in the refugee ocean, over 40,000 per day are being displaced by current nearby wars, and the vast majority of them don't want to be here. I'm now in full agreement with them and plan to leave this year. Good luck to those who stay.

Tahir Chakotai (Independent Housing Advocate) wrote
at 12:03:03 on 08 February 2016
@"Wrote" - You say you have "Mental Disabilities" so I will attempt to make "Reasonable Adjustments" with my following comments. 1. People would be less likely to accuse you of being a member of the Labour Party or Council, if you wrote a comment, and left your name like I do. 2. If you log onto the "NHS Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults web Site", you will see that the Labour Party Member with PTSD is running away. Like I said in my comment, "this gentleman chooses to Flight not Fight". This is one of the signs of "physiological abuse of a vulnerable adult". 3. You say you were in a "Car Crash", which has left you with "Physical Disabilities", therefore as a disabled adult living in Salford, you will know how cruel some people can be about your disabilities, and your physical appearance. However you choose to attack this "Salford Star Story", and show absolutely no empathy for this man's suffering. 4. You say the car crash left you with "PTSD", but you seem to write as if you have no sympathy for this "Labour Party Member". I have PTSD and "Autism" combined with "Low Empathy" and even I understand where the "Salford Star" is coming from, when writing this story. In conclusion I am finding it very hard to believe that you have any disabilities, simply because you lack the understanding of what constitutes as abuse towards the disabled who live in Salford. And if you are disabled, then in my opinion, you most certainly need some form of councilling, as your comments could be interpreted as offensive. I notice other "Salford Star Readers" have also commented in a negative way, when reading your comments. I am all for "Free Speech" and "Free Will", but only when it is used "Constructively", "Effectively", and shows a level of "Understanding". In my opinion your comments about this "Labour Party Member", certainly shows lack of "Understanding". This is why some "Salford Star Readers" have reacted badly to your comments. As "Disabled Advocates" for Salford, we should be using our comments to "Support", and "Educate" the citizens of Salford, on disability, and certainly should not be fighting among ourselves. In my opinion, there is no doubt that this "Labour Party Member" has been abused by his fellow "Labour Party Members / The Salford Council" and the only difference between the gentleman mentioned in this story and me, is the fact I got their inappropriate allegations in writing. I hope this information helps, and supports you, when writing any further comments on the "Salford Star". Please remember, if your comment is not "Constructive", "Effective", and / or shows a lack of "Understanding", then please reconsider what you write online. Kindest Regards, from an (Independent Housing Advocate), Tahir Chakotai.

Tahir Chakotai (Independent Housing Advocate) wrote
at 18:32:35 on 07 February 2016
Well said "PTSD is too real".

at 18:32:30 on 07 February 2016
And just to re-iterate, I am NOT a Labour Councillor, nor do I work for Salford or any other councillor....read one of my previous posts...my mayoral vote is going to be for the Tory candidate!

at 18:32:13 on 07 February 2016
@DavidCameron, once again you make wrong assumptions! When did I ever say I worked for the council? I never did and never have! As for the story in the MEN, it WAS unbiased, it gave Councillor Blowers account of what he is claiming to be bullying - ie someone telling him that he was being talked about, and perceiving that people are are giving him sideways looks. It also gave Salford Labours response which was Councillor Blower was not fulfilling his councillor duties for which he is given an allowance of over 10k per year (which he is still in receipt of). And please those who are trying to give me lessons on PTSD, after being involved in a serious car accident at 16, leaving me physically, mentally and emotionally disabled, I know enough about this. No I wasn't involved in active service, but I still carry the scars, and years of medication and psychotherapy helps, but hasn't gotten rid! My best friend was an Red Cap, he suffered horrendously in Iraq, and has terrible PTSD, so please don't lecture me. I totally agree with @TheEnd, that sums up the whole thing!

PTSD is too real wrote
at 15:07:18 on 07 February 2016
Approximately 20,000 leave the UK armed forces every year. A very conservative estimate is that 20% or 2,000 of these will have PTSD. The current population estimate of all living UK veterans is 4.8 million, which means the 20%, or 960,000, of them with PTSD is being added to at a rate faster than they are dying at. That's 1/60th of the U.K. population with combat induced PTSD alone. Add to that the people who got PTSD through child abuse, domestic violence, through emergency service duty, industrial accidents, being victims of crime, and being victims of the prison system etc and the total number sky rockets. It's little wonder that central and local government doesn't want PTSD acknowledged or discussed publicly when they are trying to slash spending on mental health.

Michael Felse Free in Salford wrote
at 15:06:02 on 07 February 2016
In reply to wrote, I Guarantee it was NOT me that removed my statement on MEN. Their editorial has. It makes me ashamed to think Manchester Evening News as one of the papers I have respected for years appears to deny free speech, especially on important matters such as bullying. Having myself been abused, bullied and victimised by hate crime, my resolve is to fight back for others. There shall be no hiding place for bullies when we who suffered get to call the tune.

Tahir Chakotai (Independent Housing Advocate) wrote
at 15:05:43 on 07 February 2016
I have been left utterly disgusted by the actions of the Labour Party. I have PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dyspraxia, DaCostas Syndrome, and Dyslexia. I too have been attacked by many Labour Party Members and candidates. Unlike the gentleman mentioned in this article I did manage to get these comments in writing. I've been to the GMP so many times it beggers belief. The GMP on all occasions refused to investigate. In 2014, an ALMO attached to The Salford Council, threatened my tenancy while I was a witness to an ongoing, Civil / Criminal Trial, which is a direct act of "Perverting the Course of Justice". Did the GMP do anything about that, "No they did not". So I really have the greatest of sympathy for this gentleman. I can only imagine how much abuse he has been subjected too. This man deserves respect, as does any other human being. And as for people saying to report it to the GMP, this would be pointless as they don't seem to get involved when the crime involves The Salford Council and / or The Labour Party. I have supplied the GMP with hundreds of examples, over the years, concerning abuse of vulnerable adults. Did they investigate any of these matters "No". Once again, another Salfordian, and this time a Labour Party Member, has been subjected to abuse, and once again, this man feels that he has to, "Flight instead of Fight". Is this what Salford is all about. People within a place of responsibility bulling those who are the most vulnerable in society, for trying to make Salford a better place to live? It would be a good idea for The Labour Party to recall and remember a very well known saying and beware of what it states. "A House That Stands Divided", "Does Not Stand At All". If the Labour Party keeps harassing it own members, then they leave themselves in a very vulnerable position. This gentleman, if he so wishes, could join another Political Party, expose the weaknesses of the Labour Party, and could take over. I hope this gentleman finds the courage and the strength, too once again, fight against those who have abused him.

The end wrote
at 15:04:25 on 07 February 2016
Typical Salford star reader reactions, everyone guilty from the start. The facts need presenting to an independent panel. If they are proven, the guilty should be exposed and removed. But let's have both sides of the story before the ridiculous ranting below.

Salford needs open democracy wrote
at 15:04:02 on 07 February 2016
@wrote, bullying comes in many forms. Physical, mental, being sent to Coventry. You say you read about this man in the MEN, a paper of great impartiality, read the archives of the star, see all the stories about this council they chose not to wright about, they chose not to bite the hand that feeds them, they put party politics before public interest. Why did you come on this site slating a man who has served this country, when as you tell us of your own families forces connections, if what you tell us about your family connections in the forces is true, then you your self should be giving this man the respect he deserves, as I respect anyone who wear's the queens uniform, I too have family who have and are still serving the armed services. You seem to talk as you have insider knowledge of this man, you talk of this man not attending council meetings, but is this not one of the symptoms of being bullied withdrawal from the world, look at children who are bullied. You talk that this man refused help, remember he probably spent years in the army, taught to be self reliant, to man up, it's hard for an ex forces person to ask for help, many of the men who sleep rough on our streets are ex forces, to proud to ask for help, not that they should ask for help, they have earnt that a thousand times over from their service. You talk about this man claiming money for being councillor and not doing his job, just look at any of the labour councillors in salford, if you paid them all in washers, the'd still be overpaid, all claim our money but forget who they represent, we the public. I have three labour councillors in my ward, elvis has been spotted in my area more times then these three. Sorry you say I and others should't jump to conclusions, your right, but didn't you also do the same when you slated this mans integrity, sorry, if I have to side with anyone in this story, then I'll take the word of an ex servicemen over a proven lying dishonest self serving labour controlled council, until proven different. You say this man should have reported what was happening to him to hazel blears, Paul Wilson, the one thing the Labour Party doesn't like doing is shinning a torch in to its dark corners, you only have to look at what has happened with the paedophile grooming gangs and MPs in labour councils, a full scale Labour Party cover up. The victims still trying to get justice, just shows you what this man is up against, a party that put the party before the individual. Ps sorry for the insults, you sounded to much like a labour councillor who was involved in what was happening to this man. I'm just a person who dos't like our armed service men and women or flag to be shit on, especially from a party that disrespects our armed forces.

David cameron wrote
at 10:06:20 on 07 February 2016
@wrote, this news artical in the MEN, wouldn't be the same unbiased MEN that's in the back pocket of the salford labour controled council would it, theres plenty of juicy stories on this site "the salford star" that go's unreported in the MEN about our dodgy labour councillors. The people of salford can sleep tightly at night knowingly that the great MEN is their to report on any dodgy dealings should they happen in the salford labour controlled council, some how I don't think I'll hold my breath. On the cameras you mentioned, funny how the labour controlled council have ok'd this but I wonder if they would be so keen for it to be used on them selves, to all the people who work for the council, turn the tables on these hypocrite labour councillors by secretly recording what they get up to, let's see if they like their dodgy dealing being outed

at 10:05:34 on 07 February 2016
@Salfordneedsopendemocracy see you are a typical mindless hypocritical bully! Why do you call me 'vermin' etc, and others tossers? Just a bully! All I have done is question the so called 'facts'! There doesn't appear to be any!! Someone TOLD HIM THAT HE WAS BEING CALLED NAMES...how does that amount to an actual fact???? He CLAIMS people gave him sideways looks and walked out of rooms????? What??? Back to me, you do not have a clue about me! I come from a family who is entrenched in the armed forces, you moronic bully!! No I didn't serve, I was in the cadets until at 16 I was disabled in a car accident, and yes I was BULLIED for being disabled, so don't assume you know me at all! Both my granddads were killed in the war, my dad was a sergeant major, my uncles were in the forces, as are most of my cousins, one of whom has been medically discharged as he was disabled in mortar fire in Afghanistan. You are as ignorant as the rest of the people who have not read this story properly. I hate bullies, absolutely scum of the earth and they should be dealt with, but I also hate people that claim to be bullied to cover up their own shortcomings. Whichever is the case here, it needs dealing with. If he has been bullied then the bullies need dealing with, but if it is not the case, then he needs dealing with too, after all he is still claiming his councillor allowance! I did read on the MEN website that Michael Felse had reported this to the Local Government Minister and that the Minister was going to investigate, however it does seem that Mr Felse has since removed the posting, so Mr Felse, have you or have you not reported this to the Local Government Minister?

Salford needs open democracy wrote
at 06:58:55 on 07 February 2016
Wrote would't be one of the vermin labour councillors doing the bullying would you, coming on here and trying to do this brave man who has at least served this countries armed forces down is also bullying you tosser. Don't tell me he's been give help from the council, because Iv'e seen that help first hand and it's just box ticking. Bullies in the council are actually promoted in the council and encouraged. @wrote which of the armed forces did you serve, you weren't general of the white feather collection brigade were you, you must be doing a roaring trade inside the town hall with all those labour councillors, courage and backbone, you car't associate these with the Labour Party. Couldn't agree more with all the other comments, except the tossers who slag this man off.

!!!!!!! wrote
at 06:58:02 on 07 February 2016
Whistle blow and sue!! It's the only thing they understand. Get this investigated by any authority that will. I know I would want to clear my name if it was me, but more importantly do it for all the other victims. Then those who are guilty will be held to account and it will serve as a warning to the rest of them that their days as over paid lying cowards are numbered and that people are fighting back. The bullying tactics of the old boys club has to stop!. Salford has lots of victims of the bully boy tactics. Fight back! Not easy I know, especially when you're going through ill health problems, but trust me the satisfaction you get from winning is unbelievable. Leaving proves nothing, just gives them more mud to sling your way and it's something they enjoy. You need to do it for you and all the others too that are too frightened to speak out!! They're getting away with it time and time again, so they do it all the more. Someone has to show them enough is enough! Everyone's behind you it seems, those that matter at least!

Michael Felse Free in Salford wrote
at 18:41:50 on 06 February 2016
Excellent advice from PTSD. In thinking of others suffering from bullies, for whatever unforgivable reason, I urge Salford Star and Salford Council to promote Mental Health Week, Starts 15th February 2016. What must be a year long priority to get rid of the vermin scum that gets selfish pleasure from their abuse, there is opportunity to take part in the link below. Having been abused I know we must welcome the BBC initiative. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35420205

PTSD is too real wrote
at 15:03:53 on 06 February 2016
Just want Neil Blower to know that Salford Mental Health Services have a superb clinical psychologist who really knows her stuff about combat induced PTSD, severe anxiety, depression and chronic pain management. It took over a year in the waiting list to get to see her because Salford's Mental Health Services are so chronically under-funded, but it was worth the wait. I got most of my problems in wars too. The flash backs are totally debilitating and impossible to understand for anyone who hasn't experienced them, or been clinically trained to understand them. I suffered with them and other related crap for many years. Cost me everything and damn near landed me in prison. You'll have to fight for the help you need mate, but you do remember how to do that, right mate? Don't expect any understanding from the majority of the civvy population though. They don't get it and let's hope they never have to, that's why we went where we did, and did what we did, right? So they could stay ignorant of what it's like to end up being like us to be able to live 'normal' western lives? Good luck buddy!

at 15:03:48 on 06 February 2016
it seems that you are guilty before being proven innocent in this case, obviously people with ulterior motives. This is all the word of one individual, who's entire story is based on a third party telling him that people are calling him names, and the individuals perception that people are walking out of a room when he enters and giving him sideways looks. If the MEN story is to be believe, this individual didn't attend any council meetings, so when was this supposed to have happened?? It is hearsay, nothing more, yet everyone seems to have jumped on the bandwagon and taken it as fact. In the office where I worked, we had a woman that was claiming she was being bullied. She was lazy and was being told off a lot for not doing her job. She was given lots of welfare chats, but she was still lazy. In the end, the bosses installed hidden cameras in the office and none of us knew, and when she put in a claim of bullying, they got the video evidence, and guess what....she was never bullied when she claimed she was. If Mr Blower has a genuine issue then surely he would have taken it to higher authorities or even the police, instead of running to the press?? I see a stitch up!

Disgraced Council wrote
at 10:43:00 on 06 February 2016
Three names from Labour and One from Tories put up for Mayor. Not one of them has written about this bullying of their fellow Councillor. What does this tell us about Wilson, Jones, Dennett and Gariddo in their lack of leadership potential. They should be shouting from our roof tops about exposing bullies. Looks like Salford Council stays weak at its knees if any of these get into the driving seat.

at 10:42:51 on 06 February 2016
According to the MEN, "Coun Blower has not carried out his responsibilities as a councillor for some time. We have attempted to offer support to enable his return to active duty, but he has rejected this offer and chosen to resign. A decision which we very much regret." Its starting to look like a case of yet another councillor happy to take his 10k allowance but doing nothing for it! Jumped before he was pushed maybe, then decided to blame others? If so then he needs disciplining, so I hope that this does get investigated. Interesting that other he claims that he heard reports of bullying from others? Surely that is a case of "he said she said", what you would expect in a playground? He hasn't actually said that anyone said anything to him? And if he isn't turning up for meetings and still getting paid, I think I would be giving him dirty looks too, nothing to do with any disability! Another interesting fact is if he was so close to Hazel Blears MP, Paul Wilson chair of CLP and Sue Pugh Chief Whip surely if he was being bullied he would have reported it?? This sounds like a very fishy tale in my book and one which may come back and bite Mr Blower on the backside!

Prisoner Irlam wrote
at 08:35:26 on 06 February 2016
Hi Neil , sorry you've had to leave your post at Salford Council , put it as a positive even though bullying is not , on the point that your integrity and morals were to good for Salford council , and the bullies saw you as a target rather than a victim as you have a set of rules and they play by none with there outdated principals

Dave Minshull wrote
at 12:25:21 on 05 February 2016
I am disgusted at the way the Councillors have treated Neil by the bullying and intimidation tactics, this as said before should be given to the police to investigate. Be interesting to see if any of these Labour Party Councillors themselves have served or just sat on their fat arses criticising !!!,

Glenn Croston wrote
at 11:04:30 on 05 February 2016
This is very sad news but at least Neil's carrying on as an independent so they're not shot of him yet and I hope he feels better for being away from the cowards that have treated him this way! Perhaps now he can throw a few fucks around in their direction because bullies don't like it when they're given some back and that crew haven't got a spine between 'em!

Craig holmes wrote
at 11:04:24 on 05 February 2016
Sorry to hear this and it just shows that there needs a change of leadership around here, im standing in swi ton south in may for the english democrates so lets hope people of swinton south give someone else a chance. Hope neil gets well soon.

wendy Olsen wrote
at 09:31:28 on 05 February 2016
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real. - frkm Wendy Olsen

joe oneill wrote
at 09:31:24 on 05 February 2016
Surely this shows Labour for all it's worth. Uncaring selfish and lacking in compassion. I work with the elderly and I have seen the effects of people suffering mental illness, Anxiety, violence and worse the inability in some cases to explain or discuss their feelings, Belonging to a party offered me something special, support and someone to discuss issues with, it seems Labour lack in most departments a party imploding and falling apart at the seams. Allowances before well being and a simple case of I'm all right jack.

Michael Felse Free in Salford wrote
at 09:31:13 on 05 February 2016
Hi Neil. I am sorry to read your report. Thank you for telling us. You will know how bad bullying is and why it is important to call in the police. It is unlike bullies will only target one person but more the case they will be making others lives hell. Give your account to the police and you help the others suffering abuse by putting an important piece into the hate crime jigsaw puzzle. I wish you good health and call on your friends to help you at this difficult time. Thank you for giving the reports that I am sure will have those responsible for the hate attacks stand in shame.

David cameron wrote
at 09:30:56 on 05 February 2016
I feel shocked, angry but not surprised at this mans treatment by the vermin that inhabit this salford Labour Party council. Neil has done the right thing in leaving the Labour Party, I would like to thank Neil for your service to our armed forces and to the protection of this country, you have more courage than any of the labour councillors you have left behind as we have seen from the likes of councillors like the Wilson's, merry's, lancaster's, or Stewarts, all self serving cowards.

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@ Bob. I wasn't having a go at all, please don't think that. I was just correcting you, Albion is not in full control of the tenan... [more]
charity begins at home, I an not right "in a way". I am right full stop. Salix is a not for profit charitable trust. They do not m... [more]
@Joey, Actually Salix have set up two profit making subsidiaries. They're all about making money, nothing wrong with that, but the... [more]
The complaints about the 2 inch fire door gaps are fully justified. I just can't believe it. What worries me though is the report ... [more]


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Star date: 19th July 2018


On Tuesday night, Blackley and Broughton MP, Graham Stringer, was one of four Labour Party MPs who voted with the Tories on the latest Brexit proposals, allowing Theresa May to scrape to victory by three votes and avert a possible General Election.

Here, a constituent of the Salford MP and Labour Party member, gives her personal opinion, joining the call for Graham Stringer to be deselected...

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Star date: 18th July 2018


Bizarre graffiti art has appeared near Salford Central Station depicting two delighted looking Peppa Pigs by the slogan 'Communism is for the children'. The art has led to much amusement and bemusement but is probably related to China banning the popular kids' cartoon.

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Star date: 18th July 2018


"We're sick to death of being treated like dirt..."

Last night, tenants from Spruce Court and Thorn Court met to share concerns over dangerous cladding, fire safety, security and other issues, as they united to take on towerblock manager Pendleton Together and Salford City Council, which owns the blocks.

"They try to ignore what we're saying" insisted one tenant "They're complacent... we're sick to death of being treated like dirt...".

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Star date: 17th July 2018


Salford's planning scandal is to go up another gear this week when an application by developer De Trafford for 421 apartments in blocks up to 27 storeys high on the site of Furness Quay is considered by councillors. Thanks to Salford City Council policies, the developer will be providing no affordable properties, while, through 'viability' assessments it is set to avoid over 1million in planning fees.

Meanwhile, the English Cities Fund (ECf) is continuing its secrecy in relation to new apartments and an office development around Chapel Street and New Bailey.

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Star date: 16th July 2018


As the Grenfell Tower victims said, before the tragic fire their warnings were not listened to by the authorities. Now tenants in Spruce Court, Pendleton, who are still living with the dangerous cladding, have called an independent meeting for tomorrow, Tuesday, 17th July, to discuss cladding, security and more, while Thorn Court residents are also complaining about the same issues.

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