Star date: 19th December 2018


This week, Salford Council boldly issued a press release headlined that it was 'planning for £15.2million budget proposals', ie cuts. But elsewhere on its website it states that "This target has been reduced to £13.06million", as it lists around £8million of 'one off savings, alternative funding, further efficiencies and increased income'...

...This leaves just over £5million of cuts that the Council is actually consulting residents on...including a 10p increase in school meals charge and the closure of a children's home, although it doesn't state which one. It's all very confusing, with very little detail and the Council announcing that these aren't even "final proposals".

Full details here...

Two days ago, Salford Council issued a press release headlined 'Salford Council planning for £15.2m budget proposals', which some in the media duly cut and pasted, along with the salient Salford City Mayor quotes about the nasty Tory Government which has reduced Council funding by 53% since 2010...

...And, yes, the Tory Government has blitzed Salford with evil cuts since it got its mitts on local government purse strings. No-one can deny that, not even Theresa May herself. It's been an ideological war on the poor, with a privatisation agenda.

However, the £15.2million 'cuts' headline is confusing to say the least, because a click through to the actual budget page reveals that "This target has been reduced to £13.06million as detailed financial projections have progressed"...So, £13.06million, not £15.2million (although this is still obscene!).

The same budget page reveals around £8million of 'one-off' savings, which has little detail but is listed as...

Cost reductions in buying products and services: £2.07million
Alternative funding through partnership arrangements: £0.45million
Use of reserves and other one off funds: £5.07million
Additional advertising income: £0.07million
Share of MediaCityUK metrolink: £0.09million
Sharing senior management posts with other councils: £0.12million
Agreed fees and charges income: £0.06 million

The Council then asks residents to submit comments, not on these, but on additional £5.09million of cuts to front line services, again, with very little detail. These are...

People Directorate
Proposal for reduction of management posts within Early Help with duties absorbed by other managers: £0.18m
Additional income from internal services: £0.07m
Alternative funding for Early Help family assessment team with no impact on service: £0.14m
Proposal to review skills and work contracts with related redesign of the supporting team, for services for young people, adults and families. Full engagement and consultation will be carried out with stakeholders to explore ways to achieve savings with the least impact possible on outcomes for residents: £0.97m
Closure of a children's home that has been empty on a temporary basis since early 2018 as part of an overall redesign of residential care services: £0.52m
Reduction in costs from voluntary employee applications for severance with no further impact on services: £0.08m
The council and the NHS have integrated health and adult social care, leading to savings as a result of combined commissioning of services: £1.80m

Place Directorate
Proposal for an increase to fees and charges across our commercial services: £0.16m
Reduction in management costs from voluntary employee applications for severance with no further impact on services: £0.04m
Proposal for 10p increase in school meals charge Ė keeping Salford's charge as one of the lowest in Greater Manchester: £0.10m
Proposal to make savings in sports pitch line marking: £0.05m
Agreed reduction in sponsorship: £0.02m

Service Reform Directorate
ēProposal for improved efficiency of back office services with investment in digital support and redesign of services: £0.59m
ēProposal to increase land charge fees: £0.01m
ēProposal to increase number of weddings and other ceremonies hosted and review fees: £0.01m

Public Health Directorate
Proposal to not renew contract on long term conditions and include work in redesign of other services: £0.25m
Proposal for redesign of the Health Improvement Service to reflect needs of local neighbourhoods: £0.07m
Reduction in contribution to Greater Manchester population work: £0.01m
Reduction of one post to take advantage of voluntary severance request with no further impact on services: £0.02m

Underneath each proposal is a little box for comments Ė but with so little detail, how are residents expected to make comments? To make matters worse, the Council press release adds at the end that "Final proposals rest on announcements about the local government finance settlement which is due shortly", yet the final date for submitting comments is 13th January.

It's all something that will give any Salford residents who are really, really bored over Christmas time to try and figure out...Beats the Daily Mirror festive Sudoku, we suppose... 

The budget will be set by the Council in February. Expect the usual ridiculously few comments resulting from its 'consultation'.

To work out Salford Council's cuts plans see the What Matters To You page on its website Ė click here

And, to try and comment on the proposals by 13th January Ė click here

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:47:03 on 17 January 2019
Rossi,what do I know about you? I) You've got a personality disorder. II) You post views that you don't believe in ! III) You crave approval/validation from others. IV) You use your online life to make up for the many failings in yoýr actual life. Sad,but true!

ROSSI wrote
at 20:40:08 on 16 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, what qualifies you to say that? You don't know me. You know nothing of me. Personally Ray, I thing that your judgemental attitude, along with your 1970s Wolfie Smith socialism show you to be a bit of a banana. If I was you, Comrade Raymond, I'd go and find some dog shit on the street to rub my Marxist bonce in, do it often enough and you may well end up a little bit more intelligent. If it works and you increase your IQ by twenty points, and get up to an IQ of, say 90, maybe then you'll realise how much nonsense you've been spouting.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 08:00:08 on 16 January 2019
Rossi,wake up and smell the coffee - every post you make exposes the fact that you are a deeply unpleasant and disturbed person!

ROSSI wrote
at 05:43:06 on 15 January 2019
Hey Ray, I can see that you haven't found some dog shit on the street to roll your head in, so that your IQ goes up to at least eighty. Because if you had, you wouldn't be writing such nonsensical old cobblers. Funny that, whenever I go out, all I come across are piles of dog shit on the street. You from Worsley, Ray? You a Champagne Socialist?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:43:28 on 14 January 2019
Rossi,what's eating you,really? Could it be that you have failed to make a mark on this site? As compensation for your arrant failure,you have become a full time bitch for Mr.brťxit. Well,at least this role gives you status that you lack in real life!

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:43:11 on 14 January 2019
Mr.brexit,get your facts straight,at no point have I called for a second referendum. Painful as it is,I accept that we are leaving the E.U! However,don't expect the 48% who voted Remain to stay silent;as Britain descends more and more into "the kaķah",we will dog lying brexiteers,like your self,until the end of time!

Mr brexit wrote
at 17:58:32 on 13 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, do you mean the the views of 17.4 million, yes I think they do. What is it rayofsunshine, best of 5,7,9,11, or do we just keep having referendums till you dummy sucking left wing low IQ Trotskies get your way, then weíll call it democracy. See youíve not rubbed you head in the proverbial, still thinking on a empty head I still see.

ROSSI wrote
at 17:58:12 on 13 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, Mr Brexits comment about you rubbing your head in some dog shit on the street to increase your IQ is the funniest thing I've ever read on here. I wish to God that Mr Brexit was Mayor of Salford and doing Mayor Paul's job, or even Miss Becky's job AS MP, surely if he was, the world would be a better place. Three Cheers for you Mr Brexit!!!

Mr brexit wrote
at 17:57:01 on 13 January 2019
http://en.euabc.com/upload/books/lisbon-treaty-3edition.pdf This rayofsunshine was taken from the Lisbon treaty booklet, click above. Still say thereís going to be no EU army. And all through this booklet it says the EU Parliaments power is supreme, above that of national States or there Parliaments, fact. Article 42 (ex Article 17 TEU) U* 1. The common security and defence policy shall be an integral part of the common foreign and security policy. It shall provide the Union with an opera- tional capacity drawing on civil and military assets. The Union may use them on missions outside the Union for peace-keeping, conflict prevention and strengthening international security in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter. (((The performance of these tasks shall be undertaken using capabilities provided by the Member States.))) If not Union budget, then Member Statesí budgets, unless Council decides otherwise.No costs for defence for those abstaining Rapid access to budget for urgent financing Ė consultation of the EP New: Start-up fund Qualified majority in the Council for: - establishing the fund - administering the fund - financial control High Representative can use the fund for ďPetersberg-tasksĒ (Art.43 TEU) Security and Defence Policy Defence is part of the Union CFSP Operational capability: both military and civil assets, can be used outside the EU for peacekeeping, conflict prevention and inter- national security 39 Common defence by unanimity and possible ratifications by Member States Specific character of certain countries Respect NATO obligations Obligation to make military capabilities available Multinational forces part of common defence Member States shall progressively ďimprove their military capabilitiesĒ European Defence Agency, decided by the Council on 16.06.2004 Unanimity in the Council on a - proposal from the High Representative, or - initiative of Member State Group of Member States can carry out a Union task 2. The common security and defence policy shall include the progressive framing of a common Union defence policy. This will lead to a common defence, when the European Council, acting unanimously, so decides. It shall in that case recommend to the Member States the adop- tion of such a decision in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements. The policy of the Union in accordance with this Section shall not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of certain Member States and shall respect the obligations of certain Member States, which see their common defence realised in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), under the North Atlantic Treaty and be compatible with the common security and defence policy established within that framework. 3. ////////Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the imple- mentation of the common security and defence policy, to contribute to the objectives defined by the Council. Those Member States which together establish multinational forces may also make them available to the common security and defence policy. Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities. The Agency in development, research, acquisition and arma- ments (European Defence Agency) shall identify operational requirements, shall promote measures to satisfy those requirements, shall contribute to identifying and, where appropriate, implementing any measure needed to strengthen the industrial and technological base of the defence sector, shall participate in defining a European capabilities and armaments policy, and shall assist the Council in evaluating the improvement of military capabili- ties.////// U* 4. Decisions relating to the common security and defence policy, including those initiating a mission as referred to in this Article, shall be adopted by the Council acting unanimously on a proposal from the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy or an initiative from a Member State. The High Representative may pro- pose the use of both national resources and Union instruments, together with the Commission where appropriate. 5. The Council may entrust the execution of a task, within the Union framework, to a group of Member States in order to protect the Unionís values and serve its interests. The execution of such a task shall be governed by Article 44. 40 6. Those Member States whose military capabilities fulfil higher criteria and which have made more binding commitments to one another in this area with a view to the most demanding missions shall establish permanent structured cooperation within the Union framework. Such cooperation shall be governed by Article 46. It shall not affect the provi- sions of Article 43.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:44:48 on 12 January 2019
Mr.brexit,your latest post on this site exposes you for the insecure,half wit you really are! Why is it that Brexit has provided the opportunity for numpties to assume that their views matter?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:44:34 on 12 January 2019
Bob,the regular,don't get me wrong,in the short term I recognise,unfortunately,that Britain is going to leave The E.U. I'm anxious though that this seperation is as amicable as possible,allowing for continued relations and mutually advantageous joint working between Britain and The E.U! Once people wake up to the fact that Brexit is a dead end,then I hope that Britain will make moves to re-join The E.U sometime in the 2020's.

Mr brexit wrote
at 08:34:12 on 12 January 2019
Rayofsunshine. It wasnít what constituted Brexit, the referendum was a straight in or out question, obviously too difficult for left wing socialist idiots like you to comprehend. You didnít argue any of these points before the referendum, because you thought you had it in the bag, with all your scare stories. The problem with people like you rayofsunshine is you spent a life time filling you head with shit, so when you put shit in you get shit out. Iíve tried to expand your mind with good information, but thereís only so much information you can put in to a person whoís brain can only hold around 60 IQ. Rayofsunshine if you see some dog shit in the street, rub your head in it, you may be able to double your IQ

Bob the regular wrote
at 08:29:27 on 12 January 2019
Good reasoning at last from our Ray, going on about the failure of France and Britain to treat Germany as an equal being the root of many of the 20th century problems. Why does he go back to his normal intelectual level by going on about German socialists? what was wrong with the thinking of Wedgie Benn, Skinner,John Mann, Kate Hoey, Michael Foot etc, all great socialists who think the EEC is a loads of bollocks like I do. It is well known that Corbyn himself is a Brexiteer, its just that he thought that remain would win so he picked the remain horse and that lost.If he had been true to himself ,and backed brexit, he would be in a much better position now, ready to pounce on old Tess.Corbyn listened to the London elites. When you think about it,the bookies like Fred Done got it right. They gave short odds for remain (very short) and long odds for Brexit. Fred and his mates probably don't give a shit either way about brexit, all they were doing was balancing the money like bookies do.Hundreds of thousands of people in places like Sunderland and Salford were putting fivers ,tenners, twentys on against a few thousand yuppies who were putting a couple of hundred grand down to win one hundred grand. The more the odds shortened, the more certain they thought remain was.They were all clouded by their own greed. I should imagine that good source of working class opinion that our politicians come accross, the know it all London Diamond geezer cabbie probably mis informed a few of them as well.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 13:21:22 on 11 January 2019
Mr.brexit,you numbskull,from the time of the referendum it was apparent that what constituted "Brexit" was far from precise. Were we talking about "a hard","a soft" or even,"a poached" Brexit? Things were further compĺicated by the rejection of the electorate in the General Election of 2017 of Theresa May's proposal for a Hard Brexit;May failed to secure a majority in Parliament! Referendums are snap shots,they cannot bind a nation forever;we're probably headed for a very Soft Brexit. Face it,Mr.brexit,half educated scrotes,like yourself,have lost the argument.

Bob the regular wrote
at 04:21:03 on 11 January 2019
I like most of our european neighbours. I admire the Jerrys ,they think of everything,always coming up with good ideas. I like most countries over there, but this eec, its just a load of euro bullshit. All the money generated should be put to good use, making good roads, housing ,infrastructure etc, this would create more jobs and prosperity, but they waste everything on bullshit and jobs for bullshiters. The original idea for free trade was a good idea, but its all gone tits up.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 04:20:19 on 11 January 2019
Mr.brexit,the mistake of the 20th Century was that Britain and France were not prepared to treat Germany as an "equal". Rather stressing about future German aggression,you should reflect on how our ruling class has allowed Britain to become a basket case! To quote that fine German Sociaĺist,Karl Liebenikt, "The main enemy is at home!"

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 04:19:26 on 11 January 2019
So basically, Mr.Brexit,you clueless div,you are saying we can't hack it is against Germany and Brexit žs a strategy of despair!

Mr brexit wrote
at 09:15:38 on 10 January 2019
@ rayofsunshine, fear of Germany, two world wars within 20+ years, on the war path again, this time through financial means. How many wars do you want before we wake up. A man who ignores his history, has no future.

Mr brexit wrote
at 13:28:51 on 09 January 2019
@ rayofsunshine, fear of Germany, two world wars within 20+ years, on the war path again, this time through financial means. How many wars do you want before we wake up. A man who ignores his history, has no future.

Mr brexit wrote
at 08:23:37 on 09 January 2019
Did post this a number of days ago, but wasnít put up. Rayofsunshine, you quote, Mr.brexit,love it or hate it,Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy - governance ultimately is legitimated via the expressed wish of Parliament ! No, itís by the express wishes of the people. Did not David cameron say before the vote of independence, you the people will decide, not me, not Parliament, you the people, if you decide to leave, it is we Parliament who will follow and enact the wishes of the people, this is a clear vote, either we stay part of Europe or we leave. After this he went on a prophecy of doom tour, in the process spending £9 million of tax payers money trying to keep us in, bringing Obama over from the USA, having the bank of Englandís Mark Carney try to engineer a financial crash. But then the people saw past this scare mongering and vote out, Cameron quits, and then the Tories elect another EU loving globalist in Theresa ď treasonousĒ May and sheís just spent two year dragging her heels trying to keep us in. Rayofsunshine if you believe we live in a democracy, then you rayofsunshine then except we have a Tory government and if they wish to bring in, letís say universal credits or bedroom tax, then you are totally ok with that, after all, itís we the people who elected them, to do our bidding, is it not. @cody, sat here applauding you, what you say is right, rayofsunshine just spouts complete nonsense as usual, socialist indoctrination has totally rotted what little IQ he had left. Rayofsunshine, put a 5 watt light bulb in your mouth, a lamp shade on your head, this is about as bright as youíll get.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 18:52:22 on 08 January 2019
Junckyard,whilst acknowleďing that there are Left Winģers,likŤ yourself,who support Brexit,fundamentally it is a Ŕight Wing Project. At its roots,Brexit,is designed to use the rupture wit h the EU as a pretŤxt for implementinģ Thatcherism 2.0! From fhe worldview of the Right,the economic and social rights of British Workers have to be reduced in order that the economy throws off the torpor associated with the 2008 Financial Crisis! Consiďer the proposals for a low tax,low rights,deregulated Britain being proposed by Arch Brexiteer,Jackob Reese Mogg !

Junckyard wrote
at 07:14:02 on 08 January 2019
Ray of Sunshine . This shithole of a country has rotted under the corrupt stench of Thatcherism since 1979 . The corrupt EU is a Thatcherites Wet Dream . Oh but the plebs get free movement . That must make it right them . Great men like Dennis Skinner and Bob Crowe saw the reality of the EU Mafia Bosses a Club . That's good enough for me .

Cody wrote
at 07:12:12 on 08 January 2019
Rayofsunshine - You were still objecting to the Tory governments austerity when they had a majority. You object to the democratic votes cast to leave the EU. Yet you count the low voter turnout as a whole and those in favour of Labour in Salford Council elections as Ďincreasing numbers in supportí, when in fact the numbers across the board have stagnated. It seems a democratic mandate is only a mandate when itís someone who shares your views. And not everyone who voted to leave the EU is a Ďlittle englanderí and wants the return of the Empire (i.e a Racist). I voted to leave the EU because itís a neoliberal, unweilding, technocratic, overly bureaucratic, increasingly centralised organisation with lack of accountability and democracy. You can say we elect our MEPs, but what about the Comission, the only ones who can propose legislation? I donít recall voting for them, especially the president and his 4 vice presidents. Itís a trading bloc that shields itself from outside competition and creates tax dodging laws for the corporations it protects. I know the UK isnít far behind the door and I donít trust the Tories to do whatís in the vast majority of peoples interests, but itís a step away from an even bigger shower of bastards, one we canít remove unless several EU institutions work together, which is rare and very slow. At least in this country if the Government imposed, letís say a new Poll Tax, we could batter them at the ballot box, in the EU it doesnít work that way.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:48:58 on 07 January 2019
Bob,the regular,I object to Tory imposed austerity, in part,because the Tories lack a Parliamentary Majority;ergo they are in power in direct opposition to "The expressed wish of Parliament!"

Mr brexit wrote
at 10:48:37 on 07 January 2019
Hereís anotherone for you rayofsunshine of how the EU cost British jobs. Doing as their globalist masters tell them to do.////// Daily Echo 5 November 12 Focus on Ford: The £80m EU loan for Ford's Turkish Transit plant Matt Smith Focus on Ford: The £80m EU loan for Ford's Turkish Transit plant Don't be last to know! Get the latest local news straight to your inbox. Sign up THE monthly meeting of the board of directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in March began with the approval of a Ä80m loan to the Bulgarian subsidiary of a Turkish glass tableware manufacturer. But it was another Turkish loan decision made that day among nearly Ä4 billion worth of lending that this week sparked uproar among Southampton Euro MPs and unions. Meeting at the bankís headquarters in Luxembourg Ė a striking glass-roofed building, its 28 directors and 12 alternate directors signed off up to Ä190m of funding for a Ford Transit factory in Turkey. Among those in the room that day was the UK Treasuryís man on the board, Mike Glycopantis, and a Treasury-appointed expert, Timothy Stone. Three months later, on June 27, an eightyear Ä100m (£80m) cheap loan was signed to upgrade the sprawling Ford Otosan factory in Koceali, specifically to make the next generation of Ford Transits. The significance of the loan was put under the spotlight this week after Ford announced the closure of its Southampton factory, and confirmed that production of the Transit would be moved to Koceali. UKIP leader Nigel Farage questioned why Chancellor George Osborne, a governor of the bank as one of the 27 countries that own it, allowed the loan to go head. He said it appeared that the loan, raised on the back of UK taxpayer funding for the bank, was being used to export Southampton Ford jobs to Turkey, and demanded to know what analysis had taken place over likely UK job losses. Other Euro MPs, including Lib Dem Catherine Bearder and Labourís Peter Skinner, were also demanding answers from the bank and will be calling for the loan decision to be reviewed. Did the bank know about Fordís restructuring plans when it signed off the loan? But public holidays in Belgium and Luxembourg have thwarted their attempts to probe the loan decision. The Treasury insists Mr Osborne played no part in the decision-making and says it is for the EIB to answer questions. The Treasury also pointed out that Ford UK benefited from up to £450m of EIB funding in 2010. Ford insists the European loan is unrelated to the closure of the Southampton plant but admitted that its cost-cutting plans left two Transit factories unsustainable and that costs in Turkey are lower. Industry experts are clear the writing has been on the wall for the Southamptonís Ford Transit factory since Koceali began churning out the iconic van in Turkey ten years ago, and has received over $1 billion of investment. Today around 70 per cent of UK-sold Transit vans are imported from Turkey. Koceali built 185,000 Transits last year compared with just over 28,000 made in Southampton and Ford says the plant will ďcomfortably absorbĒ Southamptonís work. Ford insists that Ford Otosan is a separate joint venture business, which negotiates its own financing arrangements. Ford Motor Company has a 41 per cent stake in the business.////// Since when was turkey part of the European Parliament, they put nothing in, but get all the benifits. And also rayofsunshine if you look at the EIB investment into Britain in 2010, it was £450 million and whatí do we put in the EU is it around £9-13 billion and you were talking we get back around 70%, donít think so, I make it around less than 1/18th-1/26th of what we put in. Fact

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:48:15 on 07 January 2019
JC Junkyard,what will you say,if when Brexit is achieved,the working class is made to carry the can?What if,Brexit leads to Thatcherism 2.0? Finally, what will you say,if Brexit leads Britain to become an economic basket case? "Price worth paying"?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:47:32 on 07 January 2019
Why is it,Mr.brexit,that most Brexiteers have "a thing",nay a complex,about Germany? Is this obsession driven by fear or jealously? Fear - that Germany means us harm? How ĺikely do you think that Mrs.Merkel is going to dispatch several divisions of Panzers over the Channel and annex Little Hulton ? Jealously - is this the root cause of your Teutonphobža? The realisation that economically and socially speaking,Germany is a success! Unlike clapped out Clapped Out Britain,workers in Germany are given a real share of economic growth! Prediction,at the turn of this century,the leading economic powers will be India,China and Germany! Over the same timespan,Britain and the USA will be relegated to the Third Division! As a self professed natžonalist,what will you say if Britain screws up Post Brexit? "We can't cut the mustard?"

JC Junckyard wrote
at 08:10:45 on 06 January 2019
For those clowns that think continued incarceration and exploitation by the corrupt EU Mafia is a positive thing , Tough ! You lost ! We are getting out of the corrupt EU Bosses Club , and it's thanks to men of principles decency and honesty like Dennis Skinner and Bob Crowe that we are . Out means Out .

Bob the regular wrote
at 08:10:28 on 06 January 2019
Good stuff from our Ray there, going on about "governance being legitimated by the express will of parliament". So if this is the case why does he go on so much about this system of governance, which is legitimated ,not giving loads of cash to wasteful councils like ours and housing provider arseholes.

Mr brexit wrote
at 08:09:36 on 06 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, look up The Treaty of Versailles, Germany signed this after ww1, to stop any further wars. It was supposed to limit Germanyís ability to make war, ie, couldnít make military aircraft, tanks, ships, ships, what I remember were limited to around forty thousand tonnes, hence the name pocket battle ships, again ie Bismarck, Graf Spee , Scharnhorst, Tirpitz. So when did treaties, signed pieces of paper ever stop countries going to war, did the above treaty stop Hitler, no. When Hitler took france, hitler made the French sign their surrender in the same train car as the alias made the Germans sign after ww1, then Hitler had that train car burned to the ground. The two most powerful nations in the EU Germany and France under merkle and macron have both said they want a EU army, plenty of footage on YouTube. This EU army is not being proposed to counter the imaginary threat from Russia, this EU army is being made to put down any revolt from EU member states that oppose the EU parliament, as we are now seeing across Europe. Iíve seen some reports, not on Main Street media, that during the yellow vest demoís, that Portuguese police officers were in the ranks of French officers wearing French uniforms but with a Portuguese badge on the side of their helmets. You say the above carít happen, the signing of the Lisbon treaty give the European parliament the right to make any law without ratification from any of its member states, in other words, itís a law on to its self. Also rayofsunshine did you know that an EU army, as part of the Lisbon treaty, has the right to enter and cross any country in the EU. You talk about countries having a veto, under the treaty of Lisbon, the EU parliament is master, not its members. When the members signed the Lisbon treaty they signed away their vetoes. Also look at the European arrest warrant, no British judge can stop a foreign police power from arresting a British citizen on British soil and taking them back to their country, they can do this without going before a British judge. Also rayofsunshine, you yourself agues against the EU, in your words, Finally, countries like Italy,Spain and Greece both because they are strapped for cash, there strapped for cash because there tied to the EU, there tied to the euro, the euro is fixed at a rate that makes the goods they make expensive, where as we can devalue the pound to make it competitive for our goods, this is what worries the EU we can devalue our currency, if they wanted a trade war, it would hurt them more than it would us. On macron and the yellow vests, macron is borrowing money to try to head off the protests, this is going against this EUís strict rules on the EUís debts repayments, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal etc are all having to destroy their economies to pay back this debts, but macron and France can ignore these EU rules at a whim and without consequences, where as the above countries get sanctioned. Like I say, the EU is run by the big two, Germany and France and only in their interests. Weíre entering interesting times. love Europe, hate the EU. Ps. Putin is not the enemy of Europe, the European Parliament is, its the EU that is expanding its territory east, threatening Russia. Itís the EU trying to build an empire. Yes rayofsunshine I am a PROUD nationalist and a patriot, l love my country, history, culture and I make no apologies for it. If the European super state program is so great, then why donít you and all the other remoaners go live over there, your free to do so.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 06:11:33 on 05 January 2019
Mr.brexit,love it or hate it,Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy - governance ultimately is legitimated via the expressed wish of Parliament ! The complaint of Brexiteers that Parliament is overwhelmingly anti Brexit is a smokescreen ; the fact is that the Brexiteers are a bunch of clueless Little Englanders who fantasise about bringing back The British Empire

Bob the regular wrote
at 06:08:20 on 05 January 2019
Good old Mr Brexit, he certainly knows his stuff. As for Bob Crow, couldn't stand him myself, not for his lefty views, but because he was a bit of a loudmouth, but he was true to his principles even though he earned over £130 000 a year. But look at the other labour loudmouth. The one with the biggest loudmouth in the house of loudmouths we call the house of commons. Denis Skinner. Corbyns mob have got hold of him, sellotaped his gob and locked him in a cupboard somewhere. He is so in favour of Brexit, more than anyone else. Our Ray probably loves him and so do I, and you all know my normal views about Labour. Why has he been kept so silent? Another point Mr Brexit mentions is politicians getting money from other sources. A couple of weeks ago, I was just browsing through the Salix latest published accounts, (like you do), and noticed that our councilors who sit on the Salix board all get £5000 wages from Salix now. Not bad for a couple of board meetings is it? I am surprised our editor hasn't mentioned it because I know he likes to have a little browse himself from time to time. Just shows how busy he has been the last few months. I should have mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but it just slipped my mind. Old age for you.

Mr brexit wrote
at 16:27:06 on 04 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, 75-80 % of parliaments MPs are pro remain, fact, many of them receiving money from the EU, ie the kinnocks, Michael Hestltine ect, being paid close to i believe a million a year to keep his farm land from food production. These parasitic parasites put personal interests before the interests of this country. Rayofsunshine as a socialist look in to the privatisation of the post office, the EU was behind it, this is why the late socialist bob crow, railway union boss was so opposed to the EU, they wanted to do the same to the railways at the time, the EU want all industries privatised for the real masters of the EU, multi billion pound globalists, this is why Corbyn, also a closet Brexiteer, carít inact any of his socialist ideas, because the EU wonít allow him to, not whilst weíre apart of the EU. Fact. So keep living in cloud cuckoo land if you think the EU are operating in the best interests of not only of this country, but in the interests of any other country in the EU. Their globalists, again, fact

Ray of sunshine wrote
at 16:26:50 on 04 January 2019
Mr.brexit,despite the crazed fantasies of the Eurocrats,a European Army ain't gÚing to happen! This is so for a number of reasons. Firstly,Germany,because of what happened to it in the Twentieth Century is reluctant in the extreme to be seen ptojecting military force. Secondly,France sees a European Army as taking resources and influence away from its national armed forces. In addition because of current politics in France,Mr.Macron is going to have to devote any available resources to buying off the Yellow Vest Movement. Finally, countries like Italy,Spain and Greece both because they are strapped for cash and their mixtrust of Germany,will veto any proposal for an European Army. Having said all this,I do feel that the E.U needs to implement measures of collective security to defend itself against the malign intent of Neo Fascist, Mr.Putin!

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 09:21:27 on 04 January 2019
Mr.brexit, if Brexit is really about "taking back control",why is it that Brexiteers are bricking it at the prospect of .Parliament having the final say on the manner in which Britain leaves the EU? What are they affraid off? Secondly,why is that hardline Brexiteers have manifestly failed to produce ŗ concrete plan for Britain outside of ths EU? Could it be that what really drives Brexit is out and out English Nationalism?

Mr brexit wrote
at 19:01:46 on 03 January 2019
Rayofsunshine, 70% of our contributions gets returned, what parallel universe are you living in, Germany, Britain, france are the biggest contributors to the EU, fact, the rest are takers ie rep Ireland, Greece, Poland etc. Why do you think the EU are bricking themselves if we walk away on wto rules, no it ainít going to be no picnic, but I believe it this country, Great Britain. Call yourself a socialist, but you want to be ruled by unelected faceless bureaucratic gangsters. Will be interesting when members of your family get called up to serve in the new EU army, who will you complain to then, your new masters in Brussels.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 06:49:29 on 02 January 2019
T.May, what "Brexit Lies?" . "Brexit Lies?" Well, starter for ten,the whopper,that in the shÚrt to medium term,1 to 5 years,Brexit would deliver net savings foŕ Britain. We now know this proposed "saving" is a pile of pants.Fact - a large propÚrtion ,70% Plus, of Bŕitains annuŗl pagments to Europe were immediztely returned to Britsin in the form of Mandated E.U Programmes. Fact - Britain will pay in excess of £40 Billion to leave the EU. Fact - Theresa May is actively considering handing over billions of pounds to Brussels in perpetuity, in order that Britain continues to access The Single Market.

Staff19 wrote
at 12:43:23 on 31 December 2018
What the council should do is a full staff redesign as I see time and time again working there myself people in positions they are not qualified or have the common sense to do! Which means you have other staff below them doing not only there own work load but someone elseís aswell while you have a staff member being being paid 30,000 a year (estimate) I have seen this first hand too many times. My opinion is that this is completely wasted money I would be more than happy for jobs like this to be removed or demoted or even upskill so there doing what there being paid for!! .... this will never happen obviously I just wanted to put my opionion out there as a Salford resident & employee.

ROSSI wrote
at 18:25:19 on 24 December 2018
Ray it's Christmastime okay. Just shut up, alright.

Felsey wrote
at 18:10:51 on 24 December 2018
SORRY if any went off key during 2018. But with 2019 being all about Brexit it may flow into all topics. Happy Christmas to all. If I was Mayor all business overdue rates would be sold at 50% to debt collectors. Simple fact tat £100million income would mean Salford does not need cuts or this articles dire plan. Brexit is the future that Salford needs based on strong vision.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:57:16 on 24 December 2018
Salford Star,provided content is not racist,sexist or gratuitously offensive,contributors to this site should be allowed to develop a theme in whatever way they see fit! My particular bugbear at the moment is the way Brexiteers are leaching off genuine concerns about the cuts or greedy property developers!

Glynn Jones wrote
at 07:44:57 on 23 December 2018
Am I reading that they are spending £19m on gardens in Worsley?

Salford Star wrote
at 09:00:48 on 22 December 2018
See comments below...What has all this to do with cuts quotas? Any more of this won't be posted

T. May wrote
at 08:59:31 on 22 December 2018
Rayofsunshine, what lies, you mean the bus, was it £350 million a week, yes it was a lie, actually it should have read £390 million, watch lbc nick farrari interview Teressa May, she admitted this was actually correct. But talking about lies didnít the remainer, you know the one, the one who sold out not only his own party, but also university students on university fees, yes thatís right mr nick Clegg, the one who said on live tv that it was complete fantasy about a European army when Nigel Farage asked about it, then the unelected European commissioner junker announced after the vote the setting up of a European army and what about the even bigger whopper, when we joined the European Union in 1974, donít worry itís only a trading block, itís not a political and monetary union. Funny rayofsunshine, you love socialism and corbyn, but donít realise that corbyn canít inact any of his socialist policies whilst we remain part of the European Union. The European Unionís job is to protect multinational corporations and globalists, just look at france, Italy, Greece etc, the European Union, just like the Borg, you have to follow the collective or as the eagles sang you can checkout when you like, but you can never leave. European Union, just another way of describing fascism. And whatís wrong with being masters of our own destiny, Brexiteers have vision beyond Europe, unlike remainers who are always looking for a safety net, that is what once made this country great, people who dreamed, then whent out and made it happen.

Felsey wrote
at 08:57:14 on 22 December 2018
England Devolution is the only hope for saving councils. It starts by accepting Out means Out. Ray it is called democracy. I say we need Brexit for a better future and so do 17million others.

at 21:06:47 on 21 December 2018
If only the best of the best did step up to the mark. Yes, old Felsey is right. In Salford we have some great people who would make good councilors. This place has potential, but with these labour tossers in charge no chance.

Bob wrote
at 14:27:02 on 20 December 2018
It really beats me why Salford is so hard up. They are building Thousands of homes and business's in Salford all paying business rate or community charge for all these new homes. They must be raking in millions in these rates yet still cry hard up. Just one question, where is all this income going?.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 14:26:57 on 20 December 2018
Felsey,before "Brexiteers take control",they need to appologise profusely to the British People for the bare faced lies they told in the referendum!

Me brexit wrote
at 14:26:23 on 20 December 2018
All these cuts, but whatís the betting that Salford Reds gets another £600.000 next year to prop them up. £200 million in unclaimed buissness rates, never mind people of Salford, were swimming in money. Hear on the grape vine Fred done wants a new yacht, Salford Labour Party are falling over themselves to help, this labour council canít decide on how Much the cuts will cost untill Fred decides weather itís going to be a £8 million or a £13 million yacht

Kev wrote
at 14:26:02 on 20 December 2018
Can't wait to see how much my rent and council tax will be going up in April...

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Star date: 18th January 2019


On 9th January at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, the judge allowed an eight day extension for those homeless people currently occupying the old doctor's surgery in Eccles. The case has now been set for the end of January, giving them an extra two weeks to prepare a legal defence.

Meanwhile this week, the Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre, which is helping the Shelter, took delivery of loads of pairs of thick winter socks and around one hundred toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes donated towards its new Medical and Dental Surgery for the homeless and ex-offenders.

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The Trust is now putting together a business plan and pitch to present to the owner at the end of the month, with a meeting planned with Salford City Council next month to discuss the theatre's future.

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Before a full meeting of Salford Council this morning, residents campaigning against development on green spaces in the city held a demonstration outside the Civic Centre.

Representatives of campaigns including from Campbell Road, Duncan Matheson, Walkden and Buile Hill Park then went into the meeting to hear City Mayor, Paul Dennett, say that the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was "protecting green belt and green spaces", after Carol Boyce of Saving Our Neighbourhood had accused the Council of "throwing residents to the wolves of rampant development".

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In a letter to Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, the Save Our Salford Nurseries Campaign has expressed concern that the uncertainty and "slow progress" over the future of the five outstanding Council nurseries "has had a significant impact on the staff and service".

The nurseries were put out to tender last month, and the Campaign, while inviting the Mayor to a meeting at the end of this month, warns him that "A privatised option has been shown to lead to problems of cost, delivery and long term viability".

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