Star date: 4th October 2018


"The indigenous community is being forced out..." Councillor Warmisham

At a stormy Salford City Council planning panel meeting this morning, councillors from both the Conservative Party and Labour Party expressed their horror over the lack of affordable housing at the Castle Irwell development in Charlestown.

Conservative councillor, Bob Clarke, accused the panel of 'Groundhog Day' re the lack of affordable housing at the site, blaming Salford Council planning policies, while Labour councillor John Warmisham said that the indigenous community was being forced out.

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"We're in Cloud Cuckoo-land..." Councillor Bob Clarke

One by one, councillors from both the Labour and Conservative parties expressed horror at the lack of affordable housing, as they discussed a planning application from Salford University for around five hundred houses, retail space and land for a school on the site of the old Castle Irwell student village in Charlestown.

Councillor Bob Clarke asked about affordable housing on the site, to which panel chair, Councillor Ray Mashiter replied that it was in a 'low value' area and that, because of Salford Council's SPD (Supplementary Planning Document), "we don't ask for affordable housing..."

"It's like Groundhog Day again" responded Councillor Clarke, referring to a zillion planning applications for these so-called 'low value' areas where requirement for affordable housing have been ditched.

"It's a complete nonsense that our young people can't afford to get a house" he added "It's time to end it...I'm appalled..."

Councillor Clarke was reminded that it was Salford Council policy and that the place to challenge it was at a full council meeting...

"There's no point" he replied "They will just blame the Tories, when it's your policies..."

Councillor Warmisham, while adding that three access entrances to the site off Cromwell Road was "crazy", backed up Councillor Clarke... "This is a prime site for affordable housing" he argued "The indigenous community is being forced out; why it's not affordable is beyond me."

Councillor Derek Antrobus, Lead Member for Planning, weighed in too, saying it was "outrageous that we can't put affordable housing in these locations"...even though he was instrumental, as Assistant Mayor for Planning, in pushing through the SPD that contains such a mad policy.

He cited the market conditions at the time the SPD was introduced, and that the government wanted developers to have certainty about their planning obligations. He added that, even though market conditions had changed, and land values have gone up, "We can't change it...the system doesn't allow us to do that."

This is, of course, total garbage. Firstly, the Salford Council SPD was introduced in 2015, seven years after the house-price crash when land and house values were actually rising. Secondly, Trafford Council, for instance, also brought in a SPD for what it called 'hot', 'moderate' and 'cold' (low value) areas.

Trafford's policy states quite clearly that "Within 'cold' market locations no more than a 5% affordable housing target will be applied under normal market conditions, with a flexibility to raise this to a 10% requirement under 'good' conditions"...

Salford Council's SPD had no such flexibility, and there is nil requirement for affordable housing in these 'low value' areas.

"It's a ridiculous system" argued Antrobus. So why is he still Lead Member for Planning, one might ask?

Antrobus added that the Castle Irwell development meets the requirement of existing policy and it would be "illegal" to refuse it.

But still the councillors complained...Councillor Karen Garrido declared that she was "devastated" that there were no affordable houses on the site for both elderly people who wanted to downsize and for first time buyers. Councillors Stuart Dickman and Jane Hamilton also decried the lack of affordable housing.

Bob Clarke concluded: "People wonder why I get so upset", and told the story of a woman who was desperate to get a house on the site... "But, yet again we've let another resident down, as the value of the land goes up after this meeting. It epitomises everything that's wrong..."

He refused to accept the policy and proposed that the Planning Panel refuse it on the grounds of the lack of affordable housing, even though he was told that the application was in line with the Council's policy and that it wasn't grounds for refusal.

Only he and Councillor Garrido voted in favour of a refusal. Meanwhile, Councillor Antrobus proposed acceptance with a 'clawback' mechanism in place for possible affordable housing in the future. This was voted through with three councillors, Clarke, Garrido and Dickman voting against.

Councillor Bob Clarke was at it again later in the panel meeting when the planning application for a 13 storey block of student flats at Salford Quays, near the Oasis Academy, came up for discussion, with only £50,000 to be paid in Section 106 contributions...

"This should attract a bigger Section 106" he said "There's going to be around five hundred people living there needing doctors, dentists and stuff...We're in Cloud Cuckoo-land..."

Other councillors on the panel voted the development through as Councillor Clarke voted against, shaking his head...

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Also voted through at the planning meeting was an application for sports pitches on the David Lewis Playing Fields in Broughton Ė complete with floodlights 55 metres from the nearest houses.

An application for a ten room HMO, or House of Multiple Occupancy, at 21 Roberts Street in Eccles was refused, after objectors from the community pointed out that the Council's assessment of the number of HMOs in the area was way out and there were loads more than specified. Panel Chair, Councillor Ray Mashiter pointed out that HMOs under six rooms didn't need to be registered. The application was refused on the grounds that it was out of character with the area, it was an over development and concerns for road safety.

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Bob the regular wrote
at 06:05:29 on 13 October 2018
Peti bourgeois eh little Yez .Of course I am it's obvious isn't. It goes to your head when you buy your council property for 20 grand and in the five years following ,after not paying rent for five years you see its value is now £120 grand. I bet little yez still has his 20 grand in the bank, "for the rainy day". I have 60 pence in the bank and 80 quid in my pocket. I tell you what I'll do for you. I will move out of my two bed pad and rent it to someone on the housing list from Salford. I'll move into the brick outhouse behind my sons garage for a while , I don't need a lot. In return, all I ask is comrade dennett flogs me a piece of land in Salford for the same price the council paid for it so I can build a new house for me to live in. The rent coming in off my pad will buy the materials. Might take a couple of years but I can do it. You see, people can do things themselves, we do not need Labour, the tories , Ukip or anyone to do things for us.We need action now, not moaning little farts like little Yez, and not pretend builders like the Fat arses Merry and Dennett.

Jonas wrote
at 06:05:00 on 13 October 2018
Bob the Regular, you and Little Yezhov sound like you're having a secret love affair. Just cut this shit out okay?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 14:21:26 on 12 October 2018
Bob the regular,why have you got a thing about counÁžl housing? Is yůur pŤti bourgeois prejudices showing through?

Bob the regular wrote
at 19:03:29 on 11 October 2018
Ray, I for one do not mind how much the council borrow as long as my council tax does not have to pay it back. Dennett and Merry have not got the balls to borrow loads of money, besides the point is they won't anyway because they need to sell land to get money in to cover their other debts.If they do build good houses ,I will be the first to say so,but they won't. Lets face it, would you let these two choose who the tradesmen were to do work in your house? And if you did let them choose would you let them work out how much you would have to pay? And after that would you let them deceide if the work had been done right. Go on, tell me thats what you do already cos you live in a council house.

Jonas wrote
at 19:03:16 on 11 October 2018
Bob the Regular, That because old little yezhov dooby Beccy's walker.

Bob the regular wrote
at 15:14:19 on 11 October 2018
Well at least Little Yezhov is starting to talk using Capitalist language refering to "the present market for tower blocks being depressed" and how these "may turn out to be a strategic asset". He is a quick learner, it must come from comrade Merry's desire to help "irish share prices". Where does our little pal get phrases like "organisational mass for funding streams from"? Someone just said to me it is one of the phrases that Becky uses quite a lot. Its big words for little Yez. Like I said before,we have been doing a bit of a job for some big property guys,and I mentioned the old kersal flats.If they had not been blown up,these flats they reckon would have been worth 20grand each now for full renovation.renovation into cheap homes for people to buy. A thousand flats, thats 20 million. oh well the council know best.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 15:14:01 on 11 October 2018
Another thing,Bob the regular,isn't it a bit rich of you of urging the council to borrow, given the fact that you frequently warn of the council's level of indebtedness?? Yet again,you contradict yourself in your blind hatred of the council;some people might think you are nothing more than "a Tory Lickspittle"!

Bob the regular wrote
at 15:13:51 on 11 October 2018
It is hard to imagine Little Yezhov watching the Tory party conference, so we can forgive him for that, but does he not watch the news on telly? Old mother May was saying the cap on council borrowing and spending for council houses is to be lifted. They ,or will be soon, able to borrow what they like for council house spending. Because the council own a lot of land that was aquired free,land that is now worth a lot, they (salford council) have the security in the land to borrow and build as much as they like. Other councils do not own as much land. They have a choice ,flog the land to developers and keep the cash, or build council houses. Let them do what they think best. Its their land. They can shove it up Dennetts arse for all I care. Like I have said before, Salford council do not like Salford people, they want to move them out. Most Salford people I know are like me.We do not like Salford council, and we would like to move them out. So you see, the feeling is mutual.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 11:10:50 on 11 October 2018
Bob the regular,how can you say that the council can simply "borrow"? Since the mid 1980's , Central Government has imposed restrictions on the ability of LÚcal Government's ability to borrow! Are you just making things up to fuel your anti Labour Rant? PS,I'm heartily sick of being compared to a Stalinist Mass murderer. If you want our relations to remain cordial,please desist!

Bob the regular wrote
at 23:34:19 on 10 October 2018
Little Yezhov. Its nothing to do with planning. All Dennett and Merry have to do is borrow cash and get building. There is no excuse now ,the law says they can. Let them make a proper town halls of it cos they will. As long as they don't ask me for more council tax to pay for it, that's ok. Sooner we are in administration the better. I hear there will be a few Tory councils going as well. The administrators will be appointed by the government, so we will be under Tory rule and that should please little Yez.

at 23:33:48 on 10 October 2018
Ray, I really do hope so too! Iím pessamistic because the Councilís track record going back to the 1960s is extremely lacking. Each time they do something they either do it compleletly wrong, half-arsed or run out of money (itís not always the Tories fault either, though they donít help matters when theyíre in power).

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:42:38 on 10 October 2018
Wrote, why the pessimism? Hopefully, a corner has been turned and a momentum is gathering to deliver affordable housing in Salford! I urge everyone to lobby their councillor to support calls for a root and branch reform of Salford's Planning Framework!

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:42:06 on 10 October 2018
Bob the regular,I admit that at present the market for tower blocks in Salford is depressed but in time the council's investment may turn out to be a stŕategic asset that wiĺĺ help to drive growth in the city. I still think we are at a turning point;dependent on the council using its organisationaĺ mŗss to unlock funding streams for affordable housing.

at 06:49:46 on 10 October 2018
Ray, First of all I donít want to cut off all investment. Just because Iím anti-greed and gentrification it doesnít mean I want to stop all investment. These developers can build and still make a profit. The issue is the Council is just too spineless to take a stand. If the Council held them to paying their fees and for them building some social housing within their projects then that would generate some social housing and some money for Council-built housing. If they changed or got rid SPD thatíd help in securing more social housing. Developers will not turn away from prime Realestate just because the Council asks for the rightful fees and social housing. The Council just has to grow a spine and call their bluffs. If they walk, fine... thereís many other developers whoíll meet the Councilís demands because the profits from any developments are high and not to be ignored. Secondly, what good is the kind of investment we talk of if it doesnít benefit the people of Salford? In fact itís moving us out of parts of Salford. They get prime realestate and we get thrown out and the Council gets some buttons, if anything. How is that a ďpractical solutionĒ? The Council needs to call these developers bluffs. A change of the SPD, raising of CT (I donít think the majority of people would mind) and possible borrowing now Mayís said local Councilís can borrow more money. Though Iím not sure if borrowing will happen as theyíre already in debt because PFIs and vanity peojects.

Bob the regular wrote
at 06:49:21 on 10 October 2018
Perhaps I can answer Little Yezhof's point here. If our council had not borrowed 200million quid for office blocks which it does not need, it would perhaps be in a position to borrow 200million to build houses with. 200million is enough to build about 2200 houses with, not as many as needed, but a very good start. If our council has invested badly with these blocks, like they do with everything else ,then they will be worth less . If they are worth more, why do they not sell them to investors, and spend the profit on housing. I was talking the other day to some top property market guys, we were doing a bit of a job in their office. I asked a couple of them about Salford councils foray into the property world and they just laughed theirs cocks off. these blocks are not worth what Salford paid for them. A bit like the rugby ground, but as I am a true red, I will leave that part of the property portfolio out.

Jonas wrote
at 06:49:07 on 10 October 2018
Ray of Sunshine, or as I see you, Comrade Yezhov, Do you live in the Twilight Zone? Time and time again, this council, or as some call it, The Clowncil, have shown that they are NOT Socislists on any level. They operate no differently than any other Cabal. They are sectetive and unaccountable to the Citizens, and also indifferent towards them. What's the betting that when Mayor Denno jumps ship, that he goes to work for some group such as Peel Holdings. This is the way that things are going. Salford is now run by the Money Men. The likes of the big propert developers. Capitalists who are Trumpian in their greed, and who are partly financed with Chinese money. Our Clowncil are no more than Yes Men to such rapacious and soulless Money Men. They in The Clowncil simply do as they are told and sign on the dotted line. Then they get patted onthe head for being good doggies, and are given a treat. In their Yezhov like servility to power, they are no different to you, Ray - they just swim in a bigger pond.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 16:22:36 on 09 October 2018
So,Wrote,what is to be done about affordable housing? Are you going to seize power and instigate a mass building programme or are you prepared to cut off all sources of investment for the City in order to appease your delicate principles? Far from ideal,the council is at least attempting to come up with practical solutions;armchair socialists,like yourself,are experts in moaning but not so forthcoming when it comes to making change happen in the real world!

Bob the regular wrote
at 09:07:20 on 09 October 2018
Little Yezhov, is he the one that got photo shopped by Stalin before photo shopping became popular over here? I hope Dennett and Merry don't photo shop our Ray, who would stand up for our rulers in this journal if they did? The end is near, the Ponzi games will soon be over.

at 19:36:17 on 08 October 2018
ďThis failure,I think,stems from naivety rather thaŮ wickedness...Ē Ray, Thatís a hell of a lot of naivety from the same people over the years. If they were naive they wouldíve gotten wise to it the first few times and it wouldnít have happened again, these people arenít that stupid. So I deduce from that, that they knew exactly what they were doing. Also, Salford Council introduced the SPD as stated in the Starís post, itís this flawed policy that is letting developers off as well as a weak and feable Council who refuses to stand up to them. Thatís either because theyíre too close to them or they fear what little investment money they do get being cut off and then Salford being branded ĎAnti-businessí. If itís their kind of business then they can sod off, because people come before profits and thatís all these developers are about. Whatís worse is a supposed group of ĎSocialistsí are in bed with them and too scared to say ĎNo!í while OUR land is taken and the area gentrified for the more affluent resident.

Jonas wrote
at 19:36:08 on 08 October 2018
Ray You are a party apparatchik. You know what side your bread is buttered on and you toe the party line. You are the Salford Labour Party version of Little Yezhov, the politburo puppet who was in the pocket of Stalin. People are getting wise to the likes of you and your councillor chums, Ray.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:20:45 on 08 October 2018
Wrote,obviously the council's reÁorď Ún affordable housing is far from ideal. This failure,I think,stems from naivety rather thaŮ wickedness - ŗ failure to appreciate how successive Tory Governments have rigged the Planning System in favour of property developers! Moving on what is required is an objective and legally enforceable method to levy Section 106;perhaps the calculation of the levy should be done after properties have been sold and occupied. In addition the council needs to come up with a strategy to finance the build of affordable housing over the coming decades.

at 15:18:49 on 08 October 2018
Ray, Iím not saying you do need my permission. I was saying though that youíve been quiet on Salford Councilís housing policies, and have suddenly spoken about it since the Labour hierarchy have bafflingly questioned their own policies. You then say ďI tell it like it isĒ which you obviously donít. Iím also not a right winger as I disagree with flogging social housing stock and land to developers, developers who build expensive houses way out of the pay range of the average Salfordian. Developers who displace the locals and donít build the social housing they should nor pay their right fees. So tell us, Ray; do you agree with Salford Councilís housing policies? You know, the ones the Star is constantly outlining and asking ďWhy?Ē? Please donít sight the Tory cuts as that is only partly to blame, it was the Council who created the housing policy. A policy any Conservative would be proud of.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 15:17:14 on 08 October 2018
Felsey,are the Salford Tories on board with your "turn towards the masses" or as per usual are you acting off your own back? As the saying goes, "With Felse there will surely follow a split!"

Felsey wrote
at 21:10:49 on 07 October 2018
How nice of Ray to ask about my political journey. Well, first time I supported Tory Party was when 17years old I took stage at the Doncaster Conservative Club. Two years later head hunted by the MP I put together the cross Parties health and safety act draft. It was logical for me to then be the Labour MPís secretary where I stayed with Labour until 2009. Taking time to research the options then saw me join Derbyshire Conservatives 3 years ago. Having worked in Salford for 15 years I have grown to like Salford people. However like any party it means wherever one has property they can take part. Split between counties my keen interest in Salford has me watching its progress. Such as what is happening these days sadley securing my dislike for Labour.

Dazza wrote
at 19:38:14 on 07 October 2018
These Councillors are only starting to challenge things now? After all these years? Please Councillors correct me if I am wrong, all those heady years ago when to massive publicity The SALFORD QUAYS was constructed to massive publicity and the promise of affordable housing, you know the ones all the footballers and property investors own now, now they are trying to drop Salford out of the name, this type of planning development has happened all overSalford just so you can raise Council tax, I have more to say but havenít got the time. Whatís your motive Councillors and do you know how you appear to people.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:37:23 on 07 October 2018
Wrote,I don't need your permission to comment on any issue I waŮt to highlight! Obviously,I've got right wingers like yourself, worried!

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:36:35 on 07 October 2018
Felsey, jýst to clarify the situation;you are now officially "a tory", as opposed to being a "Ukipper" or populist with links to the far right (English Democrats/BNP)?

Fesley wrote
at 11:10:04 on 07 October 2018
Well said Councillor Bob Clarke. Also the other elected saying it is time to question the ways of old Labour. Debate is good. Over in one of my second homes in Derbyshire my idea to hold debate garden parties has taken off. Local people getting together about local issues. My Tory membership there attracts local support. It means I can bring the same idea ito Salford for us Tories to grow an even more effective action group. Labour should realise they must listen to locals or find their silent Councillors get deposed.

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 06:54:38 on 07 October 2018
Labour,unlike "False Felse",has a significant vote in Salford - therefore,it is incumbent on Labour to address pressing social issues,such as housing. Salford Labour needs to mandate its elected representatives to come up with practiÁal methods to address the housing crisis in the city. Perhaps one avenue that could be pursued is a joint financing initiative between the Salford City Council and Pension Funds to pump prime the construction of affordable housing.

at 06:52:21 on 07 October 2018
Jonas, I can confirm Ray has rarely commented on housing policy. Iíve noticed he has been conspiculously absent in the debates that have took place on housing. Besides one about PFIís which he tried to blame the Tories for despite the fact Salford Labour entered into them. Now the heads have spoken Ray can air his opinion, which was obviously counter that of the Councilís.

Bob the regular wrote
at 06:51:55 on 07 October 2018
I had that wonderful EURIKA moment the other night as I watched our great leader in her closing speech at the Tory conference. She told how ,in a roundabout way ,the Tory's ideals are the same as Dennett and Merry. She said "How can we build a capitalist society when the poor have no access to capital(meaning equity value in their houses)? We all know the Tories do not want poor working class people to own capital, they want the poor to pay rent to the rich, and the middle classes to endlessly pay mortgages, while they look down on the poor below them. We all know that in the Dennett view of the world, he hates the idea of a capitalist society, so therefore does it not follow that he also hates the idea of the workers holding "capital" in the form of equity in their own houses. He practices what he preaches here, he lives in a council house when he could afford better. Despite what his many enemies often suggest might happen, I for one believe he will never buy his council home, unlike leading socialists like scargill who bought a right to buy flat in London. Dennett wants power not money. This explains why Labour destroyed the capital of so many working class people in Salford when they knocked their houses down, houses that were in good condition. A bit like Stalin and Kaganovitch in Russia did with the Ukranian peasant farmers. As the poor in Salford and everywhere else see the whole country owned by a few investors,they will be more prone to listen to the likes of commrade Dennett.

Bob the regular wrote
at 08:05:17 on 06 October 2018
Nice Point Ian C. You must be older than me to remember details like that, but you saying it rings a few bells.Salford council did if I remember, refuse permission because of flood risks. (I could be wrong). What they could have done as Ian says I think is called a reversion clause, but more likely it could be an agreement for a percentage of any future profits from an uplift in value. I think this is called an overage clause,or an uplifter in estate agent spiel. Even Salford council of today are not that stupid not to put one of these in, and indeed in those days when this was done, the council was far less stupid than this one, many would say they were wise. With this point in mind, it makes the idea of a university village even more attractive. It would look bad politically , for the council to pocket say 50% of a say £10million uplift, when affordable housing could be built on that site. The idea of a uni village is on. Nice one Pete for bringing it up.

Jonas wrote
at 08:04:06 on 06 October 2018
Ray, You're a blind stooge. You don't tell it as it is, You tell it as your political Masters in the Salford Labour Party tell you to tell it. This is fact, Ray. Pure, unadulterated fact. Hopefully one day you will realise where you went wrong in your thinking, and will be able to see the error of your ways. I hope so Ray. For all of your toeing the party line and agreeing with whatever those inept assholes say, I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere withinside of you there lies a beating heart, and a little bit of soul. Don't let it atrophy and go to waste, Ray. Open your eyes to the truth.

Felse Michael J wrote
at 08:03:11 on 06 October 2018
I told you so. Labour would one day wake up to smell the coffee. Their vote diving means they must condem bad policies. Sadly I see the investment pulled into Salford over the last twelve years the wrong type on spending. Utterly spent on hitting local people the worst. I will take this meeting as their public apology. Let the time come soon to save Salford. Make it the post Brexit iconic city for attracting £25billion. New social housing, Amazon type businesses, a Masters Professional Unversity of world excellence and communities owned by local groups getting 25% of Salford Council income across local Wards per year for local projects.

Devastated nimby wrote
at 08:02:14 on 06 October 2018
I am so sad to hear that Cllr Garrido is devastated by the fact there is no housing for elderly people or first time buyers on this empty site. I will build her as much housing for these two groups of people and more besides, and as a bonus I will make it affordable if I can build it in Worsley which has the lowest housing density in the whole of the Salford district. She will not be devastated then will she?

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 15:27:24 on 05 October 2018
Jonas,I'm nÚ blind stooge - I tell it as it is! It's obvious from the Star's Report, that a turning point has been reached. Labour Councillors should demand a Special Labour Group Meeting to review and reform Salford's Planning Framework! A key component of this new policy should be an objective and legally enforceable method to levy Section 106 monies!

Alice wrote
at 15:27:08 on 05 October 2018
I hear 'rumblings' in the Council. Does this mean that some members are starting to see how immoral the policies are that they have been supporting. Is there a light showing at the bottom of this dirty tunnel. To those Councillors objecting I say ' have courage to throw out these rules which seem to limit your independent thinking.' The needs of Salford people should be your driving force......not Developers, not private operators and not directives from a heartless and indifferent Government. Listen to what the community tells you. They live in the areas and their observations are based on their experience and their local knowledge.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 15:26:53 on 05 October 2018
Most of our councillors (thank god not all) say what they think we want to hear,then go ahead and do the opposite.How can lead member for planning challenge a planning application at the planning panel and then go ahead and pass it.Some changes need to be made within local planning law.

ian c wrote
at 15:26:29 on 05 October 2018
the whole racecourse was sold to a developer in the early sixties. they were refused planning permission for houses. the council compulsory purchased the site and handed it over to the university.i don't know if any money changed hands. but if it didn't do you think the council would have a covenant to reposesse the land if it was no longer required by the university

Bob wrote
at 15:26:05 on 05 October 2018
COUNCILLORS 'APPALLED' AND 'DEVASTATED' AT LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING AT CASTLE IRWELL, Is this a Joke these same councillors grant permission to build and now are trying to wriggle out of any blame for not building affordable homes, these are the same people who are losing millions in building fees.

at 23:22:48 on 04 October 2018
John Warmisham saying "that the indigenous community was being forced out" is a bit rich. That Tw-t (twit) was lead memeber for housing and signed off the demolition of the houses in Higher Broughton that were cleared under the pathfinder scheme! THAT indeigenous community was forced out.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 23:22:29 on 04 October 2018
Only 3 councillors voted against the planning application. Yet 2 labour councillors challenged the application. Did they abstain??? Didn't they have the balls to vote against it.What use are councillors who won't stand up for what they think is wrong,or are they scared of getting the whip.What use are wimps within our council

Gareth l wrote
at 23:22:07 on 04 October 2018
Did I also re the article correctly? Coun. Antrobus thought the plans "outrageous" but still voted for them! And Coun. Warminsham is worried about the indigenous community, it's a bit late isn't it? Salford ppl haven't been able to afford homes here since the Star began. Chimney Pots Park for one.

Rat catcher Bob wrote
at 23:21:49 on 04 October 2018
I smell a rat here. no mention of the school site and school sites do not come cheap ,so it looks like Pete is on the right track. Well spotted. If the University are going to do something to house their people, well, good luck to them, I support them fully. Some of our finest minds, doing valuable research as post grads ect get paid sweet FA. Young lecturers get paid low wages as well. When you invest in brain power, you get a benefit for society.Housing accademic staff is a big problem all over the country all over the country. If they can attract better staff by having accomodation at the right price, well good luck to them. The thing is though for all their brains, the majority of accademics are socialists, well meaning ones, who would never believe how wicked our council is.

Cody wrote
at 23:20:29 on 04 October 2018
ďDevastatedĒ by their own policies. This is seriously breathtaking! Itís downright insulting to the people of Salford and vidicates what the Star has been saying for years! Theyíve seen people are taking notice of the big flashy blocks and nice housing (the Star too) that isnít for them, so now the self-serving career first political troglodytes are making it look like they oppose it! Such insincere, opportunistic Hyena-like scum!!! People of Salford PLEASE vote these asshats out!!! Theyíre taking your homes and land and giving it to developers then saying theyíre ďdevastatedĒ by it?! Theyíre taking the piss out of you!

Jonas wrote
at 23:20:22 on 04 October 2018
I think that there has been a coup in salford labour, with the likes of dennett and mashitter and several others turning the ruling party into a kind of cabal that is selling its soul to the money men for a pocket full of copper coins. These people are sick puppies. They have a plan to socially cleanse salford of salfordians, and to re stock it with the likes of outsiders from down south, and foreigners. Blind stooges like ray of sunshine don't seem to care, after all, why would they, for they're nothing but party apparatchiks who parrot the party line like an army of soulless mynah birds. Every so often his political liege lords will throw him a bone and pat him on the head, and to him all is alright with the world ... the thing is it's not. These greedy parasites are destroying the heritage of a city, and betraying its citizens.

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Star date: 18th January 2019


On 9th January at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, the judge allowed an eight day extension for those homeless people currently occupying the old doctor's surgery in Eccles. The case has now been set for the end of January, giving them an extra two weeks to prepare a legal defence.

Meanwhile this week, the Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre, which is helping the Shelter, took delivery of loads of pairs of thick winter socks and around one hundred toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes donated towards its new Medical and Dental Surgery for the homeless and ex-offenders.

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Star date: 17th January 2019


After Lower Broughton's 'at risk' Grade II listed Victoria Theatre was sold last year, there were fears that it would be pulled down for development but the Salford Victoria Theatre Trust has today announced that its new owner "has engaged with the group to seek out a way forward, even vowing to consider plans to restore it for its original purpose".

The Trust is now putting together a business plan and pitch to present to the owner at the end of the month, with a meeting planned with Salford City Council next month to discuss the theatre's future.

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Star date: 16th January 2019


Before a full meeting of Salford Council this morning, residents campaigning against development on green spaces in the city held a demonstration outside the Civic Centre.

Representatives of campaigns including from Campbell Road, Duncan Matheson, Walkden and Buile Hill Park then went into the meeting to hear City Mayor, Paul Dennett, say that the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was "protecting green belt and green spaces", after Carol Boyce of Saving Our Neighbourhood had accused the Council of "throwing residents to the wolves of rampant development".

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Star date: 16th January 2019


As Theresa May balances on the political precipice, Cabinet of Millionaires has issued its Theresa track and video which sonically destroys her policies on homelessness, austerity and more.

Theresa stars Salford artist and actor, Clay Whitter, as a homeless bloke trying to make a buck out of a dancing Theresa puppet Ė it says it all, never mind the Brexits.

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Star date: 14th January 2019


In a letter to Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, the Save Our Salford Nurseries Campaign has expressed concern that the uncertainty and "slow progress" over the future of the five outstanding Council nurseries "has had a significant impact on the staff and service".

The nurseries were put out to tender last month, and the Campaign, while inviting the Mayor to a meeting at the end of this month, warns him that "A privatised option has been shown to lead to problems of cost, delivery and long term viability".

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