Star date: 9th April 2018


The candidates have now been announced for the local election to Salford City Council which takes place on Thursday May 3rd. There are no great surprises.

The LibDems are still trying to make a comeback, standing alongside the Tories and Labour in all twenty seats. Meanwhile, the Greens are standing 18 candidates, UKIP rises from the dead with 12 candidates, TUSC have two and there are three Independents plus a Social Democrat and an English Democrat.

Full details here...

The Salford City Council local election takes place on Thursday 3rd May and the candidates have now been announced with no real surprises. While Labour, Conservative and the comeback-making LibDems are standing in all twenty seats, the Greens continue to try and make a difference, standing in all but two wards.

UKIP, which many assumed to be pushing up the daisies, has galvanised twelve candidates, while TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) is standing in Eccles and Winton.

Elsewhere, the promised CORE Party is standing as Independents in Cadishead and Irlam, which could be an interesting fight, given the Green Belt issues in the area and the Council's plan to build over two thousand houses on the land. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is not, however, giving any details on its new 'Spatial Framework' Green Belt areas until the summer at the earliest.

The only other Independent standing in Salford is veteran battler and former councillor, Mary Ferrer, standing Claremont, where things are already getting a bit, er, tense (further details to follow).

The other veteran battler and former councillor, Joe O'Neill, has found a new flag, this time standing as the Social Democrat Party candidate in Swinton South, in a six way fight with the Greens, LibDems, Labour, Tory, UKIP and English Democrats.

Kersal, too, could be interesting. At a recent by election, Labour was kicked out, as an Independent standing on issues surrounding the Salford City FC stadium split the vote and allowed the Tories in. With no Independent standing this time it will be slightly fascinating to see if Labour can keep the seat.

Apart from these mini dog fights, and with the Labour Party guaranteed to retain its Council majority, the main focus, as usual, will be on how low the turnout is...

Residents can register to vote until midnight on Tuesday 17th April online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote . There's free internet access at all Gateways and libraries in Salford.

People can also register in person at the Civic Centre (with proof of date of birth and national insurance number) or by phone on 0161 793 3195

The Salford Star, being non-political, does not endorse any candidate.

The full list of wards and candidates is as follows...

Barton Ward
•Rhona Eva Elizabeth Cowan Brown - Liberal Democrats
•David Henry Jolley - Labour Party
•Eileen Anne Macdonald - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Jennifer Elizabeth Mellish - Green Party
•Janice Snelgrove - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Boothstown and Ellenbrook Ward
•Jillian Rose Collinson - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Phil Cusack - Labour Party
•Ian Alexander McKinlay - Liberal Democrats
•Morvern Ann Rennie - Green Party
•Arthur Snelgrove - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Broughton Ward
•Paul Geoffrey Dean - Liberal Democrats
•David Jones - Green Party
•Gilliam Mary Balmer MacKenzie - The Conservative Party Candidate
•John David Merry - Labour Party
•Nicola Williamson - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Cadishead Ward
•Catherine Bisbey - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Diane Cawood - Green Party
•Marcus Graham - Independent
•Joan Walsh - Labour Party
•Benjamin Edward John Web - Liberal Democrats

Claremont Ward
•Mary Ferrer - Independent
•Stef Lorenz - Liberal Democrats
•Neil Andrew Reynolds* - Labour Party
•Daniel James Towers - Green Party
•Charlotte Annaliese Woods - The Conservative Party Candidate

Eccles Ward
•Helen Alker - Green Party
•Keith Carter Hallam - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•David William Hotchkin - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Matt Kilsby - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
•Guy Nicholas Otten - Liberal Democrats
•Michael Joseph Wheeler - Labour Party

Irlam Ward
•James Karl Blessing - Liberal Democrats
•Darren John Goulden - Independent
•Roger Jones - Labour Party
•James Mount - The Conservative Party Candidate

Irwell Riverside Ward
•Max Philip Dowling - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Jane Elizabeth Hamilton* - Labour Party
•Jonathan David Marsden - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Wendy Kay Olsen - Green Party
•Valerie Elizabeth Smith - Liberal Democrats

Kersal Ward
•Anne-Marie Humphreys - Labour Party
•Ari Leitner - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Stuart Oxbrow - Green Party
•John Terrence Roberts - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Lucas Kane Webber - Liberal Democrats

Langworthy Ward
•Stacey Olsen - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Jake Overend - Liberal Democrats
•Ian Pattinson - Green Party
•Craig Thompson - The Conservative Party Candidate
•John David Warmisham - Labour Party

Little Hulton Ward
•Nathan Ian James - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Collette Weir - Labour Party
•Lee Andrew Westley - Liberal Democrats

Ordsall Ward
•Tanya Burch - Labour Party
•John Brian Frederick Grant - Liberal Democrats
•Joshua Nelson - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Emma Sarah Louise Van Dyke - Green Party

Pendlebury Ward
•Dorothy Chapman - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Alastair Ian Dewberry - Green Party
•Sophia Linden - Labour Party
•Seamus Martin - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Beth Waller - Liberal Democrats

Swinton North Ward
•Andy Cheetham - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Bill Hinds - Labour Party
•Andy Olsen - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Adam John Thomas Slack - Liberal Democrats
•Liam Waite - Green Party

Swinton South Ward
•Adam Robert Carney - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Stuart James Dickman - Labour Party
•Craig Holmes - English Democrats –"Putting England First!"
•Jade Elizabeth O'Neil - Liberal Democrats
•Joe O' Neill - Social Democratic Party
•Nicola Smith - Green Party

Walkden North Ward
•Diana Joy Battersby - Green Party
•Adrian Brocklehurst - Labour and Co-operative Party
•Bernard Gill - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Joseph Benjamin Harmer - Liberal Democrats
•James William Ian Macdonald - The Conservative Party Candidate

Walkden South Ward
•Anne Broomhead - The Conservative Party Candidate
•David Allan Cowpe - Liberal Democrats
•Thomas Dylan - Green Party
•Laura Elizabeth Edwards - Labour Party

Weaste and Seedley Ward
•Barrie Michael Fallows - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Andy Markham - Liberal Democrats
•Rob Stephenson - Green Party
•Nicky Turner - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Ronnie Wilson - Labour and Co-operative Party

Winton Ward
•George Andrew Darlington - The Conservative Party Candidate
•Sally Griffiths - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
•Margaret Ann Morris* - Labour Party
•Jenna Louise Murray - Green Party
•Brian Norman Robinson - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
•Stuart David Thomas - Liberal Democrats

Worsley Ward
•Christopher Bertenshaw - Green Party
•Tony Davies - Labour Party
•Sara Patricia Ryder - Liberal Democrats
•Les Turner - The Conservative Party Candidate

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:12:51 on 03 May 2018
Joe, what position do you take on the "Windrush Scandal"? Do you agree that it came about primarily because the Tories basically adobted Ukip policies on immigration? Would you further agree with me that in order to move on from this cruel and inhuman debacle, Britain needs to have a fair and humane policy towards immigŕants, i.e a policy not based on race. Do you accept that during the referendum of 2016, Ukip ran a racist campaign? Posters were issued by the Ukip sponsored leave campaign that would put Joseph Goebbels to shame! Given that at the time of the referendum you were a member of Ukip, do you accept some culpability for this squalid recourse to racism as a means of winning a political argument?
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:12:40 on 03 May 2018
Mary,you're not as innocent as you claim - you've made numerous posts on this site questioning the integrity of basically honest and by and by añd large, hard working councillors. My message to you, is "if you can't take it, then don't dish it out!"
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 12:30:26 on 03 May 2018
Mary, as I have stated many, many times, my name is Philip Rossi; so rather predictably, you are wrong in your claim that I don't have the balls to put my name to my comments. Personally, I think that what has really irked you was when I called you Miss Ferret in my last comment. This, I can assure you, was a mistake, I think they are called typos. Anyway, all of that is by the by. None of it matters now as Today is V Day, So People, do the right thing and vote. Get up and go out. Go out now. Right Now and vote. Do it. Do it now. Venture outside and cast your vote. Don't waste your vote. Don't squander it on the renegades and low calibre pseudo politicos who comment on these pages. No. No No NO! Vote for the Party of your parents. Vote for the Party of your class. Vote for the Party of the future. Your future and your ribyonkas future. Vote RED. VOTE LABOUR!
Mary ferrer wrote
at 08:23:30 on 03 May 2018
Marc,if you take the time please read all the comments from Rayofsunshine And his mate Phil they are the bitches on here. Do you think for one minute I will sit back and be bullied by two grown men,who haven't the balls to put their names to their nasty comments.As far as I know I haven't done anything wrong to either of these men.I have worked as hard as I can to help my community over a number of years long before I was a councillor.I don't think it's nice or called for the behaviour of these 2 men. I haven't told any lies. I just don't like the way labour are treating the people of Salford. We don't come first anymore. To be honest I feel we,true salford folk are being treated like second class citizens. They look after developer's first.they don't consult with the general public first. They decided then tell us "this is what is happening".
at 15:13:38 on 02 May 2018
"It is an undeniable fact ... voting Independent is a waste of a vote." Voting for anyone other than Labour is a waste of a vote because of the way the system is here. That's why many don't bother and turnout is consistently low. Well that and apathy which is the result of said system. In 2016 elections out of a population of over 12,000 in your ward only 2353 came out to vote, 1142 votes went to Labour, which was a reduction of -6.4%. All those old folks with dogmatic blind allegiance to Labour are dieing off.
Felse wrote
at 15:13:13 on 02 May 2018
I disagree with Big Fish. Brexit will be good for Salford. If I was Mayor all our assets would get valuations and the net cash given back to local residents. I estimate £14,850 each household and it puts money into our local economy, creating a post Brexit spending spree in Salford. World wide goods where people can buy a new state of the art home media package or could club together with a few family members to buy a new car-share deal. Salford setting the pace - stopping austerity here in its track for a bright community future.
Phil wrote
at 15:11:19 on 02 May 2018
At the time of writing, People, there is approximately twenty hours left to go before the polling booths open and it is V Day. This being the case, I just want to say, please, don't waste your vote. Don't squander it on the likes of The Old Battler or Miss Ferret. No, do the right thing by the people who have ALWAYS done the right thing by you, the Electorate. Vote Labour. Vote Salford Labour. Vote Labour for the future of Salford ... and vote Labour so that Salford has a future. Vote Labour.
at 09:50:18 on 02 May 2018
Remember to get out and vote. Remember who has reduced social services in th for of closures and reduced services. Remember who has said about closing the nursuries. Remember who throws money and waives fees for developers. Remember who has socially cleansed areas so that they will be attractive and viable to developers. Remember who has a policy of "Transparency" (sic) and who has refused to talk to, fund, support, invite along to anything that other media gets include in, or been in anyway helpful to information requests by the Salford Star. The other parties candidates might not be any better, but at least you would stop one lot picking up their allowances. Got to be worth it just for that?
at 12:51:03 on 23 April 2018
Andy Burnham out and about today with never to be seen Anne Marie Humpheys, she must ne desperate now, any candidates in Kersal most welcome to reply.
Kersal residents together to make change wrote
at 09:23:06 on 17 April 2018
Anne-Marie Humphreys, speak up please, I see that Labour councillors will never react on here, ignores my emails ignores telephone calls does not turn up at her surgery does not talk to the community does not get involved in the community and never seen so this is your opportunity to speak up and say why, you ignore this community
Phil wrote
at 12:22:06 on 16 April 2018
Yes Marc, you're right, Ray and I did nail it. It's a fact. It is an undeniable fact ... voting Independent is a waste of a vote. Hopefully the Salfordian Proletariat will have the good sense to realise that and will vote for our beloved Salford Labour Party. By the way, you're not my chubby ex friend from Eccles, are you, old Marcus Talks-A-Load-Ov-Bollockus Deefus, are you? One last thing, big BIG congratulations to Manchester City for winning the Premiership.
Marc wrote
at 13:32:02 on 14 April 2018
Phil and Ray have nailed it with their comments about independents being a waste of a vote. As for Ferrer, again nailed it, she’s criticised on here because all she ever does is come on here and bitch about everyone else! ONeill has found YET another party to crash, hold on old son, you are going to get a reputation worse than Felse the ‘Hasbeen and Neverwas’. Typical to see nasty party, sorry I mean Tory Les Turner jump ship to the very safe seat of Worsley after legging it from Walkden South and putting up the dire Anne ‘I will go anywhere I’m told’ Broomhead. What’s Turner scared of? Must be serious if the Tories kicked out their sitting councillor in Worsley to ensure their leader doesn’t get kicked out next month. As for Kersal, Anne Marie Humphries, “as you sow, so shall you reap”, though God forbid it’s another Tory if she’s replaced, let’s get a Green in there instead!
Big Fish wrote
at 13:31:59 on 14 April 2018
In every ward across Salford across the country May 3rd is the opportunity to say to Tory & Labour Party you got it wrong. We are being led into rotating blades of a propellor by Tory & Labour Brexit policy. If Brexit goes ahead we will lose jobs....austerity measures will deepen....food prices will rocket. Local decision making will be more or less ended. The NHS will be privatised. Sovereignty...well we saw the new sovereignty last night as our PM decides without Parlimentary discussion, consultation or backing to walk hand in hand with Trump into bombing Syria. At the same time UK government is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to slaughter kids in Yemen. On May 3 send a message to Westminster. No Brexit....vote Green..vote Lib Dem. For this year forget your traditional vote..don't vote Labour don't vote Tory they both are pedalling Brexit lies.
Phil wrote
at 11:38:33 on 14 April 2018
Because Mary, the other candidates aren't on here slagging you and "The Old Battler" off.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 08:23:57 on 14 April 2018
Last comment on this. Why have a pop at me and Joe,what about the other candidates? ??
SalfordMike wrote
at 13:12:29 on 13 April 2018
Cheers, SS - keep it real :)
Salford Star wrote
at 12:08:23 on 13 April 2018
See Salford Mike's comment below... Totally agree with you but we can't ban them unless something's libellous or whatever. Just read the articles and forget the comments we say! Unless the comment actually adds something to the subject - which most don't! We wish they would all find Facebook and bitch on there as much as they want!
SalfordMike wrote
at 12:05:20 on 13 April 2018
Had enough of this, now. That's me done with the Star - same old people bickering like kids, trading insults and everything personal. Seems to be all about the egos of the people sending in comments and not the issues. Has been like this for ages - same people, same bickering, pretending its not all about them.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:05:09 on 13 April 2018
Joe? How long have you been "a social democrat"? How would you explain Social Democracy to the electorate? Isn't the fact that you are still an embitterèd Ukip failure?
Mary ferrer wrote
at 21:41:10 on 12 April 2018
First phil it's Mrs Ferrer.During the time I was a councillor think I did a bit more than bark.check me out,then come back and say I did nothing.Think if we had a few independents in council,this Labour run council might find it a bit harder to look after their mates. Being independent means I have no one pulling my strings.I won't be whipped like our Labour councillors.May I ask you a few questions. Do you think it is right our elected members make major decisions that will effect the city behind closed doors. Do you think it's right the people of Salford have to rely on Salford Star to keep us updated on what this Labour council are doing in the name of the people of Salford. And last,could you please let me know what our 3 councillors in Claremont have been up to in the last 8 years.This British bulldog waits your reply
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 21:40:51 on 12 April 2018
Phil what do we actually know about you? you live in a flat and in this socialist Labour Mecca your Jobless, is it the Benefits that attract you to labour? i really can't work it out. I like Mary have helped many individually as Councillors, forced issues into the Public eye, even this publication as benefitted from opposition Councillors information. From the Infirm to the disabled from the aged to the young i helped like Mary so why should we answer to crackpots like you? read the views of other readers who don't wear rose tinted glasses sit back lay off the beer and perhaps you may see the realty.
Phil wrote
at 18:19:31 on 12 April 2018
Joe O'Neill, what good are you and Miss Ferrer, if, when elected as councillors, you can't actually achieve anything due to your not being part of a party, thus you have no backup and no clout? Voting for you is simply a waste of a vote. Look, I don't want to slag you off, but what do you stand for? From what I know you've been in so many different parties, all with different values. This smacks of political opportunism, in all likelihood motivated by a lust for power and importance. The Labour councillors on the other hand are socialists, people who belong to one party and who, by and large are community servants. They deal with real issues. They keep a city of a quarter of a million people functioning; and functioning well. I know who I'll be voting for, and it won't be a wasted vote for someone whose only achievement was keeping the Black Harry playing fields open. Or for "Little Old Me", who'll do nothing but stand up occasionally and yap like an impotent little lap dog on behalf of he constituents, all the while achieving absolutely nothing.
Slurp wrote
at 18:19:21 on 12 April 2018
Phil - Labour are the party of poverty and deprivation so it's only natural they should perpetually be in power in Salford. It is a paradox of local politics that it is actually in Labour's interest for Salford to remain the dump it is in many parts - because that bizarely delivers the vote for them. Any way the most popular party in Salford by a country mile is actually the Apathy Party. Interest in local poltics in Salford is pitiful and that's the real reason for Labour's so called'success'.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 18:18:32 on 12 April 2018
Joe, I do hope,that unlike previous campaigns, yoù aren't going to play the race card!
Mary ferrer wrote
at 13:49:26 on 12 April 2018
sunshine and his labour hugging mate are off with the fairy's. How would 1 councillor of what ever party stop the decisions made behind closed. Labour councillors don't even know what their own party are up to. The more opposition who are vocal the better.Where are the Tories,have they lost their voices. One thing I will promise to the residents of Claremont and Salford is, I would work hard and I would stand up in Council,just little old me and speak up for my constituents and the people of Salford. Have done in the past. I don't like bullies who can't stand and be up front about their plans for the people who voted them in,in the first place.
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 12:04:25 on 12 April 2018
It's funny when you get questions asked by idiots,how would i stop the closure of public assets like childrens nurseries?Would it be in my power when we live in a one party Labour state? of course not.The People put Labour in charge distroyed any real credible opposition and then sit and wonder why we have a council that thinks transparency is the wrapper around greggs sausage rolls. What could you do? request a meeting with the chief Tresuary officer and clarify the funding stream,check to see if the funding is ring fenced and then seek out the Government guide lines on the use of the grant, is it flexible or not.What approches have we made to clarify the issue and the responses.Can we legaly utilise other funding streams? Labour Found one years funding and yet no one seems clear on where it came from. Priority with our budgets, what do we deem more important the education and growth of children within this city or Rugby? Gardens in worsley,Office blocks,Bridges,or Waterside homes to aspire to offering rich picking for the few and not the many.Labour waste would take weeks to highlight in this magazine,we write off eye watering sums allowing debt to grow and wonder why it's imposible to get back,in the past i sat in meetings where we were told the government will repay the vat on petrol if we produce recipts,on asking what we did in the past oh fill in a form where was the proof of purchase, grants to groups that even on this site cause uproar,People on commitees dealing with staggering sums of cash who just sit back and nod led by the Labour Old guard, no wonder we struggle to balance the books.Yes things are tight but we need to face the reailty in council there is no one like the owens of the world to swing the club,shake up the mix and ask the bloody questions that need to be asked.Sad really on this site we witness spinless odd balls feared to put their name to the questions and those who think god knows why the sun shines out of Labours Arse.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:04:15 on 12 April 2018
So,Mary, you admit that as a councillor, you wouldn't be able to stop the cuts! At best you'd be "a talking head"; mouthing off but achieving nothing!
Phil wrote
at 12:04:00 on 12 April 2018
Mary Ferrer, independents don't work as they are "A Voice Crying Out In The Wilderness". In my opinion they achieve nothing and are a waste of a vote. Fact is, several months ago when I asked the "Old Battler" Joe O'Neill for his "success stories" while in office, all that he could say was that he'd managed to keep open the Black Harry playing fields. And back then he wasn't even an independent, but a Lib Dem. No Mary, independents are a waste of time who can't do anything but yap impotently like a little chihuahua dog. They just detract fromthe "getting things done" of real municipal politics, and for that we should vote Labour, as they are the only party that gets things done. Councillor Warmisham will definitely be getting my vote. As a hard working and deeply commited Socialist he has been serving the people of Salford diligently for well over twenty years. So don't waste your votes Folks. Vote where you know it will make a difference. Let's make Salford great again. Salford Labour YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGG!!!!!
Mary ferrer wrote
at 19:12:42 on 11 April 2018
Sunshine,I might not be in a position to change the closure,but I would make sure questions would be asked. I would make it my business that residents found out what was in the pipeline. Not for them to fine out via The Star (thank god we have the Star) and newspapers. this is not just the nurseries,loans grants and the latest housing estate in the middle of Buile Hill Park. All decisions that effect the people of Salford should be,to quote the Mayor Open and transparent.Just wondering when he is going to start this process.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 17:01:35 on 11 April 2018
Joe? Mary? Can you explain how being elected councillor would stop nùrsery cuts?
at 17:01:30 on 11 April 2018
In exile makes valid points. I wonder with 14 UKIP standing are they shaping up Mr Felse for the 2020 Mayoral race. Salford has Labour taking things for granted. No longer the safe option. If a day is a long time in politics this lot deserve to get the boot. Salford can only change big stuff by getting rid of slow & stuck Labour. Just dont vote Labour.
The Psongster of Psalford wrote
at 13:34:00 on 11 April 2018
If Salford Labour could write songs (and they'd need a few pints of Black Label for inspiration), they'd probably come up something with this!! "Over the Heights and Swinton way, Salfordtubbies come to play .... Time for Salfordtubbies, time for Salfordtubbies, time for Salfordtubbies.... Merrywerry. "Merrywerry!" Dennetsy. "Dennetsy!" Warmi-sham. "Warmi-sham!" Metrobussy. "Metrobussy!" Teletubbies. "Teletubbies!" Say, Heeeeee-lo! "Eh-oh!" Merrywerry. Dennetsy. Warmi-sham. Metrobussy. Salfordtubbies. "Salfordtubbies!" Say Heeeeeee ......... "Uh-oh!"
In exile wrote
at 12:12:47 on 11 April 2018
Having suffered from the Salford Labour policies and actions for years, I would not vote for the lying pieces of s-it ever again. Luckily, I don't have to as I moved out of the place. I remember them wanting to close schools just over 20 years ago as there was a surplus of places. Then they had to bulid schools because of the shortage of places 10 years later. Demolishing Terraced houses because nobody wants them? Whoops---- "We have a shortage of affordable housing". This is without the throwing money at Peel holdings, the BBC and the Salford Reds. This is without letting developers off with the planning fees. This is without withdrawing care for disabled adults and children. This is without the falling standards of schools. Are you seriously going to vote for them? Prediction? Labour will retain most of their seats. The turnout will be very low. Felse will claim that the apathy is actually a victory as so many people didn't vote for them and it is all down to him not standing.
Phil wrote
at 12:12:44 on 11 April 2018
The thing about Salford is that it could only be governed by Labour. That's just the way that it is. The Lib Dems? The Conservatives? The Greens? UKIP? Independents, people like Ferrer and O'Neill? Let's get real here, you do NOT send a boy to do a man's work. No, In The Final Analysis, the only party capable of governing Salford are Salford Labour. As I write these words, words that are both poignant and profound in there pure and unadulterated truth, I'm listening to a New Model Army song called Red Earth. It's sublime. So sublime that if Salford Labour could write songs, then they'd most definitely be writing songs of the calibre of Red Earth.
Phil wrote
at 06:52:16 on 11 April 2018
Ray of Sunshine, We both know that the only party capable of governing this great city of ours is Labour. Hell, Labour and Salford are synonymous. Salford has ALWAYS been Labour, AND Salford WILL ALWAYS BE Labour. Salford and Labour go together like Pepsi and Shirley, like Butch and Sundance; like Peaches and Cream. I reiterate, Salford is Labour. Salford was Labour ... And Salford Will ALWAYS BE LABOUR. It is in the DNA of our beloved City.
Vaclav Pavel wrote
at 06:51:54 on 11 April 2018
Here in the communist state of Irlam and Cadishead its been a one party state akin to Kim Jung uno's North Korea for decades ,as Messrs Jones,Mrs Walsh attempt to cling to the local party for the few and not the many standing for reflection with there well documented save the golf course campaign, with local residents fully trolled off by petersburg in recent years and months with the One with a huge Ego..any difference of opinion to his is dispatched by party trolls by deletion , blocking ,mocking ,on social media and public community meetings giving councillors an easy ride!!! With no knocks on the door in the middle of the night
Mary ferrer wrote
at 18:47:25 on 10 April 2018
I hope people vote and do so with some thought. I had a lot of respect for Norman Owen when I was with the Lib Dems. He wasn't afraid to challenge decisions.Could hold his own in any debate. Then he goes and joined Labour.Why them,I could never ever go with Labour.and before someone has a pop.I know I went here and there.But I am now where I am,little old me with a love for my community and my city. With a very big gob and a passion for a city where the people come first.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 18:47:07 on 10 April 2018
Joe O'Neil,"Social Democrat"? Who says "Satire is dead"? Ian C, your proposal for anti Labour Tactical Votng is both impractical and unprincipled! I'd be interested to know from all the anti Labour Candidates what concrete policies do they propose in regards to ; A) austerity and cuts B) affordable housing and C) raising the standard of lìving for Salfordians?
at 11:09:48 on 10 April 2018
"Kicking out Labour is going to be such fun." And this from someone who only a short while ago was going to rejoin the Labour Party.
Bob the regular wrote
at 11:09:31 on 10 April 2018
Just looking down the list. I thought Stormin Norman had gone over to Labour. They still aint found him a seat to rest his weary bottem. Wonder why.Perhaps they don't want him to know what they know. Say what you like about him, he was a good councilor, he stood up for the people that voted for him.
Herodotus Suetonius Hopper, Politico Commentator & Weekly Satyricon Contributor wrote
at 11:09:25 on 10 April 2018
In a parallel universe, far far away………THE PROLOGUE: “Woe, Woe, & thrice Woe! The time has come, the end is near!” bewailed Senna, Salford Council’s very own Soothsayer and Freedom of Sooth Manager, as she tumbled down the steps of the Salford Civic Centre Basilica, after being evicted with a hefty boot from the Labour Group’s Election Prediction Meeting. The chicken gizzards must have given bad news to the “Two Johns”, Mayor Dennetticus’ enforcers from his Praetorian Guard, the Councillors Ludicrous Merricus and Preponderus Warmishamus. “The voters are revolting,” warned Senna. “Yes, we know they are,” the Two Johns retorted in UNISON, “but they’ll still vote for us and keep our self-perpetuating oligarchy in power! After all, they love us and Mayor Dennetticus. We’ve told them to. Remember that the Mayor believes in democracy and “one man one vote”. After all he chants it as a mantra every morning to convince himself, AND He is the man, and HE has the Vote!” “But you can’t fool the people all the time and blame the Tories for everything. Salford’s politics is descending into Pantomime!” pleaded Senna. “Oh yes we can!” Oh, no you can’t” “Oh yes we can! We can even get the Tories to vote with us!” responded the Two Johns, sporting their usual supercilious grins, “and then the masterstroke: put a spin on it, do a ‘U’ turn and cast the blame on the Tory Government for making us propose it in the first place!” Mayor Dennetticus is the consummate politician’s politician and makes the “Mad Loony Lefties” of old look like amateurs.” The scent of incense and the ching-chinging of finger cymbals issued from the Foyer, heralding the appearance of Mayor Dennetticus, ready to dispense his words of wisdom set to lyre music. Surrounded by his acolytes and their kowtowing and matching laptops, His rich sonorous tenor voice melodiously boomed forth: “Tell it big, tell it long and everyone will believe it!” The performance seemed rather Nero-esque with “Bootikins” (Caligularian) undertones. Senna caught his eye. “Remember, that Pride goes before a fall!” Mayor Dennetticus’ eyes rolled then fixed on her, “Silly woman, everyone knows that Pride COMES before the Fall! Now go an re-read the chicken gizzards! I’m a very busy Mayor…I’ve got an Election Party to plan! And as for the Salford Star, their reports and contributors are scurrilous! It’s infamy! They’ve definitely all got it in for me!” Meanwhile, back in the present dimension, it is election time, and the electorate always gets the Administration it deserves. It’s no use sitting there moaning or defending an administration – nor does one really have the right so to do – unless one has exercised the democratic right and going out to vote. Just vote!
Phil wrote
at 11:07:36 on 10 April 2018
Nothing is going to change. Salford is The Heartland. It is a Labour bastion; a stronghold of Northern Socialism in action. Like I say, nothing will change. So you Haters out there, keep on hating; and after the third of May, crying pathetically in to your half pints of shandy. Something big is going on in Salford, and it's being mirrored across the land, under the strategically brilliant leader of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn .... you know what is folks? Yes, you guessed right, it is Neo Socialism, and it's fantastic.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 11:07:26 on 10 April 2018
Ian can,the star keeps residents up to date on what is or is not happening in sunny Salford. One think I have never known him to do is to us who to vote for.its up to the voting public to first get out there and vote.that's half the problem and work out themselves who they should vote for.
alan davies wrote
at 11:06:58 on 10 April 2018
why no names of core candidates on the list?
Bob the regular wrote
at 11:06:55 on 10 April 2018
Here's wishing success to all the Stars correspondents standing in this election. We need good quality people like them in our town hall.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 11:06:23 on 10 April 2018
Yet àgain,Michael J. Felse bottles it!
Salford Star wrote
at 14:34:45 on 09 April 2018
See ian c comment below...The Salford Star doesn't tell anyone how to vote.
ian c wrote
at 14:32:33 on 09 April 2018
in most labour held wards if you add the opposition votes together they would beat the labour candidate. so if you want labour out look at who came second and give your vote to that candidate. we would probably end up with a tory lib dem coalition but thats got to be better than labour.up to salford star to do their homework on last election results and let us know which way to vote in each ward.
Felsey wrote
at 14:32:05 on 09 April 2018
Excellent to see people getting choices in Salford. This will be the most important election in Salford for 20 years. The future has to be modernisation not Moberinsation. Kicking out Labour is going to be such fun.
Frustrated Kersal wrote
at 11:13:57 on 09 April 2018
Let’s hope we see the back of Anne-Marie Humphreys - Labour Party, what a bloody waste of time , not seen her in over two years in this community and so never turns up at her surgery in the local church, People in the local community are saying the same she is just a waste of time and space and it looks like another Conservative will get into the ward, anything better than her .
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