Star date: 21st February 2018


Cash strapped Salford City Council, currently mired in controversy over shutting its five nurseries, is to borrow £38.6million this year to 'invest' in its new 100 Embankment office block.

It's part of an overall £200million 'investment' in this block and its Two New Bailey block.

Full details here...

Today, Salford City Council published its full spending plans for the financial year April 2018 to March 2019, which includes an £11.2million cut to services in the city.

The Council is currently caught up in a controversial proposal to axe its five outstanding nurseries to stop what it says is a £1.5million overspend due to a change of Government policy on Early Years Funding (see here).

Its capital spending for the next financial year reveals, amongst other things, plans to borrow £38.669million 'invest to save' money for a new office block, 100 Embankment (or 100 Greengate), opposite Manchester Cathedral in Greengate.

It's part of an overall £200million spending on this office block and a further one called Two New Bailey (for full details see previous Salford Star article – click here).

The Council also plans to borrow £1.936million for what it calls the 'City Centre', £186,000 for the Quays/Media City/Ordsall, £625,000 for 'Strategic Place Making', £274,00 for Lowry Investment, £65,000 for 'Watersports cafe shop and corporate events', £1.9million for 'General Property', and £10million for Manchester Airport. There are no details on any of these schemes.

Altogether, the Council's 'new approved programme' for capital spending for 2018/19 is £138.3million, almost £100million of which is to be financed by borrowing.

The report that will go to next week's full Council meeting for approval, states "that general unsupported borrowing of £22.275m will be used in support and the capital financing charges on that unsupported borrowing can be met from the revenue

"Provision for the revenue financing costs of unsupported borrowing has been made
in the 2018/19 revenue budget and future budget planning. Total borrowing, including for invest to save or self-financing purposes, will be £96.134m."

In other words, much of the borrowing will be financed by the Council's revenue budget which pays for front line services – such as the five nurseries currently under threat.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 20:26:28 on 24 February 2018
Right,Phil,I don't have a surname.what have you achieved.we all know you think Dennett is not far behind God.Before you have a swipe at others give us a clue what have you done in your life.There are about 8 councillors,give or take a few who should give up.They are passed their sell by date.Let the up and coming councillors of what ever party have their say in the running of the city.we will never get rid of Labour in salford.So give the ones who haven't been tainted by the likes of Done,Peel and we must not forget Wilkinson. The latter has gone very quiet.Him and his mate should pay back the £1.what ever Millions.That would keep a few services going for a while.
Phil wrote
at 20:26:18 on 24 February 2018
Mary, Joe, and all the others who think that running a large City Council is easy; I have this to say to you. No, it is not. Salford City Council have a budget of approximately 200 million pounds. With that they have to keep a city of about 250, 000 souls up and running. They have to provide services and pay wages, with what I imagine to be less than the MUFC first team annual wages bill. Personally I believe that Mayor Dennett and his team do a decent job of this. And for my opinion, especially Mayor Dennett, as he is the Captain of the good ship Salford during a time of unprecedented national Government cuts, and cuts which are all about ideology, not necessity. Look, you Anti Dennettsers, you're all either cranky old right wingers, or forever complaining know it alls; or in your and Joe O'Neill's cases, Mary, tiny little minnows swimming in a pond that was too large for you. It's so easy to criticise when you haven't been where the people running the City are. People like Felse are the equivalent of players of fantasy football, sat in a comfortable armchair with a can of lager, picking out their all time best team and shouting insults and absurd advice at the tv as their team lets in a goal. People like you and Joe are different from that. Different in that you have been in the council and will have tried your best to represent your constituents, but will never have had any real power, or the responsibility that comes with having real power. Dennett's at the coalface, taking all the flak, and in the process having to authorise tough actions that people don't like. But he's a high calibre man of compassion and principle, and I'm certain that he will do whatever is best for the city regardless of the protests and the insults. Now about you and Joe, Mary, why have you been involved with so many parties? The Lib Dems, the Greens, UKIP .... it kind of takes something from your credibility, and his. I get the impression that Joe is a bit of a tyrant, someone who likes to dictate, that as a result he rubs people up the wrong way and then has to move on; either that or he is a pure political opportunist, and one who will band with anyone that he thinks will get him a bit of authority. Anyway, what's your own reason for political party hopping?
Mary ferrer wrote
at 14:00:40 on 24 February 2018
Phil,I was about to say thank you for saying thank your for saying "I'm allright. But then I read your glowing report on our Mayor.Phil who ever you are think you need to sit down and look at what is happening to our city under your Mayor.Our council I do believe have worked out that going ahead with the closure of the nurseries could have a big effective this coming May.Let's just hope they don't go ahead and close them after the elections.
Phil wrote
at 18:09:34 on 23 February 2018
Whatever you say Master Joe, Sir; after all, you are the Grand Old Man of Salford politics and have achieved so much. That being so I will defer to your greatness. 😁
Joe ONeill wrote
at 16:51:17 on 23 February 2018
Phil your limited Italian surprises me did you struggle learning more than one , but your comments strangely bitter , i been there and worn the tee shirt what do you do? stuck in a rut in your council flat with Mr Dennett as a neighbour must be a little underwhelming for anyone. Have you ever tried working it helps pass the time. I am sure people have better things to do than listen to your ramblings but to humour you i will respond, I have been in council came 2nd numerous times with limited help or funding worked for 20 years with the elderly and a record of past case work of people helped, you being strongly Italian probably no more than me on ice cream and pizza but that's life. So short and sweet this site as better things to view than me and you having a go so i suggest putting this to bed and you get back to wood carving or what ever you do to pass the time.
Phil wrote
at 15:48:23 on 23 February 2018
Joe ONeill, I'm sorry Joe, but you're an intellectual lightweight and a political pygmie. Your achievements leave me underwhelmed. Fact is, fact is it is good that you are a political loser. A man with your lack of ability would just balls everything up for everyone else. Felse and Ferrer? Felse is undeniably intelligent, although a Walter Mitty through and through. Mary? I suppose she's alright, whether she ever achieved anything I can't say. In the final analysis, Joe; Our Mayor is brilliant. His desire to invest 38 million pounds in an office block is an act of sheer genius, and one that through the passage of time will reap many profitable dividends for the citizens of this great city of ours. Oh and Joe, in order to sooth your obsession for surnames, my surname is Rossi. It's Italiano, capice? Now get with the project, and while your at it, you'd better get back to Fraggle Rock, it's probably past your bedtime.
Over the moon wrote
at 09:51:34 on 23 February 2018
Phil does not seen that far out with his views on the people with political aspirations on here, except I cannot understand his "lurve" of Dennett? If Felse is junping over the moon at not getting Phil's vote, then he must have been really jumping with all the votes he didn't get in Langworthy in his last polital campaign
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 09:51:15 on 23 February 2018
Phil have you taken your medication? i understand your love for our mayor your loving comments you made over his looks etc., but surely he is big enough to speak for himself. What have i achieved perhaps you would like the list of people i have helped when in council, you with your Mayoral connection should understand being in a minority party you will find it difficult to change policy but the individuals you help you loose count. Perhaps you would like to visit the Black harry fields that i gained funding to be cleaned and planted still today enjoyed by many perhaps you would like to see pictures of the karate club i set up and trained the youth, you mate nothing but a computer geek with nothing better to do than call others who have actually done something for their community. Get back to what ever it is you take and leave the rest to people who don't fear putting out their names
Hedley Hopper, Politco-psychologist & Common 'tater wrote
at 08:51:45 on 23 February 2018
In my experience, at the Salford Maximum Security Twilight Home for the Political Inconveniencers, when Matron cant get her own way, she starts on us, throwing her toys out of the pram and her weight around. It seems the same with Labour luvvies and fans; when "rumbled" or "rattled" out comes the usual personal diatribes and vitriol ranged against those who do not agree with the Labour viewpoint. Well done Salfordstar for finding out that Dennett & Co did not apply for relief, so "proving" a self-fulfilling Labour prophecy: Blame the Govt for anything and everything before any one can blame them! PS Phil - if you're taking up Joe Oneill's advice re knitting, can you do me a scarf before the Arctic blast comes? ;-)
Phil wrote
at 08:51:30 on 23 February 2018
Joe ONeill, what have you achieved politically? What do you stand for? What ideas have you had? Look, you are a political pygmie. You have no chance of achieving anything in a political way. It's the same with Felse and Ferrer. What did Felse get at the by election several months ago? Yes, that's right, he polled about fifty votes ... and yet he constantly talks about what he will do when he is Mayor. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Felse appears to have delusions of grandeur. And you, with your terrible spelling, poor grammar and obsession with commentors last names ...It's poor, piss poor. Joe, you need to just get with the project, capice? Oh, and leave the political shenanigans and intrigues to the big boys. To the meat eating carnivorous big beasts, and not the grass eating herbivores such as yourself.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 08:49:55 on 23 February 2018
Hi Phil,Mary ferrer here. See im not afraid to put my name next to my comment, not like others."A bit of power" what's that all about.when I was a councillor I worked my hardest both for my ward and the city.in fact I had been doing that for years before.I hate what is happening to our city and the people who live here.if it wasn't for the Salford Star we wouldn't have a clue what is going on.If I wanted power I could have joined the Labour party year's ago.But one think I do have is morals.we only have to read the last few weeks articles on here to see what a mess we are in.our council are just digging us deeper and deeper into debt.and in the process it's our vulnerable who are suffering.Power driven little old me will now close
at 08:49:29 on 23 February 2018
Anyone know what Salford Mayor's office costs a year? Is it legal to use revenue budgets for capital debt borrowing? Can Michael J Felse bring surcharging against Councillors for the £50 million lost in planning fees forcing them to sell their homes? Can those 60 homes be used to house the 45 homeless in Salford? Why is the Council threatening nursery workers when it is taking £80 a year more from every home in Salford with the high Council Tax increase?
Felsey wrote
at 21:01:55 on 22 February 2018
I will not waste our time answering the Phil. In fact I am jumping over the moon with joy to not have his vote. I do see Salford as a battlefield. My approach would be to freeze Council Tax for 5 years. Appoint independently co-opted scrutineers, one per ward, allowed to inspect Council papers. Launch a 10 year retrospective claw back on all developers for reclamation cash up to £40million. Place all Council contracts from the last 7 years into a barrack room lawyer review. Peg the Mayor's pay at a maximum of £25k a year, saving £150,000 each four years. No compulsory job losses. Sell off the Manchester Airport assets we own to pump £180million into the local economy. Protect your public nurseries, care homes and children centers. Assign £20million per year to wipe out Students' debt for any student who is living in a Salford postcode 5 years after they studied in Salford, not means tested, not income tested. Put £4million into each ward's community committee. Have a referendum to break away from Greater Manchester partnerships, such as the Skill and Training Central Manchester company that has assets of £85million. Plus more. Well Phil this gives you a chance to tell us what your leader plans to do towards Saving Salford.
Bob the regular wrote
at 21:01:45 on 22 February 2018
Perhaps comrade Phil might be right about our mayor. After all you know, he is a very learned man. He has a phd, he can call himself doctor Dennet if he likes. But what exactly was Doctor Dennets Thesis about? Where can we obtain a copy of it ,so that we can all become enlightened by the thoughts of our mayor? I for one would be interested to look into the mind and reasoning that rules our city.
joe oneill wrote
at 18:07:39 on 22 February 2018
Phil all we no about you is your in love with the Mayor, credible alternative! well Phil at least we have the balls to put our hat in the ring and offer an alternative you mate seem worried to even put down your second name. Labour flitter away the cash and your ok with that? do me a favour get a life or take up knitting it may calm you down.
Phil wrote
at 11:46:52 on 22 February 2018
Felse, Ferrer, Oneil ... Be quiet. None of you are credible as an alternative to Labour. None of you has a genuine pedigree. Oneil, you are a joke. One minute Lib Dem, one minute UKIP. You are an unprincipled opportunist who simply wants a bit of power. Ferrer you are the same. There is an MEN story about you from 2012, where your political party hopping is detailed in your ludicrous quest for a bit of power. Felse. You are a F#**#*g idiot. You have zero possibility of anything ... except sending your unrelenting and tedious comments of what you would do if you were mayor to the Salford Star. You are the political equivalent of one of those boring old blokes re-enacting the Battle of Gettysburg on a big model of the battlefield with tin toy soldiers. You are nothing but a plastic General, and a barrack room lawyer of mediocre ability. Just leave the decisions to Mayor Dennett. He has talent in abundance and knows what he is doing. If anyone can save this broken city, then he is the man. You people are penny wise and pound foolish. Salford Council spending money on an office block makes financial sense. Eventually it will pay for itself. In the long term it will reap big profits for the council and will allow Mayor Dennett or which ever Labour councillor will be the future Mayor to invest those profits in ... things like council funded nurseries. You have to think long term. To have vision, and Mayor Dennett and his team undoubtedly have that in abundance. Now get with the project. Capice?
Scott Cooper wrote
at 11:46:49 on 22 February 2018
Salford's Labour controlled Council are sounding more like the Tories, protecting the wealthy and forgetting about the poor. 10 million for the airport, what's that all about, last time i checked Manchester airport is a business, then again Salford Council are all about giving money to businesses.
Felsey wrote
at 11:46:41 on 22 February 2018
John will be thinking did our Labour Mayor know we are about to give £10million to an area 26 miles away as he delivered his said impassioned speech about Salford nursery closures. I object to us loaning those millions to Manchester airport. I am ashamed to have worked to elect Salford Labour Councillors over many years to see what is happening. I thank Salford Star for reporting which makes me feel Salford Labour is clueless about how the massive debt will hurt the young, old and families living in Salford and for generations to come. Every agreement must be scrutinised by giving notice that surcharging Councillors £millions will become a real possibility if I get to Save Salford. Take notice, if you are one of our 60 Councillors you need to record every decision you are making. Serious times ahead means not forgiving such debt.
John Murphy wrote
at 05:47:15 on 22 February 2018
I attended the meeting at Hemsley Hall on Saturday 17th February where the Mayor of Salford gave an impassioned speech around austerity being a political dogma, Reading this he is obviously putting his money where his mouth is and he is spending liberally.Unfortunately for the Nurseries and the families that depend on them he and the councillors of Salford have opted for office blocks at the expense of the future of the children of Salford. No wonder the council has to save £11m it will probably cost that to service the loan
Felsey wrote
at 05:47:07 on 22 February 2018
It sounds like a game of Monopoly with us residents as the bankers. If I was Mayor this massive level of borrowing on top of what we already owe would not go ahead. I hope 2020 is not too late to put my finger in their pet project dam wall. I want front line service to be protected. Wealthy developers should be the glitzy building investment bankers, not have Council Tax (revenue) used in speculation. I urge "Party Members" to resign from Salford Labour and become proud protectors of grass-root services.
Mark wynne wrote
at 05:46:10 on 22 February 2018
I think that is about right for the council forget about the people who there taxes and council tax.so there pals can make more at are expense just like government have do with banks and like the council have already done with Salford rugby club. They also get money for recycling where does all that money go.they are not interested in what the little people we just have to shut and pay are taxes. We are not allowed to speak out all we be class as far right.
Martin Rosenfield wrote
at 05:45:43 on 22 February 2018
This shocking disregard for wasting our money doesn't surprise me, this Labour council, which I'm ashamed to say that I voted for are on their last legs. They will pay for their short sighted cuts in the May elections.
joe o neill wrote
at 05:43:53 on 22 February 2018
Socialism a house of cards built on debt. Salford Labour rule without fear of any formidable opposition no one is left to hold the ruling party to account. Even the opposition attempts at alternative budgets are a game played out in the council chamber, you no full well any alternatives will face derision and end up in Cllr Dennett's out tray like in the past from past leaders Merry and Stewart. Debt comes easy with Labour the most dangerous part is most debt taken comes in the form of unsupported loans. You only have to look at the past disasters like our fixation on Rugby from Salford to Swinton money which as to come from somewhere. The trouble is most Councillors on Labours benches are whipped and fear speaking against decisions will leave them open to deselection and the TORIES will not revolt against their own party. Most people in Salfod are clueless to corporate finance if the bins are emptied and the streets occasionally cleaned the system of local government is working, with luck when the community charge bills hit the mats, the increase in precepts take effect and more services close people may start to ask what the F-ck do salford labour do with our cash.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 05:43:33 on 22 February 2018
Salford labour council have excelled themselves.They don't ask the government for help with things like the closure of the nurseries.they cutback on main line services. They are spending money they haven't got on tarting up "city centre "at the Lowry.What's that all about.South we get ready for £11million plus in cuts.But they are borrowing millions.is the posh gardens.or is that another loan.
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