Star date: 6th October 2017


Salford Labour Party held its Claremont seat in the by-election last night, as Mike Pevitt was elected with 718 votes in a shocking 18.53% turnout. The Conservative Party came second, with Independent Mary Ferrer coming third.

Full result here...

In the 2016 local election, the turnout for Claremont was 33%. In a by-election called for the same night as the General Election this year, the ward recorded a 65% turnout. Last night, in the latest Claremont by-election, just 1,550 people out of 8,363 eligible bothered to vote, a turnout of 18.53%.

In the event, Mike Pevitt held the seat for the Labour Party with a majority of 271 over the Conservative Party, with Independent candidate Mary Ferrer coming in third, pipping the Liberal Democrats, as the Green Party vote almost completely collapsed.

The full result...

Mike Pevitt, Labour Party - 718
Charlotte Woods, Conservative Party – 447
Mary Ferrer, Independent - 171
Stef Lorenz, Liberal Democrats – 162
Daniel Towers, Green Party - 46

Felse A-ha wrote
at 08:09:22 on 15 October 2017
Felse, a-ah, saviour of the universe Felse, a-ah, he'll save everyone of us Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Felse, a-ah, he's a miracle Felse, a-ah, king of the impossible He's for everyone of us Stand for everyone of us He'll save with a mighty hand Every man, every woman Every child, with a mighty flash Felse, a-ah Felse, a-ah,… Just a man With a man's courage He knows nothing but a man But he can never fail No one but the pure in heart May find the golden grail Oh oh, oh oh Felae
at 20:43:13 on 09 October 2017
So its better to vote for someone you dont believe in? Great logic.
malaperda wrote
at 17:34:39 on 09 October 2017
Good idea Cleisthenes, I take it you must be the Cleisthenes from Atica, as the one from Warrington is already running Salford City Council.We have another one as well from somewhere in Yorkshire, who likes to shout his opinions from time to time.
Arnold Rimmer wrote
at 16:51:14 on 09 October 2017
Abstaining in protest doesn't work and never will unless there was minimum turnout requirement. Always better to vote for somebody.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 16:51:06 on 09 October 2017
Just a bit of feedback regarding setting up a Salford Independence Party. So far 8 salford folk have shown an interest.one of the rules would be a candidate would have to live in the ward they stood. We are looking at registration of the group and a logo / emblem.
at 15:58:42 on 09 October 2017
Why would you vote for someone/anyone you believe wont or cant deliver? It could well be that Claremont voters have exercised their right not to vote in an effort to highlight the fact that none of the candidates met the standards they required to be appointed an elected representative.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 15:49:39 on 09 October 2017
I can see where Mary is coming from and today I am launching the concept of The Nudge Party. As a none political party it can start supporting all good ideas while nudging people into thinking about how to improve local democracy. I hope everyone that did not vote will join The Nudge Party making Salford the Proud City.
Arnold Rimmer wrote
at 10:00:25 on 09 October 2017
@Wrote. Those who didn't vote can't complain. Over 50% voted Labour. Only the people who voted count. If you don't vote you're saying you'll go with the flow so the non-voters, in effect, voted for Labour.
Cleisthenes wrote
at 20:51:20 on 08 October 2017
"Wrote" makes a valid comment: nothing will give so long as the status quo favours Labour and the Conservatives, it is in their vested interests to pay lipservice to electoral reform rather than implement it. Unless there is an impetus from the grass roots for change, nothing will change. Mary Ferrer's suggestion could be that much-needed impetus for change.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 19:21:24 on 08 October 2017
I have been having one of those moments.I wonder if there are like minded people who would be interested in setting up Salford independent party. Just a thought
at 19:21:15 on 08 October 2017
Is it democracy or madness that with less than 9% of the Claremont ward voting labour we end up with an "elected" member that 90% of the ward didn't see fit to support? Surely somethings gotta give.
Day of reckoning wrote
at 16:36:56 on 08 October 2017
It will not be long coming. The day of reckoning will soon be upon them. They know what is instore for them. They will soon remember fondly the good old days when the worst they could expect was a good bashing in this mag from its editor and regular contributors like Mary and Joe, and a few other good people. They know ,I know, others know. It is only a matter of time. Who was it who said, "It is easier to conn the people, than to get them to admit they have been conned." I think the trouble with people in Salford is that they do not wish to believe they have been conned.The "all politicians piss in the same pot"comment that Joe refers to, seems to make that point. If this is what most people in Salford think, It must mean that they think Labour are as bad as the Torys. I for one do think that way.In Salford they are worse. Thing is though,people are reluctant to openly slate Labour in Salford, perhaps not to cause offence.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 07:42:18 on 07 October 2017
Marc,thank you for your kind words.Wish you had told me before it was my rantings that was letting me down.mudslinging. what's that saying "no smoke without fire " I'm not sure yet what I am going to do.I will wait and see how our new labour councillor shapes up.See how many of his promises he keeps. I will also have to watch the other two labour councillors see if they start looking after the ward.so at the moment, I will sit back and watch.well I might not stay sat for long
Joe Oneill wrote
at 14:10:28 on 06 October 2017
I have to be honest if you read this Mag you get the reality of what happens when you vote Labour, it's not spin it's fact, at one point this year the Tory opposition failed to speak, you would feel their vote would collapse but no, then we have Mary Ferrer someone with an interest in her community, her Failings she's not a Labour lap dog. Claremont residents should be ashamed, to Lazy to get off their arse to vote, imagine people died to gain the vote but in Salford well, it should be made compulsory, I took to the streets to support Mary I failed but at least I can hold my head above the parapet and say I tried. Politics how many times have I heard you all piss in the same pot. Well one day when you need help and you can't get it from Labour for fear of the whip remember you had the chance to make change.
Apathy rul.........(Cant be bothered.. ) wrote
at 09:25:18 on 06 October 2017
The poor turnout at the Claremont By Election clearly represents the standing held by the Electorate of local democracy and Politics. Cleisthenes, the “Father of [Athenian] Democracy” must be turning in his grave at Democracy’s current state. He viewed democracy – as most of us think of it – by its translation as “rule of the people” (where the people rule); in Salford and other monolithic “one party” sub-states and at Westminster too, the Parties think of it as “rule of the people” (where the largest party rules the people, no matter the size of the opposition). Is it any wonder that the people are disillusioned with Politics and Politicians at all levels? Most parties believe that some method of Proportional Representation needs to be introduced in all elections in order to reinvigorate local and national democracy; Hedley Hopper, Salford’s answer to Walter Bagehot combined with Essence of Jeremy Paxman has an radical answer to inject more Umph into politics and generate greater interest. (Remember you have to “Try” to get “Umph” before you get Triumph!) He will be holding a series public meetings across the country, and webcasts and Youtube movies from his bedroom in the Salford Maximum Security Twilight Home for the Elderly Bewildered. It’s great to see the older generation embracing the values and beliefs of Generation Z! Hedley Hopper believes that Generation Z has the answer! His proposal is aimed at putting the fun back into politics and encouraging greater participation – particulary the younger generaton – as they find the present electoral system confusing as they have to use a pencil to cast their vote. After extensive Market Research and model testing, Hedley’s proposal is based on a series of TV programmes, modern technology and extensive Hype. He proposes that all candidates submit themselves to a “Strictly X Factor Candidates Have Political Nous”- type of programme, hosted by Salford’s equivalent of Davina McCall (Mary Ferrer? RLB?) with the candidates submitting themselves to the public vote by telephone (great way of subsidising Council Tax) or by the App; the Candidates, gradually being eliminated round by round after undertaking a series of challenges such as being able to win the “Keeping A Straight Facing When Telling Bare-faced Fibs”, “Producing a Budget Without a Calculator” and “Growing the Best Money Tree” rounds. In the last round, the Finalists will “Face the Buzzer Panel” comprising four locals randomly selected from the Electoral Register, and given the chance to talk for one minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation. The chance of any politician getting through this round is very slim indeed!! I have debated with Hedley, my old sparring partner, over numerous cuppas and rich tea, pointing out the difficulty of anyone politician winning. Hedley’s reasoned conclusion was that if this were to happen then it would be to the benefit of democracy as no professional politician would be elected! The vacant seats would be filled by randomly selecting volunteers from the Electoral Register. His refutations to my arguments for the Status Quo were based primarily that no system is perfect and that democracy needs to take lessons from television. Plus ca change, c’est la meme chose! We live in the age of Bread and Circuses!!
Marc wrote
at 08:32:37 on 06 October 2017
Well done Mary, 171 people voted for you. They even preferred the Tories over you. Are you going to give up now? Maybe it's your pointless rants on here that put people off. Politics is changing, we don't want your style of mudslinging any more!
Hedley Hopper, Political & Fashion Commentator wrote
at 07:52:05 on 06 October 2017
At the Claremont Count Greetings, once again, fellow Psephologists, Election Geeks and Fashionistas! I’ve just got back from Salford’s Second fun glitzy glamour event of the Civic Calendar- By Election Count night!! Such events had become a rarity over the years but with the sad demise of dedicated civic-orientated councillors, are sadly becoming more common place. (Sincere thanks to those Councillors who have represented us over the years and who we have lost.) I got back home quickly to at the Salford Maximum Security Twilight Home for Bewildered Geriatrics thanks to my turbo-charged buggy, beating the Number 36. Also beat Matron’s recently imposed Curfew at the Salford Home for Geriatrics, by administering to her a dose of sleeping draught, by craftily swapping my mug of Cocoa for hers! She’ll be out for hours, so giving me the chance to bang out my report on my portable Olivetti! So what happened at the Count? “Stormin” Norman – the Liberal Democratic Socialist – was the first I spotted, making a bee line for the free coffee and biscuits, then settling down to enjoy his dunking and munching moments (must have had his dentures fixed!) at the back of the hall. Labour must hang him up in a cupboard between elections, as he always looks the same! Not a hair out of place – or one in the right place! I wonder if he uses Elnet to keep his locks so neat? Noticeable by their distinct absence were the Batman and his ever-trusty sidekick, Robin, of Salford politics - our Civic Mayor – the Esteemed & Honorable & Worshipfulness Dennet – and, Cllr Warmisham. Perhaps they were watching a re-run of St Theresa of Maidenhead’s Comedy Slot at this year’s Tory conference OR were so confident in winning the By Election that they didn’t want to steal “Peri” Pevitt’s thunder. Perhaps they though that Peri would maintain his record and lose!! However, they must have decided to leave matters in the hands of the Third Wiseman of Labour IN Salford’s Presidium – that well-known doyen of fashion, Councillor Merry! It was so welcoming to see him once again at the cutting edge of fashion: those carefully crafted coiffeur-ed white locks, cheekily interacting with his carefully creased trend-setting suit and his trend-setting footwear! A support boot for his left foot! The Candidates and guests started to arrive; I ask readers to forgive me but I was so enamoured, entranced and dazzled by Mary Ferrer’s entrance that I contracted temporary amnesia. She made her entrance with her usual flair, glanced around the room, noticing Labour and said witheringly, “No need to send in the Clowns, they’re already there!! (She may have a future in Musicals!!) She looked somewhat sombrely dressed in a well-made expensive black ensemble. (Fashion note: Mary wear your diamonds…they would have set you off magnificently.) I asked her the reasons for her ensemble. “To mourn the death of democracy, if Labour win” she said. I have to admit that I was gobsmacked – I had never been my gob so smacked – by what happened next. Dear Readers, please bear with me, whilst I build up the suspense, but you HAD to be there to have experienced it in Ultra High Definition, IMAX quality vision. It was as though a shadow appeared at the Entrance, the lights seemingly dimmed, and a low mist rolled over the carpet. Simultaneously, everyone turned and looked. Chris Barnes was there, pausing and counting to 3 before stepping over the threshold. There was an audible GASP and intake of breath. Chris Barnes was the well-known (now retired) stalwart of elections in Salford the former Liberal & UKIP candidate was there!. He was made as welcome as a Vampire at a Blood Donors’ Meeting by New New (formerly “Old”) Labour members! THAT explains the strings of garlick and stakes carried by the earnest looking junior New New Old Labour (Momentum) members, momentarily ceasing their constant jabbing at the screens of their Smart Phones. (Please note that having a Smart phone doesn’t make you smart!). At least I think they were Momentum members – but could have been Greenies – same clothing, hair and hydrophobic! Chris was approached by a Tory who said, “What are you doing here?” Mr Barnes’ response elicited a knowing wink after hearing his response, “We’re friends of Mary!” The Count was well underway when “Peripatetic” Pevitt arrived. He must have got lost, suffering a SATNAV malfunction – heaven knows how he will find time to be a councillor with all the other things he does! (See an earlier comment regarding his failure to participate in an Hustings.) There was a frisson of anticipation and a ripple of excitement when the officers started to check all the bundles. Apparently they couldn’t get the numbers to balance!! The miscreant ballot paper was found, lurking in a bundle, and awarded to the Liberal Democrats, I understand. The Result was announced in the usual tones of gravity by the Presiding Officer. There were gasps from Labour’s supporters! Peripatetic Pevitt had lost his record and actually won!! He looked lost (pun intended, dear Readers) as he accepted congratulations from his fellow candidates. As ever, Mary Ferrer was gracious in defeat, in contrast to the looks Peri Pevitt received from the other candidates. I am pleased to report that Peri did not (a) have a coughing fit; (b) receive a P45 from the Tory Candidate and (c) none of the wall furnishings fell off! But time will tell!!
Michael James Felse wrote
at 07:38:20 on 06 October 2017
Congratulations to Labour. Salford clearly is a Labour heartland in fact I urge all to join and let us make it the first choice debating society team. We may have some differences but we are a great community when we pull together.
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