Star date: 25th May 2016


A report into the Lower Broughton's Boxing Day flood has still not surfaced, five months after the event. At a stormy community meeting in January the now ex Salford Mayor Ian Stewart promised a full investigation. But the report is nowhere to be seen, with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which is responsible for its publication, refusing to comment.

"What's the hold up, have they got something to hide?" asks flood victim, Debbie Prince "They think that we've forgotten about it but we've not!"

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Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood
Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood
Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood Salford Boxing Day Flood
Salford Boxing Day Flood
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It was at a stormy community meeting in January that former Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, promised a full report into the city's worst flood for a generation. The Environment Agency promised drop-in sessions for residents to "find out exactly what happened on the day", while Stewart said he would review "all the failures" to "learn from mistakes" (see previous Salford Star article – click here).

The Environment Agency `drop-ins' amounted to one three hour session in February, and, five months later, the public report into the `failures' and `mistakes' still hasn't surfaced. The Environment Agency told a March meeting of the East Salford Community Committee that a `draft was expected by end March 2016 and the final document will be complete in June 2016.'

The Environment Agency told the Salford Star this week that the report is not now expected until the end of July; although when the Star asked for a date from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which is responsible for actually publishing the report, it refused to comment.

"Why is it taking so long" asks Lower Broughton flood victim, Debbie Prince "What's the hold up, have they got something to hide? They think that we've forgotten about it but we've not!"

The Salford Star understands that Salford Council has made its submissions, together with other official bodies that were asked to contribute, but currently there's no sign of the report – which doesn't bode well if there's a similar occurrence in the near future. Also, if the report is published at the end of July/early August people will be on holiday and it could quietly slip out un-noticed.

Meanwhile, there's no sign of any payments from the various benefit events that took place in the wake of the flood; there are still houses that have not dried out; there are botched repairs and, even those who have had work completed on their houses are reporting that there have been almost no flood resilience measures included, despite promised Government payments to the major house owner, Salix, of around £5,000 per property.

"There are no flood defences and no protection" says Debbie Prince. And no official public report on the horizon either...

* For Salford Star's six page report into Salford's Super Flood see the electronic version of issue 11 of the print magazine - click here

** On Sunday 5th June Climate Survivors are holding a public event for all Lower Broughton residents at Albert Park, titled Floods, Climate Change, Solutions - further details to follow...

at 09:14:22 on 18 November 2017
Can I suggest an "adopt a councillor" policy for any future problems with flooding? Blocks of houses would adopt a coucillor who, at the first sign of a risk of flooding would be put to work as a sandbag. More portly members such as Lancaster and Warmisham could be fitted with outboard motors and used as rescue dinghies.
Labour Splitter wrote
at 07:53:09 on 03 June 2016
Agree with @wrote. Mr Felse is ideal character for UKIP mayor. It means split down middle Labour will have to watch their backs.
at 19:09:21 on 02 June 2016
What mr Felse is actually saying is that he wants to be UKIPs candidate for GM Mayor, but Farage only need look on here at how many times he changes his mind on things and his sometimes bizarre statements to show how cuckoo he is.....but then again isn't that typical of UKIP candidates!?!?
RayofSunshine wrote
at 09:03:53 on 02 June 2016
At last some honesty, Michael, you have no concrete proposals to help the victims of flooding in Salford. In its place you offer a catechism of in hornet slogans lifted from the Saloon Bar's Reactionaries Manifesto! Typical UKIP!
Michael James Felse wrote
at 13:31:43 on 01 June 2016
Putting aside the outdated homophobic connection from SunnyRay, allow me to answer the relevant part of his rant. A Greater Manchester Mayor that cares about the issues would take control of floods and use Mayor access to the £200million National Fund to solve flooding. I looked at the voting forecast and only UKIP can unseat Labour in a 2017 Greater Manchester mayor election to solve flooding. I am writing to NigelF offering to take up the UKIP's fight as I am totally in favour of us getting out of the EU to bring jobs into Greater Manchester. Only UKIP can solve dangerous inward migration, ending low pay and Town Halls' lack of service.
RayofSunshine wrote
at 12:32:02 on 01 June 2016
Michael, a failed drag queen with a formal management qualification -- wonders never cease! So "Brain of Irlam 1983" what are your concrete proposals to assist the victims of flooding in Salford? How would you finance such measures? Do you accept that ultimately Individual households are responsible for insuring their own proofer ties?
RayofSunshine wrote
at 10:57:33 on 30 May 2016
Michael,you exhibit all the traits Of a typical Ukipper; an embittered failure who blames others, "Johnnie Foreigner " for their misfortunes. Should have tried harder at school!
Michael James Felse wrote
at 14:25:24 on 29 May 2016
SunnyRay is wrong again. My University of Oxford qualifications in Management are enough to enable me to understand why the wind of change will blow away the Labour lack of talent once they again fail us on floods, inward migration, bus lanes, jobs, oh and of course conflict with unions and voters that keep the wasters in power.
Alan wrote
at 11:38:59 on 29 May 2016
Perfect account, Happy Days... your Boxing Day recollections made my nerves tingle, really did, of how spooky water can be. My home was breached in Lower Broughton by flood water. There will be attempts to bury the reasons the floods happened.. and some attempts are going on, right now. It was only the poorest that suffered, so I suppose the truth will be easier to hide and, in turn, forget about.
RayofSunshine wrote
at 11:38:55 on 29 May 2016
Michael you fit the profile of a standard UKIP per -- an embittered failure who blames others,"Johnnie Foreigner" for their misfortunes! Should have tried harder at school.
Happy Days wrote
at 18:37:06 on 28 May 2016
I can only agree with Michael, I was working Boxing day so was up bright and early for work. Down came the rain, however I was busy till approx 8. Thats when I looked out of the window I did indeed notice that the ship canal was at its highest ive ever seen in 10+ years. I went outside the office to the canal bank to have a nosey as just couldn't resist ;-) Wow, the noise coming from the x3 water flow control gates was amazing. The ground was actually rumbling and I could clearly see the gates were being overwhelmed. 20 minutes later, the large locks closest to Media City were inches from failing, however im no expert but the water was flowing over the top of the structure and was inches from flowing freely onto Broadway. Fact: I was the only one at the main locks, not one high visibility coat was seen which I found very strange indeed. More so when such a major part of the Canal was about to fail due to the amount of water flowing down stream. The locks were eventually fully opened which must have played a major part in saving much more of Salford judging by the water that went past. I only saw 1 male and he did look very jittery strangely enough as he must have realised the scale of things and lack of any response. A day later - Yellow/orange coats everywhere inspecting the locks/gates.I thought "Sorry boys & girls, go back to enjoying your time off, you are far too late in attending". I just thought I would share this as being a local, I hope any future events gains an appropriate response as they may not be so lucky next time!
Michael James Felse wrote
at 14:49:18 on 28 May 2016
SunnyRay- has Mr Mayor snubbed me or others? please do tell more as I know not of snubs by Mayor Dennett. I have no attack for our Mayor, it is Salford Labour that is repulsive, offensive and unable to come up with any solution on floods, inward migration or a fracking nightmare that will harm Salford, as I am sure you will agree.
RayofSunshine wrote
at 09:34:06 on 28 May 2016
Michael J F else , the bald fact is that during the campaign, Owen Hammond was exposed as an offensive moron! Are you sore because the Mayor has snubbed you?
Michael James Felse wrote
at 19:10:54 on 27 May 2016
SunnyRay takes another pot - sorry you do not share my praise for the hard work and good result of the UKIP candidate Mr Owen Hammond. While Labour go on destroying the lives of their loyal supporters we can but admire the guts and inspired result from UKIP. If Green Party had not split the vote, UKIP would have gone head to head with Labour, taking then all the Tory votes. Sadly the Green Party is responsible for Salford seeing a Labour Mayor in the PowerHouse. I do trust you will mark my words when disaster in on Salford under Labour's rule.
RayofSunshine wrote
at 14:22:43 on 27 May 2016
Yet again, Michael J F else shows his reactionary, right wing essence!
Michael James Felse wrote
at 12:24:16 on 27 May 2016
This is why flood policy needs taking away from local Councils. I urge UKIP to put up a candidate for Greatet Manchester Mayor following the inspied result by Mr Owen Hammond.
Alan wrote
at 14:35:09 on 26 May 2016
What concerns me, is why those that purchased their council homes on the estate, the ones with insurance, have been moved out until contractors remove all traces of asbestos, even entire ceilings. They expect to move back in roughly nine months. Also, the money spent on those panels, the ones that should have gone over the doors when it flooded. What a waste that was, but nobody has questioned this measure. A neighbour was sure that this piece of metal was going to keep out half of the Irwell! Alas, the panel has since been tipped, along with much furniture ruined by the river. May as well have put tissue under the door. Now there's talk about special doors being fitted. But nobody listens... the water came through the walls. New doors won't do a thing. Residents' experiences count for nowt, when there's money to be wasted. The river needs dredging, the banking ridded of silt, and grids cleaned properly, sewers as well. I fear, my home of 40 years will be breached again in the not too distant future. I also believe it's the authorities way of clearing our estate, a long-term strategy. A flood again, no company insuring the landlords due to risk, no funds to repair the next time a flood occurs. All the land for more new builds, but on higher ground to avoid flooding. Posh people pay more to live near a river... but poor ones have paid the price for having it in their homes. A final thought: surely Salix already received the cash injection for improvements, when they took over the homes from the council. Thought that was the promise - that homes would receive new kitchens, door, windows etc. Where will that money go now?
Alan wrote
at 14:35:05 on 26 May 2016
It is pointless, putting in flood doors etc, just a waste. I watched the water, which came out of the grids, come through the walls in my home, through the kitchen one, under the sink first. Remember, the step is another foot or so higher, so any weakness (the walls) were breached long before the door was. So hundreds of pounds on new doors is pointless, perhaps another shifty way to move money from one company to another. The work the contractors are doing, in many cases, is pointless. I've had radiators measured for replacement (despite the water not reaching them in my property). To save hassle and money being wasted, I refused new ones. So, as I didn't let them do it, my disturbance money has been stopped. But the whole scenario has been a muddle. We've had a so-called "deep clean," in which a fellow sprayed the floors etc (and everywhere else, including electrical equipment, furniture, which didn't need doing, and I guess he didn't mean to, just having a can't be arsed day. The floor was sticky and soaked, and footprints from outside, the silt covered pavements, all over my previously cleaned, spotless floor! He said leave the stuff for a few days, then clean, but the surface was contaminated with dirty footprints from outside! The contractors are just in it to make a killing. I bet you they feel all their Christmases came last Boxing Day. As for the FloodLine... don't ever wait for a call from them. More chance Katy Perry will ring mine before the Environmental Health warns of that flood.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 09:46:36 on 26 May 2016
Very sad to hear this has not been sorted. I do urge our Labour new Mayor to respect the trust given him and to Labour by the voters in Salford and get this on his urgent to do list. Answers now are required.
Keri wrote
at 22:20:01 on 25 May 2016
Well said Allen, this has been a long six months to which my property has not got works starting til early June.we have to pay rent and 3 months free council tax for a property that's not been fit to live in ! An won't be fully fixed an signed of till late august that's 8 months if were lucky ! The enviromental agency hasn't replyed to my emails, I've sent so many to the council, salix, mps. Now apparently the government funding monies has not gone through yet ? And there was a meeting (private) meeting to see if this money has been passed ? It's a joke no electrics getting moved up no flood resilience what so ever up to yet ? Now what's the phone of giving us all flood doors when walls are rubbish and it came up thought the toilet walls and floors ? I wonder what they will do ? It won't be learn it will be it's ok it's just social housing 4-5 hundred homes better than the quays flooding and lossing millions on insurance ! We need to see this happen and involve us real people whom it has affected for so long instead of leaving it all to salix, the council need a good kick up the back side.
Mike Scantlebury wrote
at 22:19:26 on 25 May 2016
I know a public meeting has been organised by residents on Sunday, 5th June in 'Albert's' youth club in Albert Park, starting 4pm, to talk about the floods and what can be done. Let's not have this happening again! Everyone is invited, including the (new) Mayor and Rebecca the M.P.
Alan wrote
at 19:52:35 on 25 May 2016
The residents on the estate have been let down. Firstly, they were the focal point for the flood. Usually Littleton Road would have got it first, but to avoid red faces and the fact that millions had been spent on the flood pan there, the next weakness was Spike Island. With the new builds surrounding that estate being on higher ground, it only added pressure to the social housing. Former council houses that were bought and insured by the owners, they have been moved out for months by insurers and all traces of asbestos, which the houses contain, have been removed. Meanwhile, if you are renting from Salix, the landlords, they are sending in all sorts of cowboys. I have refused to let them in and have had my disturbance money stopped. But the work I want to do is going to take more time and care than the firms Salix have hired. To them, it's a job. To us, it's our home. Salix's decision to halt my compensation is typical. I am still living in a property affected by the floods. It was all finished and neat when Boxing Day arrived, had taken years to do. But a couple of hours of sewage water doesn't half leave its mark. There's the smell, the tide mark up the wall etc. So, alright, Salix wanted to send a team in... but my experience of the team is a bad one. The asbestos thing is also a worry. How they have a cheek to charge full rent on a property that's been damaged through no fault of our own. The next heavy rainfall will be a really worrying time... and some of our problems are down to the new, private builds on Lower Broughton Road and Meadow Road being raised up, so we get the flack of heavy rain.
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